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Literature: Disciple of the Dog
Disciple Manning has a rare mental disorder: He remembers everything. This has led to him becoming a little cynical at times, as well as giving him an advantage in his profession of choice, a private investigator.

The bad part? He's seen it all, literally. Having the memory he does means that he remembers every pattern, every basic human behavior. He's lost the ability to be surprised.

But then the Bonjours walk in, with a case the likes of which he's never seen before.

Their daughter, Jennifer, has disappeared after being involved with a cult that believes that the earth is five billion years older than it is, and that the sun is about to expand and consume the earth. And things only get stranger from there.

A novel by R. Scott Bakker (Of the Second Apocalypse and Neuropath fame), featuring the same nihilism of the others, though it's pushed to the background, allowing the mind games, cults, sarcasm, and Nazis to take the foreground. Intended to be the first book in a series about Manning, but Bakker intends to finish Second Apocalypse first.

This work features examples of:

The Disaster ArtistLiterature of the 2010sA Discovery of Witches

alternative title(s): Disciple Of The Dog
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