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Literature: Dead Earth
A (not!) horror/sci-fi novel written by Five_X. It's in progress still, and is hastily being edited by many nice people in Real Life. Head on over to Fiction Press and read it today, and actually leave some comments, 'cause this Needs More Love, seriously.

Ed Harrison is enjoying his life at home (In Canada!), living with his girlfriend Jessi. They're living like ordinary people, and getting ready for an ordinary flood. They meet up with their friends Ralph and Malcolm, and hang out at the high school being used as a flood shelter.

Then the zombies arrive.

Of course, being the Genre Savvy Otaku that they are, they embrace this situation happily, from a distance, with bullets. They set out for Vancouver, and sail smoothly into the apocalypse.

Now, this isn't about the zombies. Not at all. The cast, which grows pretty quickly, comes to realize that life in a Zombie Apocalypse, or any disaster, is actually terrible. It may be Lighter and Softer at the beginning, but...

This story makes an attempt (and hopefully succeeds!) at messing with many zombie tropes, as well as explaining such things as The Virus and zombies themselves in a logical, thought out way.

Read it here! It's definitely in progress, folks.
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