Literature / Dark Touch

The Dark Touch novels are a Young Adult series written by Amy Meredith. It follows the life of Eve Evergold and her friends Jess and Luke as Eve comes to terms with having magical powers and fighting demons invading her home town of Deepdene.

So far there has been four books published:
  • Shadows
  • The Hunt
  • Fever
  • Betrayal

Dark Touch shows examples of:

  • Bishounen: Luke.
  • In-Series Nickname: Eve and Jess call Eve the Deepdene Witch after the nickname the town gave her Great-Great Grandmother.
  • Red Herring: When Eve and Jess find out a demon has been using someone as a helper they believe it's nerdy loner Simon who's been stalking Jess. turns out it's Jess's younger brother Peter.