Literature: Chicks in Chainmail

Chicks in Chainmail is an fantasy anthology series created and edited by Esther Friesner, and published by Baen Books, that centers around women warriors, usually with humorous tales and with a chainmail-bikini-clad woman on the cover that gets skimpier with each volume. So far, the following books have been published in the series:

  • Chicks in Chainmail (CiC)
  • Mathemagics - an expanded tale of Riva Konneva, who also has a short story in each anthology
  • Did You Say Chicks? (DYSC)
  • Chicks 'n Chained Males (CnCM)
  • The Chick Is in the Mail (Mail)
  • Turn the Other Chick (TTOC)
  • Chicks and Balances (CaB) Coming in July, 2015
  • Chicks Ahoy (Ahoy; omnibus volume of the three first volumes)

Regular contributors with a page here on TV Tropes have been Esther Friesner, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Eric Flint, Jim C. Hines, Elizabeth Moon, Wen Spencer, Harry Turtledove, and K. D. Wentworth.

Chick the chick tropes

  • Action Girl: Just about every subtype of the Action Girl can be found here, quite often lampshaded, subverted, or otherwise played for laughs.
  • Amazon Brigade: Yes. Some examples are Moon's ''Ladies' Aid & Armor Society" and Ball's "Bronze Bra Guild".
  • Amazonian Beauty: On the cover of every volume but TTOC.
  • Badass: A staple.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Doesn't happen that often, contrary to what one might expect.
    • In "The Thief and the Roller Derby Queen: An essay on the importance of formal education" in Mail by Eric Flint, the story comments on the probable cover of the anthology and the reading habits of its buyers.
  • Chainmail Bikini: Not in every story, but on near every cover.
  • Comic Fantasy: While it maybe wasn't intended from the start as this, this is where it ended up.
  • Formulaic Magic: In "Career Day" in CiC, the protagonist comes from a world where magic is done with mathematical formulas. She brings her daughter's class there on a field trip to observe her in her career as a barbarian swordswoman. When her opponent in a duel cheats by hiring a wizard to help him, the other chaperon on the trip, her daughter's math teacher, counteracts the magic with his knowledge of calculus. It Makes Sense in Context. The stories got an full novel as a sequel, called Mathemagics with this entire premise for the magical system.
  • Hurricane of Puns: Started with the anthology titles, and it got worse from there. Not every story is infected, but at times it feels like they were.
  • James Bondage: A Once an Episode Running Gag throughout CnCM.
  • World of Action Girls: Both the theme of the series (every hero is an Action Girl) and in many stories, where the societies are dominated by women warriors.