Literature/ChasingYesterday is a three-book series by RobinWasserman. It follows a girl after she wakes up in the middle of rubble, and with no memory of how she got there or who she is. Deciding to call herself J.D., she sets out on a journey to discover her past. But the more she finds out, the weirder it gets.


!Provides examples of:

* ActionGirl: J.D.
* FightMagnet: J.D., again. At the Juvenile Service Center, she gets into a fight with TheBully girl, at [[spoiler: Alexa's home]] a BrattyHalfPint picks on her because he's never seen her before, when she [[spoiler: runs away from that house temporarily]] with her friend Daniel, a man comes out of a dark alleyway and tries to knock her out, and then later on she and Daniel are cornered in an old, run-down house where her fake [[spoiler: ''real'']] mother tries to kill her [[spoiler: J.D. ''thinks'' that's what happened]]. And that's only from book one. Not to mention that J.D is [[spoiler: connected to many crimes of which she doesn't remember]].
* IAmWho J.D. finds out that [[spoiler: she has telekinesis; and that she has a chip implanted in her mind from which she receives commands to use her powers to destroy things and even ''kill'' people.]]