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Literature: Captive of the Orcs
Captive of the Orcs is a 2012 fantasy novel by Benjamin Epstein.

The story follows the hapless Dallet, an aspiring cleric in the world of Codytha. As the title suggests, he is quickly enslaved by Torak, an adolescent Orc. This event leads to the odd contrast of the peaceful, scholarly Dallet and his "master", the immature and violent Torak.

Part of what makes Codytha unique is the interpretation of the gods. Dallet and Torak are both religious, but the character of the deities they worship stronger influence their cultures. We are not given clear signs whether the gods "exist" as actual entities, but their perceived attributes by their worshipers are hardly ineffectual.

Captive of the Orcs contains examples of:

The CanticleFantasy LiteratureCaretaker

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