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Literature: Canada
Canada is an award-winning 2012 novel by Richard Ford. It was positively received by critics, and won the American Library Association's Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in fiction.

Set in 1960, the story centers on Dell Parsons and how his life is abruptly changed after his parents, desperate to pay back criminals from an Indian reservation, rob a bank together. Before they are arrested, Dell's mother arranges for him to be transported to Useful Notes/Canada before he can be taken into foster care. The novel deals with Dell's life before the robbery, and how he is thrust into an unfamiliar situation with an unfamiliar guardian in an unfamiliar country after his parents are sent to jail for their crime.

Contains the following tropes:

  • Canada, Eh?: Well, yeah. Dell is sent to Canada in order to escape foster care, but only ends up in the middle of more serious problems. He eventually decides to become a Canadian citizen and takes up teaching literature in Ontario.
  • From Bad to Worse: Bev and Neeva's robbery gets the family straight with the Indians, but the family crumbles anyway after they are arrested, Bermer runs away, and Dell is sent to Canada.
  • Title Drop: Inevitable.

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