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Blood Samsara (working title) is the name for an alternate fictional universe written by Metacifer. Earth-That-Could-Be. The stories are basically set in a more exciting earth, with magic, spiritual interference, ancient gods, and the growing power of technology. This concept is about as original as this sentence is in irony.

The stories span several eras, from the dawn of mankind to a far, far futuristic society. The following are some that have been written:

  • Fall Silently
    • Fall Silently is set in the 17th-18th century, in the fictional Lercivian Empire. This empire is the root of all magical knowledge in the universe. Main character is Andrej Wulfingard, a Spellsword.

  • The Buick Man
    • The Buick man is set in the 21st century. It is a collection of poems about a being/beings that records death and tragic occurrences. Usually depicted driving an antique Blue Buick, exact year and model unknown. Can only be seen by the dying and the Buick Man's Agents.

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