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Literature: Bigtime
aka: Big Time
The Bigtime novels by Jennifer Estep take place in Bigtime, New York, a town which is overrun by superheroes and about every superhero trope out there.

Everyone is totally Genre Blind, especially with figuring out that having an Alliterative Name more than likely indicates that person is a Super Hero with a name that starts with that letter. Some characters are dedicated to finding out the identities of superheroes, and have to resort to other means of deduction. This leads to the interesting experience of the Genre Savvy reader knowing long before the characters do who is who.

The novels are:
  • Karma Girl: The narrator found out her fiancÚ and best friend are a superhero and supervillain, respectively, who boink; dedicates herself to outing all supers.
  • Hot Mama: The narrator is a superhero.
  • Jinx: The narrator is not a superhero, but is from a family of superheroes, and does have a power that she can't make useful.
  • Nightingale : The narrator is not a superhero, but has super senses. The story revolves around her encounter with superhero and the love affair and danger that follows
Short Story:
  • Karma Girl Christmas: Karma Girl has to protect a large donation of charity toys from the ubervillians of Bigtime

These novels provide examples of::
Appointment with F.E.A.R.Superhero LiteratureThe Boy who was as hard as Stone

alternative title(s): Karma Girl; Bigtime
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