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Literature: Beyond
Yay! A map!

Beyond is a 2011 fantasy novel by Richard Rorabaugh. It is the first and only released book in the Orbis series. Two more books are expected.

The book follows the story of Corith and the other crew members on Professor Alfred's expedition.The expedition is scheduled to run very close to the Beyond. Crossing this will, according to the somewhat Corrupt Church, result in abandonment by the Creator.To make sure the crew keeps in line the council has sent Zacharias Palladan to be the ship's clergyman.

Beyond contains examples of:

  • Big Good: The Creator
  • Corrupt Church : The church changes doctrines to fit their needs.
  • Deserted Island : Subverted. The land they encounter is populated by maroons.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything? : Orbis and its church are very similar to Exploration age Europe.
  • Fantasy World Map : (Pictured) A map of Orbis. Odd since most of the story takes place elsewhere.
  • Shout-Out : One of Orbis's countries is known as Tinaria. The author's wife's name is Tina. Coincidence! I think not!

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