Literature: Aress In Wonderland

Aress in Wonderland is a Boys Love original fantasy fiction taking place in a mysterious Wonderland of sorts written by HikariRonde on fictionpress.Incomplete Wiki can be found here: Aress in Wonderland Wiki.

Once upon a time a boy named Alice—- uhh... Aress had an awful day. He tripped over a cat, was late for school, got stuck in a tea party and got got pushed into a rabbit hole by a cat-ear fetish guy and wound up in a Wonderland and got molested by some guy who called himself Hatter. However, Wonderland is nothing like it was in the stories, and everyone's trying to kill him in some mysterious epic battle-game just because he happens to be the Alice of Spades!...but...just what do these duels mean, and just how did they even come about?

This original fiction provides examples of the following tropes: