[[AfterTheEnd The world has ended, so why have humans refused to end with her?]]

''Angel Notes'' is a short story by [[Franchise/{{Nasuverse}} Kinoko Nasu]] set AfterTheEnd. It can be read [[http://menasepublications.blogspot.com/2010/10/angel-notes.html here.]]

A war between modified humans, [[HalfHumanHybrid A-rays]] and Liners, in the dead Earth now known as the Land of Steel is interrupted by the eight [[EldritchAbomination Aristoteles]] which start descending to the Earth after Gaia pleaded for them to hunt down the remnants of the human race.

The story begins with "Gun God" Godo, as he flies with the remnants of his comrades above the troposphere, and defeats a winged Aristoteles with his gun that kills gods.

Five years pass.

Gun God now lives in the last city on Earth with plant life. In one of the few cities left in the Land of Steel, the last true human walks into his house and meets an angel named V/V. She tells him that she is here to cook, clean, and play the guitar. She is very bad at all of this - her guitar's ''untuned'' - but she's pretty and impossible to kick out, so Godo eventually learns to tolerate her.

This doesn't last for very long, for another Aristoteles is coming to destroy the planet. Gun God has to leave once more in order to prevent the approaching Type-Saturn from reaching the planet.

''Angel Notes'' sets the foundation for some major concepts of the Franchise/{{Nasuverse}} (and is probably set in the distant future of the FateExtra timeline, or the [[VideoGame/MeltyBlood Dust of Osiris' timeline]], or the alternate universe from the main Pisma Illya verse. although it could also theoretically happen in any timeline), such as the Earth being a living being (Gaia), and the concept of the [[UltimateLifeForm Ultimate Ones]].

!!Tropes found in this short story:
* AfterTheEnd
* BadassNormal: Gun God, pretty much, since he's the last remaining normal human on Earth.
* {{BFS}}: The Ether Liners fight using demonic swords emanated from their own bodies. The Slash Emperor wielded by Ado Edem is [[http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/File:Ado_Edem_Slash_Emperor.png absurdly huge.]] Incidentally, see that ravine in the picture? ''The Slash Emperor did that''.
** Note that Slash Emperor did that simply by forming. It absorbs parts of the landmass around it to match it's opponent in power, so against a Type it causes a lot of damage to the planet.
* BittersweetEnding: [[spoiler:Godo dies in averting Type-Saturn's descent, while Ado Edem kills Type-Saturn. However, there are other Ultimate Ones still waiting to descend onto the Earth.]]
* DarkAndTroubledPast: [[spoiler:Godo's entire family was annihilated along with the Western Continent by Type Jupiter.]]
* DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu: They don't call him the Gun God for nothing. His gun kills gods. It's ''designed'' for killing gods, because its power is proportionate to the density of Grain in its target. Godo, as the last man on Earth, is the only one who can use his Black Barrel safely. Then there is Ado Edem, strongest of the Ether Liners, who slew Type Jupiter with his demonic sword, the Slash Emperor.
* EldritchAbomination: The Aristoteles. [[spoiler:Type-Venus is a HumanoidAbomination]].
* FantasticRacism: Implied to be the reason behind the war between the the A-Rays and Humans (who are eventually replaced by Liners).
* GaiasVengeance: The Earth was terrified by the fact that her children ''could'' survive her after they killed her, and called for the other planets to destroy humanity after her death.
** According to the angel [[spoiler: actually type:Venus]], Gaia didn't mind humans killing her, it was the outliving part that terrified it. [[RetCon However, if you have read up on much of the later]] Franchise/{{Nasuverse}} [[RetCon works, you'll discover that she was put mildly, misinformed, and that Gaia had been trying to off humanity since long before she died, even having created a creature known as]] [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Primate Murder,]] [[KillAllHumans designed solely to off humanity.]]
* HalfHumanHybrid: A-rays, humans engineered to cross with other species, like tigers and bears and ''oh my''. Liners are just as engineered, being merely a subset of A-ray that happens to look more human. Both are designed to survive in the harsh world of Over Count 1999, to breathe the toxic, [[{{mana}} Grain]]-infused air and to eat food concentrated to levels that are toxic to normal human beings.
* HumansAreSurvivors: the main reason why Gaia sent the other planets against us- she was apparently utterly terrified of humanity being able to survive without her.
* {{Kaiju}}: Technically, this is what the Aristoteles are: bizarre giant monsters that appear out of nowhere to destroy all civilization.
* LastOfHisKind: Godo is the last actual human. Even the Liners are a subspecies of the A-rays, which merely happen to look the most human.
* MetaOrigin: The Earth's death has resulted in the abundance of poisonous Grain/Ether [[spoiler:fairly obviously renamed {{mana}}, released from Gaia's decomposition]], or "space dust", which has amazing energy density. Users of Grain can unleash amazing amounts of energy, and this results in conventional warfare becoming obsolete. One of the normal A-rays can apparently unleash force equivalent to that of a nuclear bomb ''by herself''. She happens to look like an angel as well. [[spoiler:The Aristoteles are the Ultimate Beings of their planets, essentially representations of their planets, and thus have the most Grain. They are absurdly powerful in a world where humans are walking nuclear bombs.]]
** In addition, it has been confirmed by WordOfGod that [[spoiler: [[VisualNovel/{{Tsukihime}} Crimson Moon Brunestud is one of the Aristoteles (thus connecting them to the True Ancestors)]], and that he wields a Knight Arm much like the Ether Liners. TheManBehindTheMan?]]
* OurAngelsAreDifferent: One of the A-ray subspecies are {{Winged Humanoid}}s who look like angels. Then there are the angels around the WorldTree, who are basically seen as pests equivalent to wild dogs. [[spoiler:They are actually spores of Type Venus.]] Godo gets paid to hunt them and keep their numbers down. An A-ray angel friend of his gets annoyed at him because of it.
* PersonOfMassDestruction: Everybody except poor Godo. He makes up for it by killing gods.
* TheRedBaron: Gun God.
* ScienceMarchesOn: Angel notes features a total of 8 Aristoteles, one for every living planet minus the Earth. Pluto has since been demoted from planet to dwarf planet. Then again, the Moon had its own Aristotel and it's never been a planet.
* TheStoic: Godo
* TheWorldTree: Two intertwined trees that rise for hundreds of meters above Godo's home city. [[spoiler:They are actually Type Venus's wings, and the source of the annoying angels that flock around the city like pigeons.]]
* UltimateLifeForm: The Ultimate Ones are the most powerful life forms in their respective heavenly bodies.
* WingedHumanoid: V/V, as well as an unnamed A-Ray woman.