The Affinity Bridge is a 2008 novel, the first full-length entry in author Creator/GeorgeMann's "Newbury & Hobbes" series. Set in a SteamPunk VictorianLondon, it follows the adventures of Sir Maurice Newbury and Miss Veronica Hobbes as they investigate a string of murders and an airship crash. Combines a Literature/SherlockHolmes style with [[SteamPunk extra technology]] and zombies.

!! This book provides examples of:
* AlternateHistory: Steam powered carriages and clockwork robots? Welcome to VictorianLondon!
* BreakOutTheMuseumPiece: Newbury wards off some assailants using an [[AnAxeToGrind axe]] and a [[EpicFlail flail]] that had been mounted on the wall.
* FriendOnTheForce: Bainbridge.
* ICanStillFight: Maurice pulls off this trope with a combination of his stubborn, restless attitude, and a continuous stream of things trying to kill or escape from him and his friends.
* [[spoiler: BrainInAJar]]:[[spoiler: How the automatons work. We also see an actual brain in a jar just before it is placed inside a robot.]]
* NeckSnap
* NotUsingTheZWord: Well, the back of the book does use it, but said zombie-like entities are referred to as "revenants" within the story. Also applicable to the robots, which are always referred to as "automata". Both instances can be justified by the setting, and the terminology which would be appropriate in it.
* PoliceAreUseless: Averted, they totally ''aren't'' useless.
* SwordCane: Actually, an electric cattle-prod-type-thing cane.
* SteamPunk: Sparse at first, but as the story progresses so does the density of awesome, era-inappropriate stuff made out of brass.
* TraintopBattle
* ViralTransformation: The zombie plague is contracted by scratches or bites. It makes the skin stop regenerating and causes violent, animalistic behavior. Also comes with [[FeelNoPain immunity to pain]]!
* YouFailPhysicsForever: The power source of the "automata" is powered by their own movement, in complete violation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
* ZeppelinsFromAnotherWorld