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Literature: Addergoole
Addergoole is a contemporary fantasy Web Serial Novel with erotic, dark-fantasy and Fractured Fairy Tale elements

Shahin, cold and cynical, thinks she’s being sent to the Addergoole School because her mother can no longer deal with her freakish ways.

Kailani, brilliant and naïve, thinks she’s being sent to a college prep school for exceptional teenagers.

Jamian, who seems so normal, is just worried that in the close quarters of the underground boarding school, his secret will come out.

In a way, they’re all right.

Descend into Addergoole with them, as they learn how much they don’t know about themselves, their parents, and their world.

The link is to the SFW first page. Some other pages will have NSFW content. You Have Been Warned.

Needs Wiki Magic Love.

This work contains examples of:

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alternative title(s): Addergoole
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