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Literature: A Voyage to Arcturus
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A Voyage to Arcturus is a fantasy novel by David Lindsay. First published in 1920, it bombed on release, selling fewer than 600 copies. Fortunately, it has since become recognised as one of the seminal works of fantasy fiction.

The story revolves around the character Maskull, who attends a sťance in Hampstead, England. After witnessing bizarre events, he is invited by an acquaintance to journey to Tormance, a planet orbiting the double star system of Arcturus. Travelling there in a crystal spaceship, Maskull awakes to find himself alone in an utterly alien world. Wishing to learn more, he embarks on a journey which takes him through bizarre lands and encounters with beings unlike any on Earth.

Framed as an interstellar voyage, the story is essentially a treatise on philosophy, religion and morality. Each land, and the people it holds, represent a different philosophy or idea. Moreover, as Maskull makes his way across Tormance, he becomes subject to physical changes that grant him new sensory organs. With these organs, he is able to perceive life differently, in accordance with the prevailing ideal of the land. His journey takes him through these various different philosophies, ultimately becoming a quest to discover the meaning of life. The more the story progresses, the more mind-screwy things become...

Initially a failure on release, it has since become regarded as arguably one of the most influential works of modern fantasy. Writers as influential as J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Alan Moore, Philip Pullman, Michael Moorcock and Clive Barker have all sung the book's praises, and cited its influence on their work.


  • Aliens Speaking English: Justified. The inhabitants of Tormance have extra sensory organs that allow them to communicate with outsiders.
  • All Planets Are Earthlike: Completely averted. Much space is given to describing the completely bizarre geography and biosphere of Tormance. Twin suns, floating trees and pillars of static lightning are the least of it.
  • Binary Suns: Tormance orbits Arcturus, a twin star composed of Branchspell and Alppain.
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: Nearly every inhabitant of Tormance seems to have extra sensory organs, based on which land they are a citizen of. They are also able to grow and replace these organs based on circumstance. Maskull himself develops quite a few. See below.
  • Bio-Augmentation: As the story progresses, Maskull's body develops a chest tentacle, a third arm, an extra eye, six extra eyes, and a forehead protrusion that allows him some degree of telepathy, among others. These mutations are generally replaced as and when the story demands. They also allow Maskull insight into the predominant philosophy of whatever land he is in. Needless to say, it gets pretty weird...
  • Editorial Synaesthesia: Used to describe ulfire and jale, the two extra primary colors found in the light of Alppain. The three primary colors of Earth are described via the emotions they conjure in people, then ulfire and jale are contrasted.
    "Just as blue is delicate and mysterious, yellow clear and unsubtle, and red sanguine and passionate, so [Maskull] felt ulfire to be wild and painful, and jale dreamlike, feverish, and voluptuous."
  • Faster-Than-Light Travel: Used in the story via the rather novel means of 'back rays'. In effect, using a form of reverse-light to travel to a light source faster than the speed of light.
  • Fictional Colour: Ulfire and Jale, two primary colors that exist on Torrance but not on Earth.
  • I Have Many Names: Surter. Also known as Crystalman, Shaping, and Gangnet.
  • Interplanetary Voyage
  • Mind Screw: The entire world of Tormance. The setting functions not as a fully fleshed, internally consistent world, but as a place where different ideas can be explored by the author.
  • Rubber-Forehead Aliens: The inhabitants of Tormance look generally similar to humans, but with extra appendages, and wildly different skin/hair colours.
  • Rule of Symbolism: Judicially used by Lindsay.
  • Scenery Porn
  • Tomato in the Mirror: You are Nightspore.

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