Literature: A Shadow Girl's Summer of Love and Madness

Nomie Raneski is an odd-looking thirteen year old girl, in love with her guardian. Feeling there is nothing to her life while she is too young to be with him, she spends her time reading and gazing at her beloved, the handsome and wealthy Richard Raneski. That is, until she meets fourteen year old Juniper Lenile. Juniper quickly befriends Nomie and convinces her that just waiting to grow up is not a worthwhile use of her time. Nomie and Juniper spend much of their free time during the summer together.

Possessing no form of identity, Nomie's past life before she came to the Raneski house is a mystery to Hanson, Richard's manservant. But there is someone who knows the truth of Nomie's past life and why Richard would take her in. Someone with plans of his own.

Meanwhile, Detective Alan Timeson is on the trail of the Vanishing Killer, a serial murderer known for not leaving any traces and being able to seemingly vanish into thin air.

A Shadow Girl's Summer Of Love And Madness contains examples of: