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Literature: A Promise of Roses
A Promise of Roses is a historical romance by Heidi Betts set in the American Midwest in the year 1885.

Megan Adams is the owner of the Adams Express, a stagecoach business that is slowly being put out of business by the railroad. On top of that, bandits have been robbing her stagecoaches whenever they deliver railroad payrolls. When she drives the stagecoach for one of the deliveries, the bandits abduct her.

Lucas McCain is a Bounty Hunter. He was hired by the railroad to bring in the person they believed was behind the stagecoach robberies: Megan Adams. He disguises himself as a bandit, and after the bandits kidnap Megan, he kidnaps her himself. But then he runs into Silas Scott, the man who killed his wife, Annie, and their son, Chad. He pursues Scott, dragging Megan along for the ride.

The story focuses on Lucas's hunt for Silas Scott, the romance between Megan and Lucas, and the quest to prove Megan's innocence.

This book provides examples of:

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