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Literature: A Land Fit for Heroes
A Land Fit for Heroes is a 'Fantasy Noir' trilogy by the British author Richard K. Morgan (writer of the gritty Cyberpunk Takeshi Kovacs trilogy). It is written in a similar vein to the Joe Abercrombie First Law trilogy; dealing with a fairly Crapsack World fantasy world.

The world the books are set in is, like the First Law trilogy, very far into the cynical hand of the Sliding Scale of Idealism Versus Cynicism, and the intention to subvert and deconstruct a certain number of Fantasy tropes.

The trilogy follows three heroes of a great war that took place 9 years before the beginning of the story, fought against the aquatic Scaled Folk who invaded the human lands from the western ocean hints are given that the Scaled Folk invaded human lands as they themselves were fleeing something even nastier in the west.

All three heroes, previously war-buddies, are now disgusted by their actions following the war, the way their various societies now mistreat and ignore them and are all haunted by the ones they lost during the conflict. Soon, however, they are drawn into a new adventure.

The main characters:

  • Ringil Eskiath - A highly skilled human swordsman who lead a now-legendary battle against the Scaled Folk and helped lift the siege of the city of Trelayne. A Straight Gay, which is something of a problem in the distinctly intolerant League, although as Ringil points out "You don't go queer baiting when your victim has a reputation of chopping trained swordsmen into dogmeat at the drop of a hat"

  • Egar Dragonbane - Clan chief of one of the numerous northern Majak Tribes. Straight. Possibly the only one.

  • Archeth Indamaninarnal - A human-kiriath half-breed who was left behind when the rest of her race abandoned the world in their 'fireships' due to her mixed blood.

Books in the series:

  1. The Steel Remains
  2. The Cold Commands
  3. The Dark Defiles

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alternative title(s): The Steel Remains; A Land Fit For Heroes
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