Light Novel / Youjo Senki

Tanya Degurechaff: "But we are soldiers, and if orders say we must burn beautiful Arene to the ground, that is what we must do."
Commander Mortiz Paul Von Han: "Who would want to be a soldier, huh?"

A preteen girl stands on the battlefield. With blond hair, azure eyes and small stature, her presence seems like a mockery. But she's anything but that - her name is Tanya Degurechaff and she's an Imperial Aerial Sorceress, and one of the best at that. Despite her innocent looks, do not expect mercy from her - Cold and calculating, she is a force to be reckoned with. How could a child become a hardened soldier like that? Was that the result of her fatherland's imperialistic doctrines, which robbed her of her childhood? Or is she a tragic victim of the horrors of war?

No, the truth is far more terrifying. For she was... a male HR manager in modern Japan. Rational and utilitarian, he would restructure his company and fire employees as needed without remorse. That came to an end when one of the people he let off, in anger, pushed him in front of an oncoming train. After his untimely demise, he came face to face with a being calling itself God - with the salaryman finding it impossible, since what kind of god would allow such a world of absurdities? Calling him "Being X", he went into an argument with it on the lack of faith in humanity, or rather that it needs no faith. This angered Being X, who decided to impart an ironic fate on the recently deceased - for he, a man who values logic and stability over all else, was reincarnated in a world of magic and constant warfare. And in a body of a cute girl, to twist the knife in, all to teach him a lesson in piety.

Now, Tanya finds herself with the memories of her previous life intact, in service of an imperialistic country that is surrounded by hostile neighbors on all sides. On the front lines filled with trenches, mud and corpses not unlike those of WWI, but with the addition of magic, the young sorceress does not despair. In fact, she sees perfect opportunities in her new "career", which she plans to use without question. With efficiency as her top priority, she flies into the battlefield with a wicked smile.

Youjo Senki (War Chronicles of A Little Girl) is a Light Novel series created by an author under the pseudonym Carlo Zen in 2013. In 2016 it received a manga adaptation by Toujou Chika, whose previous work consist of the Code Geass: Oz the Reflection spin-off series. It has also received an Animated Adaptation under the title Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil, premiering on January 6th, 2017. It is the first show produced by studio NUT, which is mostly compromised of talents from Gainax and Madhouse. It is available for worldwide streaming on Crunchyroll. Funimation's Simuldub began on Jan 23, 2017, and a new dubbed episode is released every Monday, here.

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For another series that also combines sorcery with 20th-Century-eque warfare, see Izetta The Last Witch.

Youjo Senki provides the examples of:

  • Absurd Cutting Power: Mage's magic powered blade is capable of mutilating body effortlessly. In manga Tanya is shown cutting plane apart with hers.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Episode 8 focuses on Warren Grantz, Second Lieutenant in Tanya's battalion. In addition to seeing the war through his eyes and the kind of intense moral conflict his superior seems apathetic to, zero insight is provided regarding what Tanya is thinking throughout the entire episode - especially significant when almost the entire story is otherwise given alongside her internal monologue.
    • Half of chapter in manga and a section in light novel is focused on Perspective Flip of Captain Ugar, Tanya's classmate and competitor in War Colleague. As a father of newborn daughter, he confronted Tanya on the issue of her status as child soldier. Ugar's perspective represent the thought of many soldier parent in regards to Tanya in both light novel and Manga.
  • Adult Fear: Aside from the sheer circumstances of sending a nine year old girl to the trenches of World War I, Tanya invokes this in people heavily by her actions. Her outwardly cherubic appearance, apparent Patriotic Fervour and calm resolve make her an apparently model soldier, but many people around her uncomfortably note that they have daughters or sisters around her age, and Tanya actively exploits it for her career. The fact that your child could turn out the same is chilling to any parent.
    Lehrgen had no intention of blaming OCS, but he still wanted to question them whether they were grooming Mages or creating killer dolls.
  • Alternate Universe: Being X purposely reincarnates the main character in such a world. Tanya herself notes that its almost the exact copy of her original world at the time of the early 20th century, but with heavy dose of Fantasy Counterpart Culture and magic.
  • Arc Words: The phrase Deus lo vult ("God Wills It") tends to appear whenever Being X directly interferes with Tanya's life.
  • Artistic License – Religion: The way how Being X is described, at least in the animated adaptation, is very similar to the Abrahamic God, but the whole concept of reincarnation is something common in Indian religions like Buddhism. This is especially relevant, as Tanya in her previous life was a atheistic Japanese man.note 
  • Art Shift: To Mood Whiplash levels in the manga. It ranges from normal artwork one would expect in the story's genre, to Shoujo style, a South Park parody, and the use of Petting Zoo People to refer to the Empire and the other nation's military forces.
  • Art-Style Dissonance: Considering how grim and cynical war is portrayed in this series (not much different from the real World War I and World War II), the covers of the Light Novel and most art in the manga may be a little too far on the cute side (especially Tanya herself). The anime subverts it, by making the characters look decidedly more psychotic.
  • Badass Crew: The 203rd Imperial Aerial Mage Wing/Battalion is quickly gaining this reputation. Their exploits include:
    • Completing a training course that left every higher level officer who learned about it chilled to the bone.
    • Routing 3 infantry divisions (50,000 troops) all by themselves (48 mages), capturing the enemy HQ, and then raiding the enemy's capital city; all in the same day.
    • Driving off 3 wings of mage troops, 2 further reinforcing mage squadrons, and a bomber squadron, again all by themselves.
    • Neutralizing the defenses of the Oslo Fjord despite intervention by an opposing mage wing within 30 minutes with no other support from friendly forces.
    • Serving as part of the rear guard of the entire Rhine Front as they withdraw.
    • Being the first human beings to be inserted into enemy territory via ballistic missile.
    • Successfully destroying the Rhine Front's communication's HQ in a Suicide Mission and returning with all their deployed manpower.
  • Birthday Episode: While not a traditional birthday episode, Episode 6 takes place during September 24th, which is Tanya's birthdaynote .
  • Bullying a Dragon: Surrounded by potential enemy nations or not, there's little question that the militaristic Empire is the strongest among its neighbours. Most attempts to invade it are met with little success, and it can easily crush any single opposing country in a war without external interference as well as holding its own against multiple nations at once... though none of this stops the horribly outdated Grand Duchy of Dacia from declaring war on the Empire and getting steamrolled for it.
  • Cast from Calories: Mage in general is obligated to eat high calorie food comparable to overeating even in age of abundance because of their high energy consumption.
  • Child Soldiers: The Empire is not above enlisting children in their army, especially if they possess high magic aptitude like Tanya. However, there are various individuals who are disturbed by her presence in the military, such as Tanya's academic rival in the Military College due to his wife having recently given birth to his daughter.
  • Colour-Coded for Your Convenience: In anime, visual effects of active mage spell are colored. Depending on the side the mage is allied to, it may be in yellow-green gamma (Empire), blue (Entente) , fuchsia (Allied Kingdom) or purple (the Republic).
  • Conscription: Tanya's magical aptitude meant her only options were either this or volunteering anyway - and at least the latter means she can be sent to officer school almost immediately. On the other hand, Viktoria was a magically talented refugee who was conscripted into the army.
  • Cosmic Plaything: Being X reincarnates Tanya into her current life and is implied to be responsible for her magical aptitude, which in turn forces her into joining the military. When she doesn't crack under pressure and offer her faith to Being X, it simply manipulates the people around her and forces her to pray to it in order to survive and battle, and it's heavily suggested (in the animé, it states it outright) it's also going out of its way to spark a World War against her country.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Tanya's mage battalion sees its first combat action against an outdated army that might as well have walked out of the previous century. The 203rd Wing winds up devastating three whole infantry divisions, sacking their command post, and blowing up an armaments factory in the enemy capital with zero support and minimal effort.
    Tanya's monologue: Modern warfare can be summed up as the brutality of a nation's power above all. I'll shatter the Army of Grand Duchy of Dacia like a Conquistador!
    • This is also how most solo fight against Devil of Rhine post-Elenium 95 goes.
  • Dare to Be Badass: Tanya writes her recruiting notice to emphasize how dangerous a rapid-response battalion would be in the hopes of discouraging recruits and lessening her workload (or better yet, preventing the battalion from ever forming). Instead, her high reputation and the War Is Glorious attitude of the time results in every mage in the army taking it as a challenge and burying her in applications.
  • Depending on the Writer: The male salaryman from whom Tanya reincarnated was considerably more sympathetic than his manga and anime counterparts; the man he fired was terminated only after rejecting numerous drug rehabilitation programs, despite the fact that his severe drug addiction was affecting his work and his lifespan.
    • Being X also varies wildly in personality - an incompetent Beleaguered Bureaucrat Clueless Boss in the original light novel, an Evil Is Petty Jerkass God in the manga, and a highly unsympathetic Obstructive Bureaucrat with hints of serious Sanity Slippage in the anime.
    • The manga suggests Tanya's prayers during her use of the Elenium Type 95 are involuntary or subconscious, whereas she seems much more aware of what she's saying in the anime (aside from the first time she successfully activates it). Additionally, the manga portrays Tanya as relying mainly on spells cast without a weapon to fight, while the anime portrays her as always using a rifle in combat like other mages.
  • Deus ex Machina: Deliberately invoked in-story by Being X whenever it takes a direct hand in messing with Tanya.
  • Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu?: When the salaryman is contacted by a deity-like being that claims to be God in his last moments, he says he rejects the existence of God to its face, addresses it instead as "Being X", takes shots at the business model it uses to oversee the entire human population, and tells it that only weak people in desperate times would pray to a god. He gets reincarnated into what's effectively World War 1 Germany as a child soldier for his troubles.
  • "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune: The first ending theme is performed by Aoi Yuuki, the voice of Tanya.
  • Dress-Coded for Your Convenience: The anime shows mages of different sides using very distinctive flying gear: a ski pair (Entente), a metallic horse (the Republic), and a wired boot (the Empire).
  • Emergency Cargo Dump: Played with by Entente's bombers, what they threw away are their bombs not cargo and they didn't do it to slow a crash landing but fleeing from Tanya. Though soon enough, Tanya did make them crash and throwing their cargo didn't help the slightest.
  • Evil Versus Evil: The underlying conflict in the story is between Tanya, a sadistic, self-serving soldier with no empathy for other humans and Being X, a manipulative, uncaring deity-like being. Tanya does everything she can to defy and spite Being X, who in return is determined to break her resolve and have her worship it completely.
  • Eye Colour Change: When mages use strong magic, their eye color changes to shining yellow or blue. Also, when Tanya was overloading her jewel to self-destruct, her eyes became red.
  • The anime shows Anson's normally brown eyes changing to the same golden shade as Tanya's after he survives his second meeting with her.
  • Faceless Goons: Mostly averted in anime, but in manga most unnamed character is shown as figures with shadowed face.
  • Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon: It's hard to believe such a cute little girl is actually one of the Empire's most accomplished soldiers, let alone that she tried to ram a bayonet through a cadet's face for disobedience or wrote a thesis on how to exploit wartime laws and legally use artillery against cities.
  • Fantastic Nuke: In the battle that earned her the moniker of the "Devil of Rhine", Tanya casts a "defusive magical explosion" upon Rhine soldiers. If the massive explosion didn't kill her enemies, oxygen deprivation from the resultant vacuum or carbon monoxide poisoning did.
  • Fantasy Conflict Counterpart: With the way the tactics are employed, it clearly evokes WWI, but with an addition of flying sorcerers. Interestingly, Tanya is completely aware that she lives in a world extremely similar to her own in the early 1900s; she not only compares situations with battles she studied in her previous life to make decisions, but proposes a thesis drawing directly on her own knowledge of World War 1.
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: Of early 20th century / early 1920's / World War One Europe. The Empire is clearly Imperial Germany, while the Republic is clearly France, the Triple Entente is the countries of the Scandinavian peninsula, the Grand Duchy of Dacia is Romania, the Allied Kingdom is the United Kingdom, and the Rus Union is Russia, more specifically the Tsarist one which recently underwent the "transition" to the Soviet version.
  • Fate Worse Than Death: What awaits Tanya, if she fail to survive her current reincarnation.
    • Also how Tanya's subordinates think of her when she gave them Training from Hell, especially after Tanya revive Granz with booting his head. So they jump to conclusion that Tanya won't let them get peace in death and will give them this trope if they dare to drop out. Unknown to them Tanya is just making sure no one died because Zettour ordered her to be a bit rough. note  and open to them to quit the training.
  • Foregone Conclusion: Chapter 9 of the manga and the end of Volume 1 in the light novel show that the Empire did suffer a similar fate as its Real Life-counterpart did: defeat and post-war chaos. However, the characters shown make no reference to any World War II, suggesting the chaos was less severe or handled differently in some manner.
  • Future Copter: The battlefield role of Aerial Mages isn't far off from helicopter gunships with the firepower and speed of a dedicated CAWS aircraft (Close Air Weapon Support) like the A10. They present hover capability long before technology advances far enough to do the same, are capable of aerial acrobatics that no real life helicopter can match, and pack quite a wallop between spells and conventional explosives like grenades.
  • Geo Effects: Tanya's and her squad's basic strategy when fighting against enemy mages, exploiting their superior flying altitude. Their operation orb and skill set a new standard for aerial mage operation altitude, where the safe standard is usually 6000ft above sea level. They can reach 10.000ft where mage with inferior orb and skill have to deal with air pressure, lack of oxygen and mana swelling needed to maintain the altitude. Giving them partial-air superiority over their enemies, as their opponent had to fight with handicap just to aim at them.
    • Tanya's record is 12.000ft in Rhine, but according to the creator of Elenium 95, Adelheid von Schugel theoretically Tanya could reach 18.000 ft.
  • God Needs Prayer Badly: Being X is upset that humanity has reached a point that much of it no longer has faith in a higher power, and that some of it actively rejects the notion of its existence. It's decided to correct this, starting with a particular salaryman as its test run.
  • Good Republic, Evil Empire: Averted so far, in that the Empire, while militaristic and expansionist, doesn't seem to be particularly nasty by the standards of the time period and is a meritocracy, while very little is known of the Republic's inner workings. Over the course of the series, it appears inverted, at least in the anime, as The Republic cares little about international law, is hiding behind civilians, lures other nations into the conflict with promises of easy victory and long-term support, only to abandon them, as is strongly implied with Dacia, and breaching war-treaties by using anti-trench munitions in aerial combat, as shown in episode 11. Also, how did the war begin? By an unprovoked armed invasion from The Republic against The Empire, where the Republic soldiers were looking to kill anyone and everyone they came across, including a 9-year-old little girl that was ordered to stand her ground, alone, against a wing of mages. Because the he The Republic was trying to drum up Patriotic Fervor.
  • Gratuitous German: The first ending theme contains this.
  • Helmets Are Hardly Heroic: Despite operating at speeds and altitudes comparable to helicopters or light aircraft, not a single mage wears protective headgear or even goggles to keep wind (or hair) out of their eyes in the anime. On the other hand, headgear is present for everyone in the manga; in particular, Tanya and later her battalion use both helmets and goggles in battle.
    • Justified since combat mages already use their magic shield spells to protect themselves from gunfire and flight hazards, as well as enemy spells.
  • Kaiserreich: the Empire is presented as alternate history version of pre-World War I Germany.
    • The manga seems to weirdly avert this however, instead turning the conflict into an allegory of WWII rather than WWI, up to redesigning the Empire's military to look like the Wehrmacht and seemingly turning the Empire into a Nazi Germany allegory.
  • Last Stand: It is strongly implied that the actions meriting a Silver Wing Assault Medal tends to involve one. In the novel, it is elaborated that the vast majority of them are awarded posthumously, which is why Tanya is so remarkable as a living recipient of the decoration.
  • Loophole Abuse:
    • Being X states that He will interfere in Tanya's life as little as possible, and remains true to His word. As for the other people in Tanya's life? Fair game.
    • In keeping with the rules of engagement, Tanya has to warn the workers of an enemy munitions plant of their impending attack so the workers could be afforded a chance to evacuate. She gives the warning in the cutest, most innocent-sounding voice she can muster, tricking the workers into thinking it was a joke and ignoring it. To be fair, her warning speech for the first part is shamelessly copied from sportmanship vow from Japanese school sport festival, it's hard to take it seriously.
    • Tanya even wrote a thesis based on creatively interpreting wartime laws to allow the shelling of cities (warn the city to evacuate beforehand, allowing you to treat anyone inside as "unlawful combatants"). This is later used in the battle of Arene.
  • Mage Marksman: In the setting, most mages fire devastating explosive blasts through their rifles - though in the manga, Tanya demonstrates she can cast spells without a rifle as well.
  • Military Academy: There are several shown in the series, cadet school that train new recruits like Victoria pre-Rhine, officer school Tanya graduated from as volunteer and War Colleague where the entry is decided through strict selection for future military leaders.
  • Mood Whiplash:
    • Episode 9 of the anime ends grimly. Tanya and her handpicked team speeds off on a Suicide Mission to lay down a decapitating strike on the enemy. The stinger starts with Tanya writing a letter to the family of one of her men who needs to retire from the military due to requiring long term care. It contains the standard compassionate words, an apology and a note that he has received recommendations for medals. The stinger ends with what did in one of Tanya's vaunted 203rd Imperial Aerial Mage Wing. A rotten potato.
    • Episode 10 of the anime seems to continue this perverse tradition. The episode ends with 2LT Glantz being shot down, presumably killed as the command element of the 203rd return back from their mission in high spirits. The stinger is a cutesy vignette about 2LT Glantz and Vicktoriya as the latter thrashes about the bunk sleep talking.
  • Nay-Theist: Regardless of what exactly Being X is, it's an undeniably powerful force that exists beyond the ordinary scope of humans with control over reincarnation and power spanning alternate universes. Even so, Tanya doesn't just refuse to worship it, she takes the time to go down to a nearby church during her stay at the Military College not to pray, but to fill her mind with curses against Being X on a daily basis.
  • Non-Verbal Miscommunication: A Running Gag in this series, commonly happen whenever Tanya tries to hint how suitable she is to be a rear officer to her superior. She is either mistaken as a war maniac or eager patriot.
  • Obligatory War Crime Scene: The battle of Arene. Rather than waste time and effort fighting in the streets to retake the city, the Empire simply bombards the city with artillery, killing enemy soldiers, rebels, and civilians alike.
  • One Dialogue, Two Conversations: During Schwarzkopf's explanation of the Rhine theater, he says that the 205th will be a counterattack force. Tanya takes it to meaning that they're reserves stationed in the back, whereas Schwarzkopf says they're in the front.
  • Perspective Flip: In one chapter of the manga, it shows the Franc Republic finally having a glimpse of the infamous Devil of the Rhine, Tanya, herself. Unlike how in the previous episode which shows Tanya's insane rant against the Republic, the orb instead shows the Jeanne d'Archétype personality that Tanya develops the more she prays to Being X.
  • Rare Guns: The anime has really Shown Their Work regarding the various firearms used by the combatants.
    • The Tanya's Weapon of Choice, as well as the rest of the Empire's mages use the Mondragón Modelo 1908 self-loading rifle, a real life semi-auto rifle that wasn't issued to frontline troops due to problems with the mud and dirt, but worked perfectly fine with the clean air environment as experienced by airmen and balloon observers, similar to the combat conditions encountered by the mages.
  • Realpolitik: During her discussion with Zettois, Tanya asserts this is the reason why the other Great Powers would intervene in the war; although victory by either side does not directly threaten their interests, they cannot allow a hegemon to appear.
  • Reincarnation: Tanya is the reincarnation of a heartless Japanese salaryman murdered by an employee he fired. The soi-disant Creator she dubs Being X threw her into this world of war in an attempt to force her to develop "faith."
  • Revenge Myopia: Not only does Anson Sioux want to kill Tanya at all costs for the death of his men, despite the fact that she only killed them in self-defense, after they invaded her home country, and tried to kill her, and who knows how many people had they not been stopped, but the entire Republic wants to avenge the shelling of Arene, despite the fact that the shelling only occurred in direct response to the Republic using the "civilians" as unlawful enemy combatants who attacked, beat, tortured, and abused unarmed and bound Imperial soldiers, even shooting and killing one In the Back as he was trying to run away when offered terms of surrender that are more than reasonable.
  • Running Gag:
    • Most people who encounter Tanya will comment they have a daughter or a sister around her age.
    • Tanya's habit of Tempting Fate. She never seems to learn that if you've had a run-in with a god, maybe you shouldn't be thinking variations of "this will be easy".
    • While present in every medium to some degree, it's extremely prominent in the manga that Tanya will analyze a situation and draw a conclusion on what she should do and what others would think of it... while everyone around her is thinking something completely different.
      Visha: Should I really do it? (If we issue a warning to the enemy capital, the point of the surprise attack is...)
      Tanya: Hm... (Compared to Lieutenant Weiss' deeper voice, Second Lieutenant Serebryakova's voice is more likely to keep the enemy off-guard. But then couldn't she protest that being even younger, I ought to do it instead?)
  • Secret Test: When Tanya's initial plan at stalling the formation of the 601st is foiled, she plans on making it Badass Crew by making an elite fighting force. To flush out unworthy applicants, they're sent to see an illusionary officer who directs them back to their units; in the process, Tanya also demonstrates how woefully undertrained the Eastern and Southern forces at detecting optical decoys compared to the Central forces (a 93% fail rate compared to an even 50-50 split).
    • To drive the point home, both anime and manga portray the office used for the test as suspiciously narrow room, the windows also suspiciously missing. In which the optical illusion spell is masking one side (in anime) and two sides (in manga) of the room to hide the real officers overseeing the test. It's no wonder while Tanya expect failing a lot of people, she didn't expect to not get even one out of fourteen pairs she tested. Tanya even report to her superiors that the failed mages are all narrow-sighted.
  • Shout-Out: The subway in Episode 2 has a poster for Overlord.
    • In the light novel, Tanya brings up Vermouth's "A secret makes a woman more beautiful" quote and comments on how untruthful it is in her situation.
    • During the commissioning of her V601st Training Wing as the 203rd Aerial Mage Wing, Tanya quotes Sergeant Hartman's speech almost word for word.
  • Shrouded in Myth: By the time the chapters that take place 40 years after the war, The 203rd, later hidden behind their organizational number V600, becomes this, with Tanya gaining the title "Eleventh Goddess".
  • The Sociopath: Tanya is definitely this. She has virtually zero empathy for others and makes no acts of kindness that aren't meant to further her own career in some way; the few moral conflicts she has in the light novel have minimal impact on her actions and are cut entirely from the manga and anime. She casually sends upstart soldiers under her command to their death without a second thought, and tries using her childish demeanour to guilt trip and manipulate a captain into retiring early to eliminate him as a competitor. Everything she does comes back to her goal of climbing the ranks and landing herself in a safe rear-line position, and she never looks back on her actions with remorse. Interestingly, this and the fact that her mindset effectively comes from almost a century ahead of the setting also result in constant miscommunications and interpreting the actions of others incorrectly.
  • Super Prototype: Tanya's Elenium Type-95 is a highly unstable magic core formed by synchronizing four others that has killed everyone else who has attempted to control it, and is only used by a "protagonist" with exceptional magical potential... except the truth is, nothing but blind luck and literal divine intervention prevent it from blasting Tanya and everything around her to pieces every time she uses it. Tanya is less than pleased at having to use it from both a practical and philosophical standpoint. Not only she is under order to continue to test the orb on field, she also can't afford to pass up the incredible advantage it offers her in a fight.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: In the light novel, Anson Sioux is killed by Tanya during the Battle of the Fjord. The anime reveals that he lived - and heavily implies that Being X was responsible.
  • The Spartan Way: How the 601st Aerial Mage Wing is trained. Their initial month long training regimen includes Hell Week, SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistence and Escape) training, defending a static location against over 36 hours of artillery fire, counter-interrogation training and endurance hikes. It's enough to give even hardened special forces veterans pause.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Depending on who you ask, the man who knows Tanya's true nature and wants to stop her from climbing the ranks might be named "Rerugen" or "Lehrgen." The man whose submachine gun was looted by Tanya is either Anson "Sioux" or "Sue." Did Tanya discuss the prospect of World War with "Zettour" or "Zettois?"
  • Suicidal Overconfidence: Aside from having their brains fossilized with battle tactics and formations obsolete for over a century, the entire populace of the Duchy of Dacia grossly over-estimates their battle potential. When Tanya, heavily armed and armored, strolls right in to the feeble, yet highly decorated, tent serving as the mobile HQ, completely unharmed, after passing through three divisions of Dacia infantry, numbering 50,000, and makes it crystal clear that the weapons, tactics, and composition of the Dacia army is so woefully outclassed, that Tanya's single battalion (48 mages) can annhilate them with ease, the commanders outright refuse the option of surrender that Tanya offers them (as Tanya hoped they would, considering the nightmarsih logistics of imprisoning, housing, and feeding 50,000 men). Then after killing all of them, save the generals who were handed over to Imperial high command as P.O.W., she took most of her battalion to Dacia's capital to find them... engaging in a victory celebration long before their troops could even reasonably try for any kind of war accomplishment. So of course, she set off some fireworks of her own, at the Dacia primary weapons factory, wiping out not just the weapons Dacia was building, but all the people building those weapons as well. Only time will tell if Dacia learned their lesson.
  • Too Dumb to Live: The Duchy of Dacia. While declaring war on the Empire when they're tied up in two sides war against Republic and the Entente alliance was the best possible timing, the method by which they do so is both careless, and utterly idiotic. The Duchy launches an armed invasion composed entirely of infantry, in brightly colored uniforms, during the day, with absolutely nothing in the form of aerial defenses, and broadcasts the orders over completely unsecured radio channels. Tanya suspects Schmuck Bait until she sees the situation with her own eyes and lampshades how utterly incompetent the high command of the Duchy is. What's worse is that the munitions factory in the capital treats Tanya's warning like a childhood prank despite knowing that the Empire employs Child Soldiers. They also left the vital factory defenseless with light security much to Tanya and her subordinates' disbelief.
  • Training from Hell: In an attempt to scare off any potential recruits and prevent her wing from forming, Tanya's "training" amounts to little more than doing everything she can think of to torment her potential soldiers so severely that every last one of them drops out. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite work out for her like that.
  • War Is Glorious: One of the reasons that Tanya's recruitment poster, which was deliberately designed to make people balk at joining the 601st, fails is that soldiers still have this belief and instead see the poster as a challenge which is exactly what most propaganda was driving for during this period.
  • War Is Hell: Magic or no, it's still trench warfare at its worst. Heck, magic probably just makes it worse. Episode 8 heavily plays this up as well, focusing on one of Tanya's subordinates as his wing participates in shelling a city and everyone in it - soldiers and civilians alike.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: One of Tanya's subordinates, aptly named Tweet Nika Teyanen who is the first mage from 203rd wing who is named after the three squadron commander plus Grantz. We didn't see his face, just his stomach and his pained moan in the foreground while Visha and Grants are laughing in the background. By the end of episode Tanya is writing a letter of condolence to his family, suggesting that he is out of action. Later it revealed by Tanya that Teyanen had to retire from service from food poisoning by rotten potato of all things. Not only fans would let remember him as that one guy who get done in by rotten potato, even in universe Tanya in mini episode specifically lecture Visha on the danger of rotten potato.
  • Wingdinglish: The letter used in alternate universe is readable, as it looks like modified latin letters. Empire is set up as alternate German but for some reason the words are all in English.
  • Wrong Assumption: The Dacia Duchy's only accomplishment when trying to invade Empire is intimidating Empire's land force soldiers in Southern border with their superior number. The soldiers even go as far as thinking that Tanya's wing was going to a suicide mission to delay Dacia's vanguard troop. In the end they're fretting for nothing. While superior number or not with non-existent anti air-force Tanya ended up using Dacia as exercise for her wing instead of real life battle.
    • Lampshaded by Tanya that because her current world is experiencing the beginning of their first global war, all countries including the Empire often fall to this trope and known concept of modern war Tanya know is still developing.

Alternative Title(s): Saga Of Tanya The Evil