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Light Novel: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

Or "The Irregular at Magic High School" as it is known in English.

"Magic" is a product of neither legends nor fairy tales. It has become a technology of reality for nearly a century. Various countries in the world are locked in a race in nurturing "Magicians".

Tatsuya Shiba is a reserve student without magic capability at First High School, a magic high school, along with his sister Miyuki, who happens to be the top student among the freshmen. What will happen to him, and how will he live his school life where he is one of the many reserves in the school looked down upon by the chosen magical students?

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (The Irregular at Magic High School) is a Japanese light novel series written by Satou Tsutomu with illustration by Ishida Kana. The novel began as a web novel serialization in "Let's Become a Novelist" on October 12, 2008. It then became the second web novel after Sword Art Online, to be commercialized and published by Dengeki in July 2011.

The web novel consisted of only 6 web chapters written covering the First Year arc completed on March 21, 2011, and the author has already planned for a total of 15 web chapters to cover the entire three years of Magic High School. Included also is a series of side stories, Mahouka Koukou no Shounen Shoujo (loosely, The Boys and Girls at Magic High School).

It has been adapted into a manga by Hayashi Fumino with Kitaumi Tsuna as the artist. The light novel is published by ASCII Media Works in Dengeki Bunko while the manga is published by Square Enix in GFantasy.

A manga spin-off focusing on Miyuki, Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei (The Honour at Magic High School), began serialize in Dengeki Daioh July issue on April 26, 2012 with Mori Yu as the artist.

An anime adaptation by Madhouse began airing in the Spring 2014 Anime season.

Provides examples of:

  • Absurdly Powerful Student Council: Their only real limitation is that they can't recruit course 2 students. Played straight after the student council president election when this limitation is removed.
  • The Ace: Miyuki and Masaki0
  • Adaptation Expansion: The Honour at Magic High School
  • An Ice Person: Miyuki specializes in cooling magic. Her cooling magic, however, is a physical manifestation of her natural mind-affecting magic. Her most powerful magic, "Cocytus", freezes the consciousness of its target. Not the target's neurons, mind—their soul. It could be considered a Fate Worse than Death.
  • Badass Bookworm: Tatsuya—emphasis on the badass.
  • Badass Family: Every one of the Ten Master Clans is an example, but one of the two strongest is the Yotsuba clan. It has one of the strongest magicians in the world, Yotsuba Maya, and Miyuki. Tatsuya, being her brother and bodyguard, counts too.
  • Balkanize Me: Like Expanded States of America, a consequence of World War 3. Happened mostly in Africa and South America (except for Brazil).
  • Barbie Doll Anatomy: Interestingly, in the beginning of the second ending credits, while the male characters have their clothing on, the lighting on the girls is lit in a way that almost makes it seem like their dresses aren't on, evoking this trope.
  • Beach Episode: During summer break.
  • Berserk Button:
    • If you try to attack Tatsuya (emphasis on try), Miyuki will turn you into ice.note  Have a slightly aggressive thought that could be vaguely construed as being potentially threatening to anything within 100 yards of Miyuki, and Tatsuya will vaporize you. If you're lucky.
    • Anyone stupid enough to do the same to any of Tatsuya's friends, and especially Miyuki, faces a similar wrath from him, as one of the organizers in episode 17 finds out after Tatsuya catches him trying to upload a latent virus into Miyuki's CAD during an inspection of said devices.
    • The example above in episode 17 wasn't so much about Tatsuya's friends as it was about Miyuki. If the patriarch hadn't shown up, Tatsuya would have killed the technician. In the light novel, the bystanders watching Tatsuya all came to to that conclusion.
  • BFS: The Chiba family tends to use these.
  • Big Brother Attraction/Worship: To Miyuki her older brother is a higher entity. With obvious reasons: He literally undid wounds that would have been lethal. At age 13.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Though Tatsuya can cross over into Knight Templar Big Brother at times... just ask those terrorists from the Nine Schools Competition.
    • Endangering Miyuki is the only way to genuinely anger Tatsuya. The one time Miyuki's life was actually in danger he went on a rampage so devastating it earned him the nickname Mahesvara from the Chinese. He killed their guys so hard an entire nation dare not even speak his name.
  • Big Screwed-Up Family: The Yotsuba. Who are wealthy, powerful and known for going on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against anyone who crosses them.
  • Child Soldier: Tatsuya joined the 101st Battalion when he was 13.
  • Conspicuous CG:
    • Most vehicles in the show will typically make generous use of this trope.
    • Some of the dancers at the end of episode 18, especially in contrast to the main characters when they're dancing.
  • Cool Guns: "Silver Horn" and "Third Eye", gun-shaped Specialized CADs that Tatsuya uses.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle:
    • Tatsuya defeats Vice President Hattori in less than 5 seconds during their battle in episode 2. Made somewhat ironic by how the latter planned to use speed abilities to gain the upper hand, and stating that whoever attacks first is pretty much the winner.
    • In episode 17, the gambling organization watching the Nine Schools competition attempts to shake things up after First High wins too many events for their liking. They send a brute in and remove his Power Limiter, figuring he could kill at least a hundred people at the event with his bare hands, and hoping that the ensuing chaos and panic would force the competition to end. Instead the very first person the brute attempts to grab easily counters and throws him outside the arena. And the brute gets easily subdued with the help of two other people.
    • Miyuki during the mirage bat event in episode 17, where she completely dominates her competitors. Even after Tatsuya was forced to submit her CAD due to suspicions of cheating, after which someone leaks the code to the other schools allowing them to copy the flying technique Miyuki used, she still completely floors them due to their inexperience with using said spell.
  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique: "Regrowth". It allows its user to reverse any injury that has occurred within the past 24 hours, in exchange for experiencing all the previous pain from that injury in a fraction of second.
  • Evolving Credits: In episode 19, Erika ties part of her hair back. The ending also uses this new hairstyle when she's shown in the credits.
  • Expanded States of America: One of the consequences of World War III that happened between 2045 and 2064.
  • Face Fault: Erika and Leo do this in episode 4 when Tatsuya teases them about his relationship with his sister.
  • Fantastic Racism: The course 1 students in general view the course 2 students with a lot of contempt, and feel they're leagues above the latter group. While 1's are generally considered pretty powerful, Tatsuya is considered a 2, yet manages to defeat the Vice President in the blink of an eye during a mock battle.
  • Fantastic Slurs: The course 2 reserve students are referred to as "Weeds" by some course 1 students. As it turns out, the only real difference was a mistake in their uniforms when the school doubled in size and they didn't change them.
  • Foregone Conclusion: Vice President Hattori feels his mock battle with Tatsuya is going to be this, with him defeating the lowly course 2 student and putting that guy in his place. Then he gets knocked out by the latter in less than a second after the battle starts...
  • Four Is Death: The Fourth Institute of Magician Development was the Institute least concerned with human life and magician's rights. By extension, the Yotsuba family, who ran the institute and have the number four in their name.
  • Functional Magic
  • Guinea Pig Family: Tatsuya's mother and aunt experimented on him to see if they could make him into an "artificial magician". It had the unintended side effect of removing all his strong emotions except for "sibling love". It worked... but not very well.
  • Hair Decorations: Miyuki has them in the shape of snowflakes. Given to her by her brother, if the spin off is anything to go by.
  • Hate at First Sight:
    • How course 1 students typically view course 2 students. They even label them as "weeds", while considering themselves "blooms". In the anime a lot of course 1 students openly display scorn and contempt when they see course 2 students around, and can't figure out why Miyuki, a "bloom", wants to hang out with those lowly "weeds" such as Tatsuya.
    • Erika and Leo instantly dislike each other when they're first introduced. They nearly get into a fight until the bell rings and others ask them to back down.
  • Hidden Depths: Everyone. If you have a name, you have your own goals and agenda.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Miyuki bluntly asking Erika if the latter has a brother complex in the fourth novel/episode 15 of the anime.
    Erika: I don't want to hear that from you! You hardcore bro-con girl!
  • I Am Not Left-Handed: At the beginning of the novel, Tatsuya was shown as a Badass who could read the Activation Sequence of magic (thus allowing him to counter them) and use multiple CADs to fight. These abilities are amazing in-universe, yes, but nowhere near as powerful as what he's concealing.
  • Incest Subtext: The Shiba siblings. Which Tatsuya plays for all it's worth. As of the latest novels, might not be "subtext" much any more, as far as Miyuki is concerned.
  • Info Dump: So very, very much. The novel tends to explain the mechanics of every spell, and there are a lot of spells. Also the classification of differing magics, the features of CADs, futuristic changes in technology, futuristic changes in Japanese culture, magical civil politics, magical military politics, magical international politics, and on and on and on.
    • The anime similarly sums up the events in the first few minutes of episode 1.
  • Instant Runes: A signature of Modern Magic.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: There are quite a few named characters just attending First High School. And then there are the students at the other magic schools...
  • Loophole Abuse: Miyuki in episode 2 insists that Tatsuya be brought onboard on the student council as well when she's offered a spot. However, she's told that there's a rule that course 2 students aren't able to join the student council unless the entire student body votes for that. Which considering how course 1 students view 2's with a lot of contempt, isn't likely to happen. However, Mari states that there's no rule that a course 2 couldn't be appointed to the disciplinary group, and asks that he join. Even Mayumi thought that was a nice loophole they should exploit.
  • Magibabble/Technobabble: The typical content of an Info Dump (see above).
  • Magical Accessory: The CAD (Casting Assistant Device).note 
  • Love Confession: Honoka to Tatsuya. Tatsuya turned her down gently partially because of the literal lack of all true emotions not towards Miyuki. May also qualify as All Love Is Unrequited as she says she'll like him until she finds someone better.
  • Magitek
  • Meaningful Name: 'Miyuki' means 'deep snow' and she uses ice magic. Although it is only her derived power.
  • Meganekko: Mizuki Shibata, which is a rare occurrence in the world, wears them to block herself from seeing Pushions.
  • Mundane Utility: Using magic to make ice for iced coffee, then casting a pocket of cold air on the cup to prevent the scent from escaping.
    • Using "Dispersion" to get rid of sweat on a hot day, or to remove dirt from clothing.
  • Named After Somebody Famous: Gyobu Shoujo Hanzou Hattori, the vice-president of the student council.
  • Disintegrator Ray: One of Tatsuya's "Decomposition magic", is so powerful it breaks the target down to atomic level.
  • The Nicknamer: Student council president Mayumi Saegusa.
  • Ninja: Tatsuya has some training from one.
  • Numerical Theme Naming: Magicians with numbers in their family name are of superior magic bloodline, they are known as "Numbers."
  • Person of Mass Destruction: The Strategic-Class magicians. They have all a magic equivalent to the power of a nuke. They are more than 50 but those publicly known are called the Thirteen Apostles.
  • Post Modern Magick: The magical system of the setting, called Modern Magic, is pretty much this, also heavily based on Platonicism with the use of words like Eidos (Idea) and Psions. However, modern magic isn't the only Functional Magic as Ancient Magic still exists.
  • Power Incontinence: When Miyuki gets emotional over her brother, sometimes the surroundings get frozen over. Explained further in the LN: Miyuki is using 50% of her power to suppress Tatsuya's magic. The moment she releases the seal, she gains full control on her magic.
  • Power Trio: First High's student government has this dynamic. Diplomatic Student Council President Mayumi serves as Beauty, Mari the aggressive strategist who heads the Disciplinary Committee is the Brains and the intimidating Club Group Leader Katsuto is the Brawn.
  • Quick Draw: What the Morisaki family is famous for.
  • Rapid-Fire Typing: Tatsuya's preferred method of manual input.
  • Red Baron: The series is full of them. Almost all strong magicians have one.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Connections!: Erika uses connections she has in the military in episode 10 to get herself and some of the other characters into the hotel where Tatsuya and the other First High students are staying for the competition. She also says she has a way of getting into the party that night as well despite not being invited as a competitor in the events. Then it turns out she and the others are working as the wait and kitchen staff.
  • Secret Test: The patriarch of the ten families in episode 10 does this to the students competing in the upcoming events. Tatsuya notices that something might be off before he first appears when a young lady appears on the stage. Then when the man finally shows up, he says that he cast a wide-area, low level spell in the room, and says that only five of the students seem to have noticed it. And if he were a terrorist with ill intentions, only those five would have been able to do anything, while the rest would either get killed, or at least incapacitated. He then points out that magic is just a means, and shouldn't be used solely as an ends.
  • Shown Their Work: The magical school tests results not showing the real ability of its students. Allowing the school to cherry pick who is skilled at using magic and who isn't, while purposelessly fostering discrimination. This seems oddly familiar.
  • The Stoic: Tatsuya Shiba. This is due to his mother making him into an artificial magician at age 6. Shizuku as well, but for her it seems (so far) to just be a part of her personality.
  • Superpower Lottery: While most magicians have varying cast speeds or Mana pool sizes, there are also "Born-Specialized Magicians", who are born with unique abilities.
    • Tatsuya was born with the ability to create unique destruction and healing magics that limits his capacity to use other magical abilities
    • Ono Haruka was born with a unique affinity to stealth magic.
  • Student Council President: Mayumi Saegusa is the student president at Miyuki and Tatsuya's high school.
  • Sufficiently Analyzed Magic: How magic is treated in this world.
  • Sugar and Ice Personality
  • Superpowerful Genetics: Magic talent is inherited. All the magicians who belong to Ten Master Clans have a very good genetic makeup.
  • Teen Genius
  • The Baroness: Tatsuya's aunt, a sexy and deadly one at that.
  • The Gadfly: Tatsuya has his moments of trolling people.
  • The Un Favourite: The Shiba/Yotsuba family in regards to Miyuki and Tatsuya
  • Third-Person Person: Whenever Miyuki talks with Tatsuya or is alone with him.
  • Thirty Gambit Pile Up: The entire Visitor arc. Let's just say everyone wants a piece of the Parasites.
  • Training from Hell: Tatsuya had nearly all his emotions erased from his mind and was subject to experiments run on his body. During the Beach Episode it's told he is covered with scars, except for his head. The narrator lampshades this in volume 10, even calling what he's been through "training from hell".
  • Troll: Both Tatsuya and Mayumi do this constantly. Particularly entertaining when they spar verbally.
  • Underestimating Badassery
  • Wizarding School: There are 9 in Japan.
  • World War III: One of the main events of the 21st century, lasting almost twenty years (2045-2064). One of the greatest consequences of it was the ascension of Magicians as a force, working to prevent any use of nuclear weapons.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: See Miyuki Shiba in the page image for the visual side.
    • And she acts like this because Tatsuya admires refined people
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