''Gokudō'' is a {{Light Novel}}, {{Anime}} and {{Manga}} all developed off the original concepts of Usagi Nakamura.

Initially beginning with a light novel, ''Gokudō-kun Man'yūki'' penned by Usagi Nakamura with illustrations by Takeru Kirishima and published by Kadokawa Shoten between June 1st, 1991 - September 1st, 1999 with 13 volumes. The success of the first light novel warranted a second and ''Gokudo-kun Man'yūki Gaiden'' was soon developed by the same writer and illustrator. This time published under Media Works beginning on June 10th 1993 with an ongoing publishing run of 10 volumes.

The Light Novels were followed by a {{Seinen}} {{Manga}} adaptation, published by Kadokawa Shoten and enjoying a run in Dengeki Daioh magazine from 1995 - 2000. As the Manga was still in production, a TV {{Anime}} adaptation was put into development by studio Softx. The Anime adaptation spanned 26 episodes directed by Kunihisa Sugishima and running between April 2nd, 1999 - September 24th, 1999, airing on the TV Tokyo network.

All adaptations of the work share the same basic premise and story; Gokudo an adventurer and AntiHero, discovers a magical Genie named Djinn who wants to grant him three wishes. This inevitably leads to number of problematic situations and misadventures for Gokudo.

!!'''''Gokudō''''' provides examples of:

* AffectionateParody: All of the arcs poke fun at standard anime/hero cliches, as well as twisting them in a rather unique and amusing way.
* AGodAmI: [[spoiler: Sanzo manages to absorb a good deal of godly powers to animate himself in a giant statue. [[YourPrincessIsInAnotherCastle As well as]] [[NotQuiteDead come back with gusto to fight Gokudo and company for round 2]].]]
* AntiHero: Gokudo is a NominalHero, Rubette is a {{Pragmatic Hero}}ine, and prince Niari is an AntiVillain.
* ArsonMurderAndAdmiration: Usually between Gokudo and Ikkyu. One is a selfish AntiHero adventurer who would rather give up someone else's soul for a deal instead of his own, and the other is a wise devil monk who can trick a sphinx by getting her a Moon Drop in a 'special vial' that would revert to normal water without, and that she is only allowed to ask one riddle at a time (so she can't ask him to get proof, much to her annoyance). Both of them are amazed and impressed with how the other acts.
* BackForTheFinale: Seigi and Arsaga make brief bystander appearances throughout the final episode, which involved Gokudo, Rubette and Prince Niari fighting against [[spoiler: Indra]].
* [[CallingTheOldManOut Calling The Old Woman Out]]: Prince to Granny in the finale. [[spoiler: Being dismayed by her sudden offensive behavior towards Gokudo and Rubette, petrifying Djinn and the others, and seeing her fall for Indra's shameless flirting (who represented the Hokote, and was the other rival clan trying to win Granny's heart but lost to Prince's father), he finally breaks out of his MommasBoy mindset, unlocks the [[PowerLimiter seal on his magic by sheer willpower,]] and proceeds to summon his HumongousMecha to face Indra.]]
* ChivalrousPervert: Prince turns into this.
* DealWithTheDevil: When first meeting Ikkyu, Gokudo asks for the Moon Drop himself willing to give him anything he wants. The Devil replies he would do it for his soul. [[SubvertedTrope Gokudo subverts this by telling the devil he can have Issa's soul instead.]] [[ArsonMurderAndAdmiration Ikkyu comments how evil he is and likes him for it.]]
* DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu?: While unintentionally, Gokudo and company are the cause of all the Hokote and Gods being dead, banished, or sealed within.
* DudeLooksLikeALady: Miroku looks VERY feminine.
* EmpathicWeapon: With the help of the Djinn, Gokudo instantly claims a powerful sword that causes giant fire blasts. Without warning, the Djinn throws the weapon out into the sky, pissing Gokudo off. She tells him since it is now bound to him, he needs to call it. [[GenreSavvy Believing she watches too much TV]], Gokudo does so. It works. [[InvokedTrope He instantly gets the idea idea to sell the sword at a shop and then recall it later, and repeat this process until he's rich,]] much to the Djinn's shock and dismay, he goes and ''does that''.
* TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt: [[spoiler: The TRUE nature of the Happiness Device]]
* EverythingIsBetterWithMonkeys: The fourth arc especially, when Niari's souls goes into that of Goku, the monkey king, and his soul apparently goes into Gokudo's body, making him act like a monkey.
--> '''Gokudo''': Stop acting like a monkey!
--> '''Gokuu''': I AM a monkey!
* FantasyCounterpartCulture: A staple of the series is that Gokudo and friends visit five nations that resemble real world countries and/or cultures. The Eshalatto Empire is medieval Europe, the Parmetian Empire is a combination of Egypt and Arabia, Inaho is ancient Japan, and the last two areas are ancient China and a Mesoamerica-like island.
* FreakyFridayFlip: The main point of the fourth arc: Gokudo ends up in Rubette's body, Rubette to Djinn, Djinn to Prince, Prince to a monkey, and by default, the monkey is in Gokudo's body (complete with the monkey like appearance, fur, and tail). [[spoiler: Turns out that was a puppet Gokudo and the real one ended up blasted into an egg, which was eaten by Panda and reverted to a baby. That was the body Goku, the monkey king, ended up in.]]
* GenderBender: Djinn can change gender at will [[ShapeShifting (among other things)]] and can either be a typical portly guy or the attractive harem dancer. Also, in the first episode, Djinn gets upset at Gokudo for 'hurting a girl's feelings' while she was drunk, so she turned him into a girl as punishment. The way he slowly figures it out was downright hilarious.
** Then there's the fourth arc (read FreakyFridayFlip entry above)
* GirlGroup: The Chingensai Sisters
* GoldfishPoopGang: The Dumpling King, who chases the world after Gokudo just because [[DisproportionateRetribution he didn't pay him 8 gold coins for his meal]].
* HeelFaceBrainwashing: The monster buster Tei captures monsters and converts them to be mostly harmless and timid servants, such as Ikkyu and Panda. It's not permanent, though.
** Sanzo also used this method, albeit more cruelly in gaining an army of obedient soldiers for him.
* HeroicSacrifice: Both invoked and parodied. Because of a disturbance of the country's magic and loss of monsters [[spoiler: all a part of [[EvilPlan Prince Niari's takeover plan]], Issa and Princess Coco used Gokudo, the hero of the Eshalatto Kingdom, to die so their country could be saved. Gokudo manages to avoid this with the help of Ikkyu, but eventually ends up as a sacrifice... by giving up his virgin first kiss to the sealed spirit of the Parmetian Empire, which was [[HijackedByGanon really Granny]]. The shock of kissing her caused Gokudo to petrify for several minutes, but in breaking her seal, he DID save Parmetian.]]
* HumongousMecha: Prince's strongest magic is to create and pilot one. [[spoiler: Indra may count as well, but it's more like PoweredArmor]]
* InterspeciesRomance: Between Djinn, a genie and Nanya, a white tiger that can take the form of a human. There is also one between one of the princes of Inaho and the White Fox.
* MediumAwareness: Almost constantly, but especially in the finale.
* MisterSeahorse: Panda, who after swallowing an egg whole somehow gives birth to Goku trapped in a baby Gokudo's body.
* MST3KMantra: Invoked by the characters themselves when someone asks a question.
* OurDragonsAreDifferent: Djinn can transform into a dragon, and both eastern and western style dragons populate the world. Oh, and there is a Dragon God, too.
* PantheraAwesome: Nanya is a white tiger who can take the form of a human. She serves the Queen Mother West, who is a humanoid white tiger [[spoiler: Who was REALLY Granny in disguise.]]
* PowerLimiter: Granny uses this on Prince after the 2nd Arc.
* PowerOfFriendship: Averted in a conversation between Indra and Gokudo, Rubette, and Prince, confused greatly how come they act the way they do and not understand each other through trust and friendship and love. They merely laugh at him.
* PhysicalGod: If possessed by a god, its possible to trap them there and use their power.
* RageAgainstTheHeavens: Gokudo makes frequent (unintentional) enemies with the Gods and Hotoke 3rd arc onwards.
* RoyalWe: The Dragon God uses the Royal We.
* SecretTestOfCharacter: Granny loves doing these. [[spoiler: Knowing her though, they were very much elaborate {{plan}}s to make Gokudo and the others to do her bidding.]]
* SchizoTech: It's a medieval world, but apparently there are microphones and modern concert technology?
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: Gokudo tries many times to [[InvokedTrope invoke this trope]], only to [[SubvertedTrope to get forced in situations he tries to get out of anyway]].
* ShoutOut: Gokudo[[spoiler: /in Rubette's Body]] "get your paws of me!" to a monkey in the english dub
* SickeninglySweethearts: A sort of RunningGag in the series, as each arc has at least one couple that makes everyone else go "I'm gonna be sick."
* TheyReallyDoLoveEachOther: When Gokudo was thought to be dead, Rubette was ready to fight both Indra and the Dragon God, the cause of this, with BerserkerTears. Also, at the end of the last episode, Gokudo notices he's alone and starts calling out for Rubette. He looks genuinely upset before trying to brush it off, [[spoiler: but she's already heard, and that's enough proof to give him a kiss.]]
* UnsettlingGenderReveal: Tei was very infatuated with Gokudo... in Rubette/Gon-Gon's body. But when he saw the real him...
-->'''Tei''': Where's Gokudo? Isn't Gokudo with you?
-->'''Gokudo''': *smirking* Sorry to disappoint you Tei, but I'm your darling Gon-Gon.
-->'''Tei''': Huh?! No way!
* WeCanRuleTogether: Gokudo takes up the Evil Dragons on their offer to join the great evil empire in the first arc. He only switches back when he learns that he can't kill his twin brother.
* WorldOfCardboardSpeech: Given by GOKUDO, of all people, when resisting Ryu Gee's brainwashing control on him.
--> '''Gokudo''': I may be unhappy and always suffering, but... that's me, Gokudo. No matter how much better off I'll be with you, I'm still not giving my soul up to some stranger! Whatever path I take, I'll decide for myself! Even if I fall, I don't need anyone's help to get up!