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Light Novel: Baby Princess
A high school senior named Yotaro thought he was an only child — until he met his real mother and discovered that she has 19 daughters, from 0 to 18 years old. He ends up living with his "true family".

Baby Princess is an ongoing light novel series created by Sakurako Kimino, credited for the creation of Strawberry Panic! and the predecessor to this series, Sister Princess. It is serialized in Dengeki G's. Baby Princess is an interactive project from Dengeki G's that lets fans of the series and readers of the magazine put up some fan input, in which some of the fan suggestions can be implemented in the novel.

There is a manga adaptation titled Baby Princess 19 Sisters Honobono Days that is published in issues of Dengeki G's magazine and a one-episode OAV titled Baby Princess 3D Paradise 0 [Love] that was released in summer 2011.
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