Lets Play / J Smith OTI

Up, down, all around, welcome to the JSmith town!
—"JSmith Town", his theme song

JSmithOTI (real name Josh Smith) is a Youtube let's player and ultimate scumlord from somewhere in Pennsylvania. He plays a variety of indie games for the amusement of his viewers, and streams every so often His channel can be found here. Every week he plays a new game as part of his "A week of" series and produces reviews of indie games under the name "Quick look @".

Known primarily for his extreme childishness and immaturity, his love of the number 69. Formerly part of the now-deceased podcast Saving Progress along with Northernlion and Michealalfox now stars alongside Northernlion and RockLeeSmile on the NLSS every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. In addition the J Smith Super Show (or JSSS) takes place every Tuesday on Twitch Tv.

Games he featured on his "A Week Of" series: (incomplete)

Add in some tropes, you scumlord!

  • Arc Number: 69, obviously
  • Catch Phrase: Besides 69, he has a variety of amusing ones, such as "dongleberries" and "scumlord", and the immortal lyrics of his theme song, displayed in the quote at the top of this page
  • Creator Couple: He's in a relationship with PrescriptionPixel, who also makes let's plays
  • Fanservice: He's a fairly handsome man, and his girlfriend's also quite pretty, which makes a lot of people who would otherwise hate his use of facecam quite happy. There's a reason people keep telling him to take off his shirt on livestreams
  • Failed a Spot Check: About as bad as [[Let's Play/Northernlion his friends]] for missing obvious things
  • Fan Nickname: JScumOTI
  • Official Couple: Him and PrescriptionPixel
  • Running Gag: He has about 69 of them. They're a big part of his humor
    • His love of the number 69
    • Calling everything "scum" or a "scumlord", including himself
    • People keep bringing up his "sense of childlike wonder", after he said in a livestream that it was one of his defining characteristics
    • The horse mask
    • His love of laundry and washing machines
    • Dongers, for a time, adopted from a Twitch meme that got big in the NLSS chat before being stomped on. Josh's stream is the last one to still allow them to be raised.