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Lets Play: Ant Venom
"Hey guys, Ant Venom here, and welcome back to another Minecraft video!"
— Opening line for a typical video.

Describe AntVenom here.

Hey guys, AntVenom here, and welcome back to another TVTropes article! And today, I'm going to be showing you guys the AntVenom article.

Ant Venom is a Minecraft commentator noted for his amazing PvP and parkour skills, and an immense hatred for cows.. His most well-known series is "Hunt for the Golden Apple", a series in which he tries to find a Golden Apple in a Dungeon. He is also well known for "Aether Mod Adventure", a series in which he plays the Aether.

And essentially what these tropes describe are:

"So anyway I hope you enjoyed this article. My name is AntVenom, and I bid you all farewell. Thanks so much for reading."
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alternative title(s): Ant Venom
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