Lets Get Dangerous: Web Comics

  • Uttered by the eponymous character of The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, on behalf of his sidekick. His obvious complete trust in Gordito and respect for his abilities would make this a Crowning Moment of Awesome if Doc hadn't punched Dracula in the face just a few minutes before.
    The Doctor: Do you think I run around with a twelve year old boy just because I like his inferior grasp of girls and higher level math? You think I left him with my psychotic parents because I wanted him to die? No, you undead pale ponce! Gordito is the effing BADASS KID.
  • Pretty much everyone who wasn't already a Bad Ass during the "Dangerous Days" arc from Sluggy Freelance.
    • Zoe invoked this at the beginning of the "Stormbringer" arc, without knowing how dangerous she would have to get.
  • Given the comic's overall emphasis on light-hearted humor, it's easy to forget that Dan of Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures spent years as a Being adventurer and taken on several powerful Creatures without dying, and also has a begun to develop a share of Creature abilities. It's very easy to remember him as the idiot that gets smacked with Too Much Information too often. That would be a mistake.
  • Hyraxx De Motifi from Buck Godot Zapgun For Hire is probably an example. She's a tabloid reporter with Cloudcuckoolander tendencies who considers finding what colour of pants the resident Sufficiently Advanced Alien wears to be a big scoop. She can also throw Buck around like a ragdoll, despite him being about 5 times her size. She could also be considered an inversion, because we first see her in her badass mode and the fact that she's not another assassin sent after Buck (she's just trying to get an interview from him) comes as a surprise.
  • Tip of Skin Horse tries to deal with pretty much every problem by therapizing it. If that doesn't work, he tries seducing it. But if that doesn't work, well...he's quite capable of taking care of it in other, more violent ways.
  • Sequential Art: When the Villains come out to play: You got to get dangerous. PIP DANGEROUS!
  • Vashiel from Misfile. He's a complete innocent, to the point where he's physically incapable of lying and gets a Nosebleed if he as much as has an impure thought. However, when his brother or Ash are threatened, you're suddenly reminded that his job description reads "Avenging Angel". Also a prime example of instantly snapping back to his ordinary, chivalrous personality afterwards.
    • Rumisiel, Vashiel's pot smoking brother, is also one of these. Normally a slacker to the point where his goal in life is to sit on a couch drinking beer all day, as soon as someone's life is on the line, he suddenly becomes competent and, due to limiters placed on his brother, the stronger of the two when it comes to dealing with the supernatural. And as this comic shows, it is important to remember that ALL angels in this series are ancient supernatural beings.
  • The reverend from Schlock Mercenary, is generally a pretty passive guy, but he's also a good swordsman.
  • In Dubious Company, Walter is a goofy, weak, pirate wannabe that has been almost useless in a fight. Then at Kreedor's castle, Sal is about to be killed, Izor has ordered his elites to stop the heroes, and Mary is berating the heroes with another In the Name of the Moon speech. Walter proves he has had enough, pulls a dragoon and nearly blows Mary's head off.
  • Nimmel Fenix, of Dominic Deegan, lost every fight he'd ever been seen in. That is, until he gets his own story arc, and shows us just how powerful he really is in a truly impressive display of magic.
  • Thog from The Order of the Stick, while in general as strong and combat-capable as you would expect a half-orc barbarian to be, is nothing but an even match for Roy, is childish and the subject of a good deal of comedy. When Roy breaks his tusk in a gladiatoral match however, he rages to the point of Roy being in real danger.
  • The entire side of Gobwin Knob in Erfworld is a joke throughout nearly all of the Battle for Gobwin Knob arc, but Sizemore the dirtamancer in particular is shown to be fairly ineffectual (his biggest contribution to the defense has been creating Crap Golems). Then Fish out of Water warlord Parson realizes the town is sitting on an extinct volcano, and the two other magic users available have a) the ability to bring dead things to life and b) the ability to link up others minds so that Sizemore's knowledge of exactly how geo-magic works can be shared with a).
  • In the penultimate storyline of Narbonic, Artie protests that he's not a hero, he's "a fuzzy little animal who talks too much! I'm the comic relief!", but winds up saving the day anyway. In the same story, Helen has a Let's Get Dangerous moment when she says "To survive this, I'll need to think fast and hard. I won't have the energy to maintain my chipper, reassuring persona. I'll be fully myself, and I advise you to stay out of my way." Since "reassuring" Helen is plenty dangerous at the best of times, Artie is suitably terrified.
  • Defied for laughs in Commander Kitty. After seeing his friends and rivals in danger, CK finally springs into action… only to get beat down immediately. Then, when losing his tooth makes him feel like a real spacer, he gives it another shot… only to get beat down even more.
  • The Fox Sister: Isn't Soot Bull just lovable? But don't let his cuteness fool you! He can be scarily ferocious if the situation calls for it.
  • Eerie Cuties/Magick Chicks: Make no mistake, Tiffany Winters is a goofball and a ditz with an incredibly short attention span - which is why she hasn't been able to stake Layla once. But she can become hyper-competent when the situation calls for it.