Leitmotif / Fan Works

  • In Respawn of the Dead, Tom Lehrer's "Werner von Braun" is the Medic's leitmotif (given to him out of hate by Soldier).
  • All of the Capricorn Pirates in One Piece: Parallel Works have their own leitmotifs (according to Word of God) that reflect their personalities and interests.
  • Nearly all characters have one in Turnabout Storm, as per Ace Attorney standards. It gets taken a step further from the games by also giving each witness different Cross Examination and Objection! themes that represent them during the trial sections.
  • The Harry Potter Septet is a seven-movement septet composed by Vi Hart, who posted studio recordings of each movement to her blog a few years before her YouTube channel blew up; she also conducted a live performance of it for free at Stony Brook University's Tabler Arts Center, with all seven of the original musical performers reprising their roles. Unfortunately, the studio recordings were lost when Vi did an overhaul of her site, so listening to them currently requires visiting older versions of her site through the Wayback Machine. The composition contains about three or four different segments that each serve as character themes, which frequently resurface. Some of them are specific to one or two movements, but at least one, which originates in the very first movement, resurfaces in every movement in some form or other - that one's clearly intended to be Harry's leitmotif.
  • PMD-Explorers have been giving out Leitmotifs since mission 7. It now has it's own page for theme songs.
  • Thunderous, deafening technomusic seems to be the defining leitmotif in Red Lightning, especially for the Underground. This ties in nicely with their "Unnatural" theme.