Leitmotif / Fan Works

  • In Respawn Of The Dead, Tom Lehrer's "Werner von Braun" is the Medic's leitmotif (given to him out of hate by Soldier).
  • All of the Capricorn Pirates in One Piece: Parallel Works have their own leitmotifs (according to Word of God) that reflect their personalities and interests.
  • Nearly all characters have one in Turnabout Storm, as per Ace Attorney standards. It gets taken a step further from the games by also giving each witness different Cross Examination and Objection! themes that represent them during the trial sections.
  • The Harry Potter Septet, composed by Vi Hart and posted to her blog a few years before her YouTube channel became a near-overnight success, contains about three or four character themes that are incorporated into other tracks. Often, other tracks that are in a different movement, no less. Occasionally, more than one leitmotif is incorporated into the same track.
  • PMD-Explorers have been giving out Leitmotifs since mission 7. It now has it's own page for theme songs.
  • Thunderous, deafening technomusic seems to be the defining leitmotif in Red Lightning, especially for the Underground. This ties in nicely with their "Unnatural" theme.