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Launcher Of A Thousand Ships: Professional Wrestling
  • Jeff Hardy is the Launcher Of A Thousand Ships of pro wrestling. Male, female, giant, midget, relative, he apparently does (or far more likely, is done by) everyone. He's "extreme" and grown up into quite a manly specimen, but is still remembered and seen by many as a sweet little fresh-faced kid who does gymnastics, and also the fact that he's a raving Cloudcuckoolander, means he can pretty well go any direction you need him to without him being out of character.
  • Considering the fact that professional wrestling is filled with loads and loads of mostly often-shirtless guys and often scantily clad girls, most of whom will go through several types of characters over the course of their careers, maybe the best answer would've been "Just professional wrestling."
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alternative title(s): Pro Wrestling
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