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Large Ham: Disney

Uncle Walt's company sure knows how to create exaggerated characters.


  • Many Disney characters in the animated canon, but especially the villains.
  • As seen on the right, The Rescuers Down Under has Percival C. McLeach, as portrayed by George C. Scott.
    Let's see if we can't refresh that rusty old memory of yours. Is she on SATAN'S RIDGE? Or NIGHTMARE CANYON? What do you think Joanna? Yeah that's it. Right smack dab in the MIDDLE, at CROC FALLS!
  • The Wicked Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the first in that canon and a particularly wonderfully nightmarish example. (This may have a lot to do with her being voiced by Lucille LaVerne, a stage and silent film actress. She's also visually based on Kate Hepburn.)
    • Actually, although she has a few drips of ham, the Queen is one of the more subtle villains out there. When she turns herself into the hag on the other hand, all bets are off, and she chews the scenery wonderfully.
  • Scar, from The Lion King, played by an actor who deserves his own folder at the Film page.
    Timon: "When he was a young warthog..."
    Timon: [cleaning his ear] "Very nice."
    Pumbaa: "Thanks!"
  • Cruella de Vil is another example. Specially as played by Glenn Close in the Live-Action Adaptation.
  • Hercules has Hades, which James Woods plays akin to a car salesman. Except for the angry (and literally fiery) outbursts, particularly against his incompetent minions...
  • Mulan has Mushu. "I LIIIIIIIIIVVVVEEEE!!!!!!"
  • No one hams like Gaston. It helps that he bears an uncanny resemblance to Bruce Campbell.
  • Except maybe Pat Carroll's Ursula the Sea-Witch from The Little Mermaid, who actually turns herself into a very large...octopus...for the finale. She may be the first and only Disney villain to actually shake her moneymakers for the camera.
    • "And don't underestimate the importance of...BODY LANGUAGE!"
    • Well, the only one until Alameda Slim, who not only dances, but can "YODEL ADLE ELDE IDLE OOOOOO!" No ham is complete without a Las Vegas performer-esque shiny outfit.
    • In poker terms, Marina Del Rey from Ariel's Beginning will see you that outfit, and raise you a time-space wormhole from Bob Mackie's warehouse that leads directly into her underwater armoire.
  • "All we gotta do is build an act. Make ya a star. A headliner! Dumbo the Great!"
    • Timothy Mouse from Dumbo is a non-villainous example of a Large Ham. Who knew a circus mouse impersonating Nosferatu in one scene would take hamminess to extremes!
  • For pure, unadulterated, lean Grade A ham, nothing beats a thick, juicy slab of Jafar.
  • Clayton from Tarzan, as played by BRIAN BLESSED.
  • Kazar the wildebeest from The Wild, voiced by William Shatner. Also Nigel to some extent.
  • Maleficent. Even the name screams "Ham!"
  • Ratigan may be Vincent Price's hammiest performance— and that's saying a lot.
  • DON'T YOU DISRESPECT ME, LITTLE MAN! Call it part of his showman persona, or part of him, Dr. Facilier knows how to chew the scenery
    • It is him, he's a ham who tends to steal the scene he's in.
  • The delightful Captain Hook, voiced by Hans Conreid, aka Doctor Terwilliger, aka Snidely Whiplash. A connoisseur of fine ham if there ever was one.
    • The non-Disney Hook, with a rapacious wit and a love of the Bard, is no slouch either.
  • Clopin is a non-villainous example. Frollo was fairly conservative compared to other villains.
  • While we're in Plucky Comic Relief Hams, The Genie from Aladdin, originally played by the one and only Robin Williams.
  • Lilo & Stitch: Jumba. "I prefer to be called... EEVIL GEN-EE-OUS!!"
  • Alice in Wonderland. The Queen of Hearts: OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!
    • And from the same film, the March Hare. When the two meet, they engage in Ham-to-Ham Combat:
    King of Hearts: What do you know about this unfortunate affair?
    March Hare: Nothing.
    Queen of Hearts: NOTHING WHATEVER?!?
    March Hare: NOTHING WHATEVER!!
    Queen of Hearts: THAT'S VERY IMPORTANT!!!
    • In fact, pretty all of Wonderland has at least some shades of ham.
  • AND WHEN IT ARRIVES, (AH HA HA HA!) I'LL SMASH IT WIF A HAMMAH!! You can tell Eartha Kitt had fun playing the aptly named Yzma!
  • Who else but Shere Khan could eclipse every other song in a film with Just. One. Line.
    • King Louie counts, too.
  • Zurg from Toy Story 2. Even more hammy in the spinoff series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.
    • Besides Zurg, the Toy Story series has Jessie ("YEE-HAAAAAWWWW!") and an obvious one in Hamm the piggy bank ("PIG PILE!"). Buzz dabbles in it sometimes, especially in Toy Story 3 when he's reset and starts speaking in Spanish.
  • Does Chernabog from Fantasia count? He manages to be a Large Ham without ever even SPEAKING A WORD.
  • Bolt has both Bolt the dog and Rhino the hamster as somewhat hammy characters, but the director of the Show Within a Show as easily the hammiest character in the movie.
    The Director: Let me ask you, Mindy from the network, what do you see here?
    Mindy Parker: Uhh... the dog?
    The Director: "The dog" she says. Oh, Mindy. Poor, poor Mindy.
    Mindy Parker: ... am I missing something?
    The Director: You're missing everything, Mindy. You see a dog. I see an animal that believes, with every fiber of his being; EVERY FIBER; that the girl he loves is in mortal danger! I see a depth of emotion on the face of that canine, the likes of which has never been captured on screen before. NEVER, Mindy from the network. We jump through hoops to make sure Bolt believes everything is real. It's why we don't miss marks. It's why we don't reshoot. It's CERTAINLY why we do NOT allow the dog to see BOOM MIKES... because, Mindy from the network... if "the dog" believes it... then "the audience" believes it.
  • Anna from Frozen is probably the hammiest princess in Disney history.

Television and shorts

  • The title character from Darkwing Duck, particularly when he's monologing. Over on the villain side, we have Negaduck (whose hammy nature is befitting, as he's DW's Evil Twin), and Tuskerninni, an ex-actor/director turned criminal:
    Darkwing: I caught that hateful, underhanded ham Tuskerninni robbing a bank!
    Tuskernini: Objection! I am not a ham!
    • Practically all of Darkwing's enemies are Grade A Hams: Mega Volt, The Liquidator, Quackerjack, and even one time villain Ordinary Guy.
  • Magica DeSpell often gets so carried away.
  • Behold the shadowy ham that is The Phantom Blot.
    • Even hammier in his appearance in DuckTales.
  • It's such a shame that Anton Sevarius of Gargoyles has been left off. Not only is he voiced by the delicious Tim Curry, but in his first episode he spent it all play-acting a stereotypical Mad Scientist!!
    "NO! That's my CREATION!"
  • The muses from Hercules get in on it as well. 'Hercules was so HOT, steam looked cool!'

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