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Killer Rabbit: Web Original
  • The unofficial mascot "Commie Bunny" for China's armed forces is a rabbit. Because Tu Gong (Rural Communists) can be seen as a pun of Tu, rabbit. There has been a web series on China's modern history Call of the Rabbit: Modern Communism which depicts China as a rabbit while all other countries used more traditional animal stereotypes.
  • It appears that Ruby didn't want to hug Tom this time..
  • Devilbunnies are an entire web community of people writing stories based on the idea that cute fluffy bunnies are taking over the entire world and making it cute and fluffy for their own nefarious purposes.
  • The Whateley Universe has a toy cabbit owned by Tennyo — which conceals quite a few blades and needles inside itself, and can exert three hundred pounds of force through each (while unerringly passing through gaps in armor) when it's being animated by Jade.
    • Then there's Dragonrider's pet (which she created herself): Pern, a cute little dragon the size of a housecat. If Pern gets really angry, he grows. He can reach a thirty-foot wingspan with claws that can rip through granite.
  • On the website Muse Blog, run far, far away if you see a Hot Pink Bunny. They are out to rule the world, can turn people into zombies, and can survive atomic blasts. This may or may not be where their powers come from.
  • "The Dragon Fly" by Fredrik K.T.Andersson.
  • Zombie Roadkill does this with several small woodland creatures.
  • The Kryton from Threebrain.
  • At first glance, SCP-524 from the SCP Foundation wouldn't seem to be much of one. Though it's a literal bunny which is such an Extreme Omnivore that it will eat living flesh, it's docile and easy to escape (or pick up by the scruff of the neck) if it decides to start nibbling on you. But then you learn that SCP-682, the regenerating Omnicidal Maniac who can adapt to anything, climbed a wall to get away from it.
  • This (not actually killer) squirrel.
  • The humor site Cracked has an article called "The 6 Cutest Animals That Can Still Destroy You". Self Explanatory. Two-thirds are Australian, of course.
  • Also from Cracked: "5 Adorable Animals That Are Turning to the Dark Side".
  • Despite its inherent emphasis on all things ugly and disgusting, from simply distasteful little critters to nightmarish Eldritch Abominations, a good number of the monsters of the Mortasheen franchise are cute enough (relatively speaking) to pass as these. Don't believe me? Check out the Chainsaw Kid. It's about as cute as a creature with a chainsaw on its face can get, but piss it off for any reason whatsoever and your internal organs will invariably end up getting rearranged.
  • "Evil Animals" contest on got a handful of such things, including literal as a pair of "bad rabbits".
  • "Honey badger don't care. Honey badger don't give a shit"
  • Kierkegaard in Dragomirs Diary is a penguin wearing a top hat. Fantastic. Get to know him, though, and you discover that he's surprisingly adept at murdering things with his small trident, and may have the ability to transform into something far less cutesy.
  • This Gallery folder is named Killerbunnies and, yes, they are literal killer bunny girls of varying ages and straddles the lines between cute, horrifying, and utmostly creepy. Some of them are rather cute or Ugly Cute and wouldn't seem like a threat, that is, until one learns the hard way.
  • The Bunny Invasion series is made of this trope. It features a man named Mr. Frost going up against a horde of homicidal bunnies led by the Bunny Queen...or in the Easter Special's case the Easter Bunny.

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