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Killed Off For Real / Web Original

  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: Penny. Probably Definitely.
    • Subverted or not? Too soon to tell; the clearest Word of God actually states that Joss and the cast and crew want Felicia Day back for the sequel in any capacity; her revival as Penny is neither guaranteed nor ruled out.
  • There are two deaths that are played completely straight in The Frollo Show:
    • In one scene of Frollo Gets Flashed by a Gothic Lolita, Lefou's mangled corpse can be seen. Later in Hell, he's shown falling into the Sea of Darkness, which states that if anyone falls into it, he or she is finished off for real.
    • The later scene also shows Hans Frollo having a chance to escape death. As he flies up, however, shadowy hands grab him and devour his soul, leaving his body to rot. These hands are revealed to be the Hell Guards in Leet Fighters episode 6, where Kneesocks states that "consuming those who dare death is their rule!"
  • In The Gamer's Alliance, a bunch of notable characters die off in a blaze of glory or rather unceremoneously, including major protagonists and antagonists. In the verse, Anyone Can Die, and this includes even the gods themselves.
  • Invoked in the "Heist" episodes of Achievement Hunter's Let's Play Grand Theft Auto V series. Once a heist has officially started, if any member of the Fake AH Crew gets killed, he does not get to continue on with the Heist and gets no payment. This is further set up by having the crew member's audio muted and the footage focused on the remaining crew members for the remainder of the Heist.
  • In Pyrrhic so far Chase Traviss, Zelda Swift, Tina King, Sonny Chance, Xenia Daugman, Tom Tucker, and Benjamin Rogers have died. Being that this is inspired by Battle Royale, it's likely the list will continue to grow.
  • Donut is shot in the end of Red vs. Blue: Recreation (Season 7) and is pronounced dead by Doc in the beginning of Revelation (Season 8).
    • Still no confirmation on whether Tex, Sister, and Lopez are really gone for good, though.
    • Tex in fact fell victim to this twice: the first Tex died along with Alpha-Church when the EMP surged, and the Tex that returned in Revelation was "forgotten" by Epsilon-Church at the end of Season 9 and erased from existence.
    • Church himself subverts this thanks to Epsilon-Church. The original Alpha-Church is killed off for good in season 6, with Epsilon taking his place.
      • The trailer for Season 13 teases this trope through a monologue from Church himself, saying "This is, after all, the story of how I died."
  • In Suburban Knights, there's actually a funeral pyre and Really Dead Montage to let the viewer know that Ma-Ti definitely will NOT be coming back.
    Critic: I bet you thought he'd come in here and do something funny, but nope! I shot him! He's still lying there on my living room floor...I really should do something about that.
  • Survival of the Fittest: Everybody except the winners of the game and Burton Harris, due to some Body Double antics in Burton's case. He ends up dying anyway. Also. some handlers are fond of putting fake 'Student deceased' messages in their posts when it seems as if the characters have died but are actually alive. (very uncommon though, and it's invariably revealed to not be the case). Also: Maxie Dasai To escape in V3
  • RWBY: By the end of Volume 3, Penny Polendina, Pyrrha Nikos and Roman Torchwick. Dismembered, shot through the heart and then incinerated by Cinder, and eaten alive by a Grimm, respectively.