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Kick The Dog: Web Original

  • In the animation Ninjai the bad guy attacks the hero's little bird friend for no reason at all. The bird gets his own back later.
  • The Saga of Tuck's Principal Nickerson has no qualms about assigning detention to students who skip class to commit suicide. Just so you know how badly he deserves the Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
  • Survival of the Fittest
    • Cody Jenson: Raped Madeline Shiohara and bit out her neck. How did he feel? He didn't.
    • Danya: Establishing Character Moment in the first version was when he was briefing the v1 students with a very... smug tone. Then towards the end mentioned he hated punks, and ordered his minions to kill a student for wearing his hat sideways.
    • Jeremy Franco kicking Kimberly Nguyen in her bullet wound for refusing to give him her fedora, then taking it anyway.
  • In the video The Unspeakable Deeds of Bill 42, it's not enough for the character representing the bill to fine people for meeting to air their grievances. He has to up the evil quotient by deliberately knocking over a woman's crutches.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, It is mentioned that Bakura "once killed a puppy. It was cute."
    • Seto Kaiba also gets a bit of a gem. In episode 19, Mokuba says "Big brother, whenever you smile, a puppy dies." When Mega Ultra Chicken is summoned, Kaiba smiles, giving the caption "+1 DEAD PUPPIES." It continues, all the way up to "+9001 DEAD PUPPIES."
  • The Ascended Meme NEDM (Not Even Doom Music) came from a literal example of this. Except, replace "kick" with "burn," and "dog" with "cat." Anonymous was not pleased.
  • Awkward. has a fight between Lester and Alex culminate in Alex telling Lester to give up on his relationship with Steph because "everybody knows you're just going to mess it up like last time". Lester doesn't take it well. Later we find out that Ernie dumped Karen, calling her "worthless".
  • Discussed by Tanna and Elon in this strip of Ears for Elves, though no literal puppy-kicking happens.
  • In the web video series Epic Rap Battles of History, everything that Adolf Hitler says falls into this trope.
  • Something Awful's Awful Movie Database has "The Terrible Truth About Dolphins," allegedly a "documentary" but mostly concerned with the director's overwhelming hatred for dolphins, who are abused throughout the movie.
  • Welcome to Night Vale gets this with Strex giving Cecil a birthday present. It attacks Khoshekh and leaves him hospitalized. Strex didn't understand why it didn't work out.
  • RWBY: Pretty much everything Cardin says or does. Special mention needs to go to his racism against Faunas: in one scene, he's shown tugging on Velvet's rabbit ears and laughing at her before turning to his goons and saying "told ya they were real, what a freak". In a later scene in history class, he tries to explain Faunas military victories against humanity with "it's easier to train an animal than a human" - with poor Velvet being present, too.
  • General Ryde in Engines of Creation kills one of his own men by crushing his skull with his boot for being so stupid as to get injured.

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