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Kick The Dog: Role Play

  • Gretel's bullying of Jacques during the first Tournament in Yu Gi Oh East Academy. This act is so cruel it actually prompts Marcus to try and Mind Rape her.
    • David firting with Crystal. Seems harmless enough, untill you consider that Crystal had just lost her only remaining family member and that David was only doing it to amuse himself, rather than being genuinely interested in her... dick move, mate. Dick. Move.
    • Haine's Cold-Blooded Torture of Marcus and Sylvestre (which included outright murdering the latter.) Easily twisted enough to catapult Haine over the Moral Event Horizon.
  • Rotor had a quite a few of these for a good guy in Dino Attack RPG. Among such moments are arresting an entire T-1 crew because the pilot disobeyed orders and then trying to have them all shot, ordering Kate (an innocent and inexperienced teenager) to enter a fortress filled with toxins on her own and berating her for crying, and beating a pair of prisoners (including a young girl) during what was supposed to be an interrogation. Rather noticeably, once he started cleaning up his act, he stopped Kicking The Dog.

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