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    Comic Strips 
  • The would-be-governor villain of the season from this Mark Trail storyline decides to cement his evilness by kicking the proverbial pet deer.
  • Little Orphan Annie: While it wasn't the first sign that she was no good, the fact that Trixie Tinkle kicked Annie's dog Sandy established that she didn't actually like Annie.
  • Garfield occasionally kicks Odie. And by "occasionally" we mean "constantly".

  • Neil Young lets you know just how evil the FBI agents are in Greendale. When they break into the Greens' home looking for "evidence" after Sun's arrest, Sun's kitten scratches one of the men, who promptly shoots it dead and leaves it at the foot of Sun's bed.
  • Devo has a song called "Jimmy" which depicts the titular character as a corrupt CEO and domestic abuser (who is responsible for, among other things, a literal Kick the Dog). His ultimate fate is ending up in a wheelchair which, according to the song, was an instance of "justice strikes every once in a while."

    Print Media 
  • The famous National Lampoon cover with the headline "If You Don't Buy This Magazine, We'll Kill This Dog" and a photo of a dog with a gun held to its head.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Space 1889 has an almost literal example in Canal Priest of Mars. That also doubles as Establishing Character Moment “She is accompanied by a maid and by three poodles housed in the kennels. Her character may be indicated by the fact that she won’t visit the dogs once during the voyage.” The trip in question is expected to take ten weeks.
  • This scene in the continuing examples in Bliss Stage:
    Keenan Caine: Man, Sara is getting all girly and clingy and shit...lousy lay, too.
    Josh Preston: Fuck. That. Noise.
  • It happens all the time Warhammer 40,000. Kick the Dog barely begins to describe the treatment of choice for civilians, cute fluffy critters, and planets in this supremely fucked-up universe. Even Moral Event Horizon barely begins to cover it. Meta-example: every time a faction is viewed more sympathetically by the fans, the writers have a nasty trick of making said faction do this. Eldar looking too much like a Woobie Species? Make them destroy an entire world and kill millions to save a handful of their own kind, and do not gloss over this. Tau looking too much like the good guys of the setting? Make them brutal fascists and hint at hidden sterilization of non-Tau, brainwashing and genocide. Imperium looking too much like a Lawful Good empire? Play up their religious dogma, virulent xenophobia and/or lack of respect for the lives of innocent people to remind the players that Humans Are the Real Monsters. Orks looking too much like a comic relief (for a given value of "comic") faction? Show them gleefully slaughtering unarmed women and children to remind you that they're violent, amoral monsters. Warhammer 40000 is Evil Versus Evil, and the creators want to keep it that way.
  • The example for Mind Control in Hero System 5th edition is a hypnotist ordering a Flying Brick to kick a puppy. Fortunately, it doesn't work.
    Mighty Man then uses his Phase to dispose of two of Hypnos’s henchmen who are bent on causing the puppy harm.
  • The goblins of the Pathfinder RPG often come off as insanely clownish, what with their singing and antics and pyromania. Some players might forget that they're hateful and sadistic as well, until they demonstrate their absolute glee in killing horses and domestic dogs, which goblins consider to be mortal enemies.
    • In the gamemaster's guide, a section on determining the game's tone suggests taking care with potentially sensitive topics like sexual slavery, drug pushing, or violence against children and animals - some players might find their inclusion in a game to be tasteless, but they can be used to make a villain truly worthy of a righteous beatdown. The illustration on the page is a goblin standing triumphantly over the bloody body of a small dog.

  • In Assassins, Sarah Jane Moore shoots her dog for barking, then stuffs the dead dog in her purse — but it's Played for Laughs. As far as marking her as a credible threat goes, Sarah Jane's real Kick the Dog moment is when she turns her gun on her infant son, because he wanted an ice-cream. Thankfully, she doesn't pull the trigger.
  • Again in MacBeth: one of the witches has a ship tempest-tossed "sennights nine times nine" simply because the captain's wife told her to fuck off.
  • In Dream Girl, Clark is in the middle of torturing a cat when Georgina shoots him in her revenge fantasy Dream Sequence.
  • In Margin for Error, Sophie accuses the Consul of having poisoned her pet parrot, Winston Churchill, for annoying him.
  • Team Starkid examples:
    • In "A Very Potter Sequel", Umbridge is telling Harry that Sirius is going to be sentenced to the Dementor's Kiss, which kills the victim in Starkid's interpretation. She then happily says "and maybe he can say hi to your parents!"
    • Lucius doesn't even have to be present to do this. In a letter to his father, Draco says that Lucius can feel free to write back at any time, even though he hasn't written a single letter all year.
    • Lucius also takes the drawing Draco made (that includes a picture of him in the background proudly saying "That's my son!") and crumples it up, before throwing it in Draco's face.
    • In Me and My Dick, instead of comforting Joey after his failed proposal, Joey's Heart calls him fat and ugly.
    • Twisted: Ja'far's pregnant wife is taken away from him by the Sultan. Before he can do anything to get her back, she dies. Ja'far is also hated by everybody in the kingdom and everything that goes wrong is promptly blamed on him.
  • In Twice Charmed, Anastasia and Drizella torment Cinderella as Franco prepares to shrink her.
  • In Urinetown Mister Cladwell's second Villain Song, Don't Be the Bunny is about this, with a healthy dose of Refuge in Audacity.

  • The Piraka in BIONICLE would occasionally kill animals for fun. Chiara, supposedly one of the good guys, had a scene where she casually killed a lizard with her electricity powers just to make a point. Because of this trope, many fans assumed it was foreshadowing a darker side to her personality, but Word of God states that this is not the case.

    Web Animation 
  • Appears on Homestar Runner, in Teen Girl Squad Issue 11. So-and-So is getting chewed out by her obnoxious manager at Shirt Folding Store when the manager is suddenly punched out by an astronaut ("MEET A FIST!"). The explanation for this behavior?
    Astronaut: *ckhk* She killed my dog.
    So-and-So: Um... 'kay.
    • Also referenced in the Strong Bad Email rated, where Strong Bad claims that some of his favorite movies have been banned in Transylvania, "where you're required by law to eat puppies for breakfast."
    • Strong Bad is also known to kick The Cheat, even though he's not really a bad guy.
    • In another Strong Bad Email, for kids, on his kids' show, Strong Bad invites children to play "Where's The Cheat?" with him:
    Strong Bad: All right, dumb children. Find The Cheat!
    (The Cheat peeks out from behind a box.)
    Kids: (half-coherent) He's over there. Right there.
    Strong Bad: Um, no, he's behind the box. No, he's not even behind the box, he's barely obscured by the box. (getting upset) Look, The Cheat is behind the freakin' BOX! (screaming) HE'S BEHIND THE BOX!! I'LL KILL YA!! I'LL KILL ALL YOUR DOGS!!!
  • Richard kicks a dog.
  • Flint, Big Bad of Bunnykill 4, does this big time when he kills Ruby, Snowball's potential love interest. Oddly enough, this makes him the only Big Bad of the series to do something truly villainous onscreen.
    • As of Bunnykill 5, Smoke has joined the dog-kicking party. He has Snowball's friend Dust injected with Psycho Serum, turning him Brainwashed and Crazy and ultimately leading to Snowball's death. For added dick points, he also betrays his partner Professor Sludge, the designer of the serum, leaving him to become Dust's first victim. The second half also has him throwing his own mooks into Dust's way to save his own hide. Not that it helps him in the end.