Kick The Dog: Fan Fic

  • This trope is quite common when characters suffer from a Ron the Death Eater portrayal. Writers will often have such characters do misdeeds for the purpose of hammering home the fact that they're meant to be the villain, regardless of whether they're in character or relevant to the story.
  • A Crown Of Stars: When Jinnai finds out that Asuka is sleeping with Shinji he threatens with selling her into slavery out of spite because his erstwhile not-quite-willing plaything had found someone she loved and bedded enthusiastically.
  • Advice And Trust: Gendo pulls a double-whammy with Bardiel, when he orders the pilots to destroy Unit-03 with no care for the well-fare of Hikari. When they instead manage to successfully retrieve the plug and destroy the Angel anyways, he has Shinji and Asuka thrown into confinement and fired purely out of spite for being disobeyed.
  • In The Masks We Wear, while being 'interrogated' by Aang and company during the invasion of the Fire Nation, Azula tells Sokka that Suki is being 'used' by her fellow prisoners and that she might actually be starting to like it, and implies that she is pregnant...not that Sokka actually knows of the strictly enforced rules in Fire Nation prisons.
  • The Axis Powers Hetalia All He Ever Wanted has Prussia, Hungary and several others punting puppies with ridiculous ease to show off how Darker and Edgier it is compared to the original source.
  • In the Modern Warfare Fanfic The Adventures Of Captain Soap, the evil General Shephhard kills a family while he and Soap are fighting each other in the Burger King. The reason? We don't know. The official explanation is "because he's evil".
  • In the Kingdom Hearts The Short And Honest Version (found in the fanfic recs/ page) Clayton from Deep Jungle mentions "punting a few puppies off a cliff".
  • My Little Castlevania. Pretty much every villain in this fanfic. However, special mention should go to Chronomage's antagonizing of Aeon, Marble poisoning already-sick kids in a hospital, then rubbing Applejack's nose in the fact that a zombified version of her father murdered other ponies, among them several foals. Darker and Edgier doesn't even begin to describe the kind of story this is.
  • In Ace Combat: The Equestrian War, Black Star, a soldier of the Griffin Kingdom, was ordered to kill Firefly's parents, as they were suspected for trying to stage a mutiny against the kingdom. When he learns that the accusations were false, he just shrugs it off in the young pegasus' face.
  • In Nobody Dies, Claire Makinami calls Mari, her own daughter who was already going through identity/morality issues because the second Ramiel fight has made her half-angel, a monster to her face.
  • In this Katawa Shoujo fic, Lilly's father makes fun of Hanako's scars. This is even worse than it sounds; in the game, it is revealed that Hanako's parents died in the fire that gave her the scars, and her mother sacrificed herself protecting her, and she was bullied for her appearances. His doing so in spite of being forewarned by Akira causes Hanako to have a breakdown.
  • In the Ah! My Goddess story, "Ah! Archfall!", a good example of this is shown in an exchange between Belldandy and the main character, Jago:
    “Well we could try… singing?” Belldandy asked hopefully. At this, Jago did raise his hat, peering out from under the brim.
    “Well that depends; would you rather be cremated or buried at sea?”
  • In the Girls und Panzer fanfic, Boys Und Sensha-do, during Chapter 7, Shiho not only goes through with her plan of disowning Miho, but she does so in what might be the worst possible way; she visits Miho in the hospital for the sole purpose of telling her that.
    • Hideyoshi Katsuko, one of Shiho's students, chidingly tells Miho that six bruised ribs shouldn't be enough to stop one of Shiho's children from commanding a tanknote , and that as Miho and her team turned sensha-do into a mockery of what it was, she enjoys coaching one of their opponents.
  • The Pez Dispenser And The Reign Of Terror: The duplicate killing one of his own men prompts this reaction.
  • In Mega Man Recut, Wily reprograms Drill Man against his will because Drill Man wasn't sure about causing earthquakes in New York.
  • In Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race, Dr. Wily does this a lot, especially to his own robots.
    • In the episode 9 epilogue, he demoted ProtoMan in front of all the other robots when it was Wily's fault the plan failed, and made it so he can never leave the fortress without permission again.
    • Metal Man decapitates a Sniper Joe in Episode 9, though it isn't killed.
    • Centaur Man gets one in episode 11 when he imitates a heartbroken Mega Man while he's relaying information to Wily.
    • In Episode 11 Wily demotes ProtoMan to the lowest rung yet, prevents him from going on missions, and weaponizes a Pet the Dog moment with Bass to further hurt him. Then, in a later chapter, he burns ProtoMan's photograph of himself and Mega Man together.
    • Episode 12 has Miss T ripping apart Tonya's wedding dress.
  • In The Prayer Warriors, while Dumbledore is mostly a Designated Villain, he's introduced whipping a student for praying.
  • In The Fairly Oddparents fanfiction, Never Had A Friend Like Me, Anti-Cosmo and HP teleport away Timmy and his Godparents for a revenge scheme. They also end up grabbing Amanda since she was present at the time. When Timmy begged them to at least let her go, citing the fact that she was innocent and uninvolved in their past encounters, they decide to toss her in the lava pit as well specifically because Timmy asked them to let her go just so they could make Timmy suffer just a bit more. Of course with Norm watching the proceedings, this ends up biting them HARD.
  • Wisdom and Courage: Every time Veran appears in person, it's guaranteed she'll pull as much puppy-punting as she possibly can simply because she thinks it's fun. Examples include, but are not limited to, setting fire to the Great Deku Tree to speed up Link's progress and nearly killing Saria in doing so, planting a Forceful Kiss on Link in front of Zelda purely to hurt the latter, and finally giving Zelda a Traumatic Haircut and leaving her near-death while making Link watch her do so in order to push him over the Despair Event Horizon. She even outright states that she could easily swoop in and kill Link and Zelda at any time, but wants to completely and utterly Mind Rape them first.
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness has the various Arc Villains do this a lot:
    • In Act I, when Ghaldin returns and takes back control of Apoch and Astreal, the first thing he decides to do with Dark and Rason, whom Apoch and Astreal had brainwashed into serving them in order to kill Ghaldin only for it to backfire, is make them fight their respective Love Interests, Mizore and Kurumu.
    • In Act II, Miyabi extorts Mizore for sex in exchange for sparing Tsurara's life, and the minute he's finished, orders Tsurara's execution regardless while mocking Mizore's gullibility.
    • In Act III, Hokuto steals Felucia's Soul Jar and uses it to force Felucia to aid him in his plans while letting Jovian and Jacqueline use her as their sexual plaything.
    • Also in Act III, the very first thing Kuyou does upon his arrival at Yokai is burn Astreal to death. During his fight with the gang, he even takes the time out to incinerate several non-combatants.
    • In Act IV chapter 23, Jovian taunts Tsukune over the phone about her sexual abuse of Kyouko.
    • During their face-off in Act IV, Jacqueline blows up Tsukune's house just to hurt him; fortunately, Gin gets Tsukune's mom out in time.
  • The CATverse story "Small World" is a story-length reminder that, despite his sympathetic past, Jonathan Crane is not a good person. In the story, he viciously murders his mother in a flashback scene before torturing his own younger sister into insanity, with no remorse whatsoever. Her only offense to him was that she existed.