Kick The Dog / Ask That Guy with the Glasses

  • He does this literally. He picks up his dog and hurls it across the room even after it dies.
  • Also literally in episode 57. He holds Scooby Doo prisoner under his bar and beats him to death.
  • He loves the image of puppy blood splattering on a nice suit.
  • Leaving the narrator to die in the explosion at the end of episode 52. He gets called out on it the next episode, although he gets another one by telling the narrator he doesn't love him (judging by what we've seen, this may be a lie) and just likes hurting him.
  • After having some resemblance of humanity for a few minutes of running time, he kills his GPS after they promised to just be friends.
  • In his cameo for Kickassia, he makes Critic think he's going to save him from a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown death but then reveals he's just there for an obligatory appearance before leaving. Critic looks like he's about to cry.
  • He would pay one million dollars to kill a puppy with a sledge hammer.