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Just For Fun: X Meets Y

"His name is Stanley, and the only way to describe him is imagine Bilbo Baggins just ate the Lucky Charms leprechaun and got shit out through Dopey's anus. And that's the nice version!"

A formulation primarily used to pitch a show or to quickly sum up the impression a show gives by expressing it as the sum of two separate, unrelated series. The most famous variation, found in action movies, is "Die Hard on an X", where X is a different setting or location, means of mass transportation, in SPACE!, and so on.

Its very common in music writing — both reviews and press releases usually describe an artist as "Artist X meets Artist Y". Similarly, a work of literature may be reviewed as being the fusion of the styles of two authors; a common variation is to say that a novel is "as if X had written Y".

See also Mix and Match, but this differs from it in that, conceptually, Mix and Match works on the genre level (Space Opera + The Western = Wagon Train to the Stars), while X Meets Y works on the show level. Should more works be added into the mix (e.g. X + Y + Z...) and it starts specifically using mathematical symbols to define the work as parts of others, it becomes Troperithmetic.

Compare Recycled In SPACE, Crossover, This Is Your Premise on Drugs. See also Dueling Shows, Dueling Movies. Frequent enough with weapons to qualify for a separate trope: see Military Mashup Machine.

To get a few pitch ideas for free see our Pitch Generator. Unstoppable Force Meets Immovable Object is already taken.


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