Just For Fun / Wizbits

"All right, gang! Let's kick it into overgear!" — Lander
Debuting on September 2, 1999, airing in syndication on UHF broadcast stations across North America, The Wizbits is a loose amalgam of various strands of elements found in Epic Legends of the Hierarchs: The Elemenstor Saga and is cobbled together both from clips of the original Japanese cartoon and all-new and, at times, highly psychedelic animation guided by the avant-garde artist/eccentric James Langomedes and provided by the cut-rate animation house UDI.

In an attempt to resurrect the 1980s heyday of Saturday Morning Cartoons, Wizbits originally aired on Saturday mornings (timeslot varied from network to network). After syndication, it aired weekdays as part of the "James Langomedes Power Hour." The Power Hour lasted for a total of seven nonconsecutive months before the Wizbits Cartoon departed from the airwaves permanently.

The show offends many purists because of the way that it plays fast and loose with the continuity of the world. Instead of depicting the underdogs as a trained and determined group of twenty-something Elemenstors, the group (the "Wizbits") is depicted as a group of lucky and enthusiastic (but inexperienced) "tweens" (between 11 and 13). But perhaps the most gross alteration from the novels is the depiction of the "War Men", who are altered from merciless rapers and pillagers to a set of lovable bumbling and ultimately well meaning henchmen of Char Reyarteb, the leader of which, War-Chief Bogg, trips over himself comically at almost every turn.

The Heroes Lander — Heroic Earth Elemenstor; Skip — Hip Fire Elemenstor; Penny — Bumbling Self-Conscious Water Elemenstor; Zula - Bubble headed blonde Air Elemenstor;

The Villains Char Reyarteb - the near immortal Dark Elemenstor and overlord of Battal; The War Men - War Chief Bogg, Toasty, and Knuckles; Moo Maa - trench coat wearing and fedora wearing (often depicted smoking) ghost-monster

It has a recap page here.

(NB: Not to be confused with thenote  British kids' series Wizbit, which was about a magical cone that lived with a man-sized rabbit in a place full of sentient pieces of conjuring equipment that was tyrannised by a villain who lived in a fist in the sky. And Paul Daniels was in it. This series' existence caused Wizbits to air in the UK as Lander and the Power of Rubian.)