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Just For Fun: Wacky Delly
A Show Within The Show on Rocko's Modern Life created by Ralph Bighead.

It stars three characters:
  • Betty Baloney, the only female.
  • Sal Ami.
  • And Mr. Cheese (Or Lester Roquefort), the best character on the show, better than the salami and the baloney combined.

The show is about them having weird adventures in the deli which they were created.

The show was actually Ralph Bighead's attempt at getting fired so he could do other stuff. But the executives forced to make another show after the success of his previous series Meet The Fatheads. Soon, he decided to embrace his job, and so tried to run the show on his own, which ended up leading to its demise.

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Wacky Delly contains examples of:

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alternative title(s): Wacky Delly
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