Nominations for categories for the [[ Troper's Choice Webcomic Awards]].

If you have a category idea, place it into the "Proposed" section. To second one, simply move it to the "Seconded" section. Thirding one nominates it, so guess where it goes...
* Best Comic (overall)
* Best Use of Tropes (general)
* Best Use of Internet (covering both cool infinite canvas type stuff and plain old good web design).
* Best Writing
* Best Art
* Most impressive XanatosGambit
* Best BigBad
* Dramatic / Dramedy
* Speculative Fiction
* {{Rule of Cool}}est
* Fantasy
* The Scrappiest
* Most Interesting SpriteComic

* Long-form
* Short-form
* "Best" Dadaist/Surrealist "Web" "Comic"
* Gag Series
* Narrowest Niche
* Best Slice-Of-Life
* Best Art
* Best Gaming Comic

* Romance
* Best Fantasy Comedy
* Best Fantasy Drama
* Best Fantasy Romance
* Best Daily Comic