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Just For Fun: The Troperia Saga
The Troperia Saga (also known by the title of its first installment, Heroes of Troperia) is a Genre-Busting, Troperrific Role-Playing Game series (as well as its countless Spin-Off games) created by the editors of This Very Wiki. While individual games vary wildly in explored topics and outward presentation (indeed, a single game in the series can at times feel like it belongs to a dozen different genres at once), all of them are connected by instantly recognizable recurring elements: the main characters are usually a girl and a guy named Alice and Bob, the game is set in a Standard Fantasy Setting of the eponymous Troperia, and Playing with a Trope always follows a Strictly Formula template.

The core RPG series consists of following titles:

  • Heroes of Troperia: The original game whose success kick-started the franchise.
  • Tales of Troperia: HoT's arguably More Popular Spin-off, which itself suffered from Sequel Displacement by...
    • Tales of Troperia 2: A direct sequel to ToT.
  • Legends of Troperia: A prequel to the original HoT.
  • Chronicles of Troperia: A Darker and Edgier sequel to the original game.

Notable spin-off games include:

The franchise also expanded to include several non-video game installments:

Despite a similar title, the series is not related to the Troperia and Troperia Galactica Forum Roleplays in any way.

The original Heroes of Troperia plays with following tropes:

Tales of Troperia and Tales of Troperia 2 play with following tropes:

Legends of Troperia plays with following tropes:

Chronicles of Troperia plays with following tropes:

Troperia Galaxies plays with following tropes:

The rest of the series plays with following tropes:

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