This is the page for the [[ TVTropes Conlang]].


|| ||Bilabial||Labiodental||Alveolar||Postalveolar||Palatal||Velar||Glottal||
||Nasal||m|| ||n|| || || || ||
|| ||m|| ||n|| || || || ||
||Plosive||p b||p̪ b̪||t d|| || ||k g||ʔ||
|| ||p b||p b||t d|| || ||k g||'||
||Affricate|| || ||ts dz ||tʃ dʒ|| || || ||
|| || || ||c j ||c j|| || || ||
||Fricative||ɸ β||f v||s z||ʃ ʒ|| || ||h||
|| ||f v||f v||s z||s z|| || ||h||
||Approximant||w|| || ||ɹ||j|| || ||
|| ||w|| || ||r||y|| || ||
||Trill||ʙ|| ||r|| || || || ||
|| ||bb|| ||rr|| || || || ||
||Lateral Fricative|| || ||ɬ ɮ|| || || || ||
|| || || ||x q|| || || || ||
||Lateral Approximant|| || ||l|| || || || ||
|| || || ||l|| || || || ||

Pronunciation guide for people that speak English and not IPA: m, n, p, b, t, d, k, g, f, v, s, z, h, w, r, y, and l are all pronounced as in English. C and j are pronounced like the first sounds of "chip" and "job" respectively. P and b can be pronounced with your mouth in the position you normally use for f and v, and vice versa. S and z can also be pronounced like the first sound of "ship" and the middle sound of "treasure" respectively. ' (an apostrophe) is like k, but farther back where you normally pronounce h. Rr is a trilled r like in Spanish, and bb is a trill with your lips. X and q are pronounced with your mouth in the position you use for l, but making more noise with the air coming over the sides of your tongue; with x you don't use your voice (like s) and with q you do use your voice (like z.)

Note: In order to create a distinctive character for the language, k and g should be treated in a similar manner to the letter x in English. ie: Rarely and primarily for loan words from other languages or for making things sound alien/foreign/weird etc.


|| ||Front||Back||
||Close||i||ɯ u||
|| ||i||u u||
|| ||e||o||
|| ||a||o||

Diphthongs: ai, ei, au


Basic syllable structure: (C)(C)V(V)(C)(C)

—What can be where—

* Words may begin with a consonant, a consonant plus an approximant, or a vowel.
* Words may end with any single consonant other than an affricate or trill, or in a nasal plus a same-POA stop.
* Any pairs of consonants are allowed in the middle of words, and may be followed by an approximant. The following exceptions apply:
** Any nasal followed by a stop must share its POA.
** Two adjoining consonants must have different [=MOAs=].


* Any sequences of three or fewer vowels are allowed. They are pronounced separately except for the diphthongs and long vowels.
* There are two degrees of vowel length - the longer one indicated by doubling the written vowel.
* If two instances of the same vowel adjoin but are pronounced separately, they are separated by a glottal stop, written with an apostrophe.


* Words are stressed on the second-to-last syllable, and nonstandard stress is indicated by an acute accent over the stressed vowel.
* When a doubled vowel is accented thus, the accent comes on the first written vowel.

Example single-syllable word: Kwaunt

!Word order
The basic sentence structure is subject-object-verb. Adjectives and adverbs follow what they modify, as do adjectival and adverbial phrases.

!!Noun classes
Nouns belong to one of five classes, indicated by adding a suffix to the root. The suffixes are:
* deity -ya
* sentient -a
* animal -e
* object -o
* abstract and verbal nouns -u
Thus for example, the root ''distaf'' _female_ forms:
* ''dístafya'' _goddess_
* ''dístafa'' _woman_
* ''dístafe'' _female animal_
* ''dístafo'' _female statue_
* ''dístafu'' _femininity / to be female_
* first : i(n)
** 'I, me, myself'
* second : pu(n)
** 'you, yourself'
* third : ta(n)/fa(n)/va(n)
** 'troper/non-troper/non-human'
personal pronouns can be mixed to create plurals
* in 'me' + pun 'you' = ipun 'me and you, we'
* pun + fan 'him/her/them' = pufan 'you and them/you lot/y'all'
* etc.
-n is added to the end of a pronoun if followed by another pronoun or a vowel, so as to stop plural confusion.
|| ||'''definite'''|| || || ||'''indefinite'''|| || || ||
|| ||''distal'' that (near you)||''proximal'' this (near me/near both of us)||''impersonal'' that (away from both of us)||''interrogative/reflexive'' what||''universal'' all/every||''negative'' none||''alterntive/reciprocal'' another/eachother||''existential-elective'' some/any||
||''thing/determiner''||ze (that/those)||je (this/these)|| (that over there)|| (what/which/who/whom)||dev (all, every, everything, everyone, both) ||hero (none/no/no one/nobody/nothing/neither))||dif (another/one another/each other)||ol(some/any/something/anything/someone/anyone)||
||''time''||zewe/zeri (then)||jemu (now)|| || (when)||dev-* (always) ||hero-*(never)||dif-*||ol-*||
||''place''||zeset (there)||jeset (here)|| || (where)||devset (everywhere) ||heroset (nowhere)||difset (somewhere else/each place)||olset(somewhere/anywhere)||
||''reason''|| (therefore)|| (thus)|| || (why)|| || (no reason)|| (another reason/each reason)|| (for some reason/any reason)||
||''manner''|| (thereby)|| (this way)|| || (how)|| || (no way)|| (another way/each way)|| (somehow/any way)||
||''amount''|| (that much)|| (this much)|| || (how much)|| || (no amount)|| (another amount/each amount)|| (some/any amount)||
time correlatives can be suffixed with -mu, -ri, -we, as well as the time-travel tenses, however they are still considered adverbs. The only exceptions to this are the distal/proximal/impersonal, where distal is either we/ri, proximal is always mu, and impersonal is always time-travel.

place correlatives can be combined with any preposition.

pronouns can also be suffixed with the laudative '-sande' to indicate {{shown their work}}, or the pejorative '-dindo' for the opposite
* ta-sande (he who did his reasearch)
* pu-dindo (you, who have not shown your work)
* distaf-sande (good girl)
* sepir-dindo (silly boy)
There are three basic tenses, indicated by the following suffixes:
* past -ri
* present -mu
* future -we
time-travel tenses
* future changed -yowe (eg.I ate tommorrow)
* past changed -yori (eg.i didn't eat yesterday (but i did in an alternate timeline))
* future-past changed -yomu (eg. I shall eat yesterday)

The suffix -yo is used to indicate that the tense suffix which follows is correct from the timeline of the speaker's experience. If a person does something, then travels to a time before that action, the person should say "I do-yo-ri it."
The suffix -mio is used to form the imperative, in all grammatical persons - i.e. "let's go" and "may he go" as well as "go!"
!!Copula ("to be")
There is no copula - the state of being something is expressed by attaching the proper tense suffix(es) to the root. Thus ''distaf'', the female root, forms:
* ''distaf-ri'' _was a woman_
* ''distaf-mu'' _is a woman_
* ''distaf-we'' _will be a woman_
* as well as the time travel tenses
to denote existence (ie. 'There is/are/was/were etc.') the sentence starts with the particles 'Ri', 'Mu', 'We' as well as the time-travel tenses.
* Ri wordya 'There was a God/There was a Writer'
* Mu drahone jeset '{{here there be dragons}}'
can also be used for place/time
* Mu va jeset! 'Here it is!'

!Adjectives and adverbs

These words are created from a root with the suffix -i. Thus ''distaf'', the female root, forms ''distafi'', meaning "feminine" or "femininely."


The numberal system is base-twelve, so 24 would be duxo' or two-twelve, and 26 would be duxo'-duo, or two-twelve and two.

||hero||0||{{my hero zero}}||
||stev||1||{{one steve limit}}||
||duo, du-||2|| ||
||pawa, pa-||3||{{power trio}}||
||des, de-||4||{{four is death}}||
||band, ba-||5||{{five man band}}||
||xi', xi-||6||{{six student clique}}||
||raimbo, re-||7||{{rainbow motif}}||
||infy||8||the infinity symbol||
||ix, i-||9||Latin numberals||
||dotors, do-||10||{{nine out of ten doctors agree}}||
||optu||11||{{up to eleven}}||
||xo', xo-||12||clock||

!Suggested Stuff

Suggested Morphology: Agglutinative; Agglutinative/Isolating split


Any root can be formed into any type of word, though not all derivations will be meaningful.

||root||distaf||female||{{distaff counterpart}}||
||root||fil||mean, petty "bad"||
||root||kit||cute, kitten-ness||CuteKitten||
||root||sepir||male||{{spear counterpart}}||
||root||hunchaf||hot drink||{{Uncoffee}}||
||root||taishi||child, youth, young person||TimeShiftedActor||
||root||chali||music, sing||{{Series/glee}}||
||root||zan||plan||{{xanatos gambit}}||
||root||audif||unique, different||{{our tropes are different}}||
||root||charop||molestation||{{skinship grope}}||
||root||mocxim||fate, doom||{{and I must scream}}||
||root||merris||ideal, simple||{{Mary Sue}}||
||root||jumsar/jumsarr||die, death||{{jump the shark}}||
||root||rulohul||interesting, popular, beautiful||{{rule of cool}}||
||root||sipin||attraction, crush||{{shipping}}||
||root||mamband||group||{{five man band}}||
||root||bi'ai/bi'ay||strength||{{the big guy}}||
||root||ci'||care, look after||{{the chick}}||
||root||ber/berr||mother||{{mama bear}}||
||root||wof||father||{{papa wolf}}||
||root||smotai/smotay||intelligence||{{the smart guy}}||
||root||sicrei/sicrey||extra, another||{{sixth ranger}}||
||root||taqon||youth||{{tagalong kid}}||
||root||tohen||race, origin||{{token minority}}||
||root||plot||story, history||{{plot}}||
||root||polava||undecided, mysterious||BolivianArmyEnding||
||root||daun||sadness, woe||{{downer ending}}||
||root||frij||discover, realise||{{fridge logic}}||
||root||naimafiu||fear, disgust||{{nightmare fuel}}||
||root||duxodot||sex, porn, kink||{{rule 34}} (duxo'-dotor (see Numbers))||
||root||ninten||difficult, hard||{{nintendo hard}}||
||root||ofmod||mistake, wrong, broken||{{off model}}||
||root||chalan||fall, drop, ballistics||{{colonydrop}}||
||root||fansov||tease, flirt||{{fanservice}}||
||root||smofet||except, discriminate||{{smurfette principle}}||
||root||worf||defeat, win||{{worf effect}}||
||borrowing||dakka||violence/ammo/fire||{{more dakka}}||
||root||hifa||turn, rotate|| HeelFaceTurn||
||root||doros||foster, adopt||DoorstopBaby||
||root||hidardo'||cruelty, selfishness||{{kick the dog}}||
||root||larjham||act, pretend||{{large ham}}||
||root||eldric||beast, monster||{{eldritch abomination}}||
||root||mwe||adorable, beautiful, handsome||{{moe}}||
||root||botol||cheap||{{bottle episode}}||
||root||mamarri||chest||{{non mammalian mammaries}}||
||root||sirrïus||unimportant, intersting||{{serious business}}||
||root||foswol||awake, alert, self aware||{{fourth wall}}||
||root||racho||marsupial, pouched animal||{{WesternAnimation/RockosModernLife}}||
||root||gift||rude, shameless, troll||{{GIFT}}||
||borrowing||chekhov||intersting||{{chekhovs gun}}, borrowing||
||root||katan||important, intersting||{{katanas are just better}}||
||root||srowitin||mistake, a good mistake||{{throw it in}}||
||root||ninjuc||easy||{{conservation of ninjutsu}}||
||root||smirp||small mammal, rodentoid||{{call a rabbit a smeerp}}||
||root||nudol||unknown, mystery||{{noodle incident}} {{noodle implements}}||
||root||hir||lawful good, heroic||{{hero}}||
||root||lol||fun, funny, exciting, silly||if you don't know, get out.||
||root||mul||killing, murder|| ||
||root||pon||weight, gravity|| ||
||root||word||creation, art, write, deity||{{word of god}}||
||borrowing||snusnu||sex, porn, kink|| ||
||root||set||place, time, area, era, land, year||{{settings}}, set||
||root||id||chaotic good, freedom|| ||
||root||drahon||lizard, reptile||{{our dragons are different}}||
||root||ibad||vision, see, eye||The Eyes of Ibad, from Literature/{{Dune}}||
||root||it||neutral good, freedom|| ||
||root||adbot||commerce, business||TheAdvertisementServer||
||root||devhel, devel||torture, punishment, hell||{{Development hell}}, play on 'Devil'||
||root||blesid||loud, crazy||Creator/BrianBlessed||
||root||romans/romanc||love, romance||romance||
||root||cihin||food, eat, culinary||{{tastes like chicken}}||
||root||sodan||light, day||{{showdown at high noon}}||
||root||pun||mount||[[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic pony]]||
||root||ponat||finger|| FingerPointing||
||root||vilu||biology, life science, natural philosophy||EvilutionaryBiologist||
||root||anub||pity, self-pity, misspellings||Fanfic/MyImmortal||
||root||esuf||lesson, moral, meaning||Aesop||
||root||twelv||dark, night||{{when the clock strikes twelve}}||
||root||trope||playing, experimenting||{{playing with tropes}} / {{trope}}||
||root||wolof||unreliable, riddling, trickster||Creator/GeneWolfe||
||root||skwark||huge, big, enormous||SquareCubeLaw||
||root||ateom||hate, snark, despise||{{Hatedom}}||
||root||estraf||imposing, dangerous, negative||NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast||
||root||olmar||elder, old||OldMaster||
||root||chator/chatar||trap, chains||ChainedToARailway||
||root||moog||stupid, naive, unaware||{{Muggles}}||
||root||apolot||sorry, accident||ApologisesALot||

||'''affix'''||'''from'''||'''to'''||'''meaning'''||'''example''' ''tropese''||'''example''' ''english''||'''Origin'''||
||-(h)isto||root/any||noun ''object class''||time||twelv > twelvisto||dark > night (ie.'dark-time')||history||
||-(h)istu||root/any||noun ''abstract class''||time||twelv > twelvistu||dark > night time (ie.'dark-time')||history||
||-(l)ando||root/any||noun||place||cihin > cihinando||cook > kitchin||land||
||-sande||noun||noun||laudative (someone/thing that has proven their work, intelligent or creative person)|| || ||{{shown their work}}||
||-dindo||noun||noun||pejorative (lazy, unintelligent or uncreative person/useless thing)|| || || ||

||noun||distafya||goddess, creator|| ||
||noun||distafa||woman, female|| ||
||noun||distafe||female animal, bitch, cow|| ||
||noun||wolofya||Demiurge, Gnostic god, trickster god||Creator/GeneWolfe||
||noun||wolofa||lying person, unreliable person, trickster||Creator/GeneWolfe||
||noun||sapasu'a||monied person, owner, buyer||SpiceOfLife||
||noun||sapasu'o||piece of money, credit, dollar, euro, yen||SpiceOfLife||
||noun||sapasindo||money-lender's, bank, ATM||SpiceOfLife||
||verb||sapasamu||to earn cash, make money||SpiceOfLife||
||noun||skwarkya||great god, sky god, the One God of All||SquareCubeLaw||
||noun||racho'o|| pouched, pocketed object, purse, sack||WesternAnimation/RockosModernLife
||noun||skwarka||giant women, Fifty-Foot Woman, huge female||SquareCubeLaw||
||noun||skwarke||huge animal, megafauna, dinosaur||SquareCubeLaw||
||noun||skwarko||mountain, asteroid, continent, WorldInTheSky||SquareCubeLaw||
||noun||skwarku||Ruler, lord, big man, master||SquareCubeLaw||
||noun||skwarkindo||Megacorp, Wal-Mart, supermarket, Big Business||SquareCubeLaw||
||noun||distafo||female statue|| ||
||noun||distafu||femininity|| ||
||noun||hunchaf||hot drink||{{Uncoffee}}||
||noun||hunchafa||teawallah, barista, tea master, coffee girl||{{Uncoffee}}||
||noun||hunchafindo||coffee shop, teahouse, Webcomic/{{Teahouse}}||{{Uncoffee}}||
||noun||hunchafya||tea god, lord of coffee, Lu Yu||{{Uncoffee}}||
||noun||hunchafo||Teapot, coffee percolator, espresso machine, etc.||{{Uncoffee}}||
||noun||polava'u||Undecidedness, confusion||BolivianArmyEnding||
||verb||distafmu||to be a woman, to be female|| ||
||verb||hunchafmu||to make coffee, to make tea, the tea ceremony||{{Uncoffee}}||
||verb||vilumu||to be a biologist, to study living things||EvilutionaryBiologist||
||verb||polavamu||to be confused, undecided||BolivianArmyEnding||
||verb||charopmu||to molest someone, touching, fondling||SkinshipGrope||
||noun||wordya||god, creator|| ||
||noun||papasia||Human or other sentient mummy||HumanPopsicle||
||noun||papasindo||smokehouse, freezer, cryonics facility, saltworks, cannery, embalming facility||HumanPopsicle||
||noun||papasiya||Osiris, mummy god, god of preserving food||HumanPopsicle||
||verb||papasimu||to preserve, mummify, make jam, jelly, smoke or salt foods for storage||HumanPopsicle||
||noun||papasidindo||rotten, decomposed||HumanPopsicle||
||noun||papasisande||Excellent preservation, immortal cryonics patients, good jam||HumanPopsicle||
||noun||viluya||God of life, of biology, Saint Charles Darwin, St Gregor Mendel||EvilutionaryBiologist||
||noun||taishiya||young god, new god, messiah, savior||TimeShiftedActor||
||noun||hifaya||turning god, transforming god, Janus||HeelFaceTurn||
||noun||tsachya||deus absconditus, absent deity, EvilStoleMyFaith||ChuckCunninghamSyndrome||
||noun||punya||horse-lord, horse-god, Hengist, Horsa||[[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic pony]]||
||noun||charopya||god of perversion, god of molestation, perverted god||SkinshipGrope||
||noun||puna||intelligent horse, unicorn, pegasus||[[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic pony]]||
||noun||drahone||dragon, lizard||OurDragonsAreDifferent||
||noun||pune||horse, camel, donkey||[[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic pony]]||
||noun||taishie||baby animal, colt, pup, hatchling||TimeShiftedActor||
||noun||polavaya||unknown god, agnosticism||BolivianArmyEnding||
||noun||distafi||feminine|| ||
||adjective||rachoi||Pouched, marsupial||WesternAnimation/RockosModernLife||
||adjective||charopi||perverted, depraved, sick, nasty||SkinshipGrope||
||noun||rachya||pouched god, tree-kangaroo totem, pocket savior, Karora, Tadjeri, Turnong||WesternAnimation/RockosModernLife||
||verb||rachmu||to pocket something, put it away, reproduce as a marsupial||WesternAnimation/RockosModernLife||
||noun||chaliya||singing god, god of music, Apollo||Glee||
||noun||chalio||musical instrument||{{Series/glee}}||
||noun||romansya||god of love, Eros, Venus|| ||
||noun||hifao||turning device, lathe, potter's wheel||HeelFaceTurn||
||verb||romansmu/romancmu||to love|| ||
||verb||chalimu||to sing, to make music||{{Series/Glee}}||
||verb||anubmu||to pity oneself, to misspell words||Fanfic/MyImmortal||
||verb||taishimu||to be young, to become young, to youthen, MerlinSickness||TimeShiftedActor||
||noun||chaliu|| musician, singer||{{Series/glee}}||
||noun||hifau||craftsperson, potter, turner||HeelFaceTurn||
||noun||charopu||pervert, molester, groper, sex maniac||SkinshipGrope||
||noun||chalie||songbird, canary||{{Series/glee}}||
||noun||chalisande||beautiful music, excellent music||{{Series/glee}}||
||noun||chalidindo||bad music||{{Series/glee}}||
||noun||esufu||teacher||Aesop, BrokenAesop, SpaceWhaleAesop, etc, etc||
||noun||dorosando||place of adoption, orphanage, foundlings's wheel, baby box||DoorstopBaby||
||verb||dorosmu||to adopt||DoorstopBaby||
||noun||anubya||self-pitying god, WeepingAngels, Atoning One||Fanfic/MyImmortal||
||noun||anube||weeping beast, crocodile||MyImmortal||
||noun||anubu||man of constant sorrow, goth, emo, Enoby||Fanfic/MyImmortal||
||noun||anubando||place of self-pity, place of misspelling, nightclub||Fanfic/MyImmortal||
||verb||anubmu||to weep, pity oneself, cut oneself, worship "satan", go to nightclubs||Fanfic/MyImmortal, Enoby||
||noun||twelvisto||night|| ||
||adverb||je twelvisto||tonight, this evening|| ||
||noun||devhelando/develando||Hell, Hades, a torture chamber|| ||
||verb||cihinmu||to eat, to dine|| ||
||verb||punmu||to ride, to mount||[[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic pony]]||
||verb||dorosmu||to adopt, foster||DoorstopBaby||
||verb||esufmu|| to teach, moralize, preach||Aesop, BrokenAesop, SpaceWhaleAesop, etc, etc||
||verb||tsachmu||to disappear, to vanish||ChuckCunninghamSyndrome||
||verb||srowitinmu||to be a (good) mistake, to be untrue, to lie in a way that ''helps'' people|| ||
||verb||itmu||to be allowed, allowing an end regardless of means|| ||
||noun||romansa/romanca||boyfriend/girlfriend, lover|| ||
||noun||ponadev||injured finger, hand||{{Fingore}}||
||noun||ibadev||injured eye, missing eye||EyeScream||
||noun||viltaishia||evil child, misbehaving child||EnfantTerrible||
||noun||hirtaqon||strong youth, helpful child||KidHero||
||verb||hirdakkmu|| to (heroically) barrage your enemies with ammo until they surrender ||MoreDakka||
||verb||ofmodnudolu|| to accidentally create a (widely) popular incident that no one knows the details to ||NoodleIncident||
||noun||itya||neutral god, uncaring god|| ||
||noun||vilya||evil god, angry god||{{Villain}}||
||noun||ateoma||hated person||{{Hatedom}}||
||noun||ateome||hated creature||{{Hatedom}}||
||noun||ateomu||hated object||{{Hatedom}}||
||noun||aetomromans||exciting love, ToughLove||{{Hatedom}}||
||noun||blesidbi'aya||loud fighter, excited hero, BoisterousBruiser||Creator/BrianBlessed||
||noun||hidardo'berwofa||cruel gaurdian(s), AbusiveParents||KickTheDog||
||noun||ci'berwofa||loving care, GoodParents||TheChick||
||noun||dakkaromansa||BattleCouple, lovers that fight together||MoreDakka||
||noun||vilesufo||bad lesson, despised teaching, horrible moral(s)||{{Villain}}||
||noun||skwarkchator/skwarkchatar||GildedCage, comfortable trap||ChainedToARailway||
||noun||lolmooga||happy idiot||{{Muggles}}||
||verb||lolmoogmu||to make an idiot of one's self in a hilarious way||{{Muggles}}||
||verb||vilesufmu||to be a bad example, to teach poorly||{{Villains}}||
||verb||daunlarjhamu||to pretend to be sad, CrocodileTears||LargeHam||
||noun||hirsapasu'a||SelfMadeMan, UnclePennybags||SpiceOfLife||
||noun||hirsapasu'o||earned money||SpiceOfLife||
||verb||apolotmu||to apologize, often frequently||ApologisesALot||
||In pu romansmu / Im pu romancmu||I love you||Common phrase||I just felt that 'Im pu' flows better, it isn't a definite rule. Assimilation of this sort is pretty common.||
||Je twelvisto ipu cihinwe devhelando!||Tonight we dine in Hell!||Film/ThreeHundred ||Also pronounced 'develando'. The ancient greeks only had an 'Underword' - No hell. Take from that what you wish.||
||Devu srowitinmu, Devu itmu||Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted||Franchise/AssassinsCreed, ripping off Creator/FriedrichNietzsche, who claimed it came from the ''Hashashin'' (Assassins) ||Whether you take this to be a good translation or not, it literally means: ''Everything is a Mistake, Everything is Permitted'' ...There's a limited vocab and It's hard coming up with trope-related words!||
||Mu drahone jeset||{{here there be dragons}}||Wiki/TvTropes||literally: ''"There are dragons here"''||
||Pu Flebmu, Harri/ Pu Flembu, Harri||You're a Wizard, Harry||Harry Potter||Only realised i'd written 'Fle''mb''u' instead of 'Fle''bm''u' after I wrote it, felt is sounded nicer though, so left it in. Changed final character to an i, to more accurately mirror English and otherwise pronunciation and make it something a bit less [[Unpronounceable]] than [harj].||
||Paduxo'xi' polavaya berr caropmio!||May the 42 Gods of Mystery molest YourMom!||I wanted to create a curse for my upcoming game/novel/anime/manga RoseTheCat.||

!Things Still Needed

Research on Wiki/TVTropes culture in preparation for grammar is needed.