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Character Ideas

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    First Party—New Characters 
Torterra does not have a mid-air jump and its weight is a whopping 200. The tree on its back is almost as tall as Bowser, and it's a bit longer than Bowser from head to tail. Torterra grabs, wields, and throws items with branches from its tree.

B Moves:
  • Neutral B: Energy Ball, Torterra fires a non-chargeable projectile from its mouth (15% damage)
  • Up B: Rock Climb, Torterra charges forward diagonally in the air, with small rocks and dust coming off its feet (7 hits for 2% damage each with an ending hit of 4% damage, can be aimed from a 20 to a 70 degrees angle)
  • Side B: Wood Hammer, Torterra slams forward with a branch, it has a really slow wind-up, similar to Warlock Punch, and it can't be reversed (40% damage with 10% recoil)
  • Down B: Earthquake, Torterra stomps the ground, cracking it and damaging anything standing on the ground in a wide radius, similarly to Donkey Kong's Down B, except wider, stronger, slower, and not repeating (20% damage)

Grounded A Moves
  • Jab Combo: Crunch, Torterra bites twice (8% damage each)
  • Up Tilt: Stealth Rock, Torterra deploys five rocks that float over the battlefield, one over each ledge, one over the center, and two in-between those (5% damage each and they break on contact or can be destroyed with attacks)
  • Side Tilt: Leech Seed, Torterra launches a seed in an arc that grows a small sprout on opponents (1% damage every 1/2 second while healing Torterra at a rate of 1% damage every second, lasts for 10 seconds or until Torterra is K Oed)
  • Down Tilt: Grassy Terrain, Torterra covers the field with grass (heals 0.1% damage every 0.1 seconds to all grounded characters, Energy Ball does 18% damage, Wood Hammer does 50% damage with 12.5% recoil, Earthquake does 15% damage, Razor Leaf does 10%-17% damage each, lasts for 20 seconds)
  • Up Smash: Razor Leaf, Torterra shoots four leaves into the air in a spread (8%-14% damage each)
  • Side Smash: Iron Head, Torterra turns the top of its head silver and headbutts (14%-20% damage)
  • Down Smash: Stone Edge, stones stab out of the ground around Torterra (18%-26% damage)

  • Neutral Aerial: Torterra swings its claws wildly (10% damage)
  • Forward Aerial: Bite, Torterra bites (12% damage)
  • Up Aerial: Torterra arches its back and hits from below with its back spikes and tree (16% damage)
  • Down Aerial: Body Slam, Torterra spreads out its legs and slams into the ground that stuns enemies that are hit with the sweetspot (20% damage)
  • Grab: Torterra bites the opponent, holding them in its mouth
  • Pummel: Torterra slams the opponent into the ground (3% damage)
  • Up Throw: Torterra throws the opponent diagonally (10% damage)
  • Side Throw: Torterra runs forward, grinding the opponent into the ground before tossing them horizontally (4 hits for 4% damage each)
  • Down Throw: Torterra rears up on its hind legs and slams down on the opponent (14% damage)
Final Smash: Frenzy Plant (Torterra roars and spiked roots violently grow around it, launching everything they hit for 60% damage)

Galacta Knight (Waxing Name)
Specials only:
  • Neutral B: Light Sword: His projectiles from RtDL
  • Side-B: Wing Rush: Rushes forward leaving Speed Echoes
  • Down-B: Lightning Pillar: Lightning attack from RtDL, admittedly similar to Pikachu's Thunder.
  • Up-B: Dimensional Rift: Slashes into space from Planet Robobot, hides, then appears in another rift.
  • Final Smash: Light Sword Rain: Flies upwards, summons a massive number of Light Swords, and rains them down on the battlefield.

    First Party—Revamping Veterans 
  • Neutral B is changed to a charging move, something like Cloud's Down B, or Robin's Neutral B. This move has three levels of charge beyond its base status (totalling four levels), each of which affecting the properties of several of Samus' other moves, most primarily her standard attack, forward tilt and Nair. This enables mid-air charging.
    • Using Neutral B after full charge unleashes a Hyper Beam, which functions like a fully charged shot from her current Neutral B. Doing this resets the charge level to its base.
  • Her standard attack, forward tilt and Nair have her fire her Arm Cannon, with movement being possible mid-shot (much like the Mega Buster). The properties of these attacks are empowered based on the current charge level from her Neutral B, and repeated use of these attacks gradually brings the charge level down (with each level granting a few shots before downgrading to the preceding level).
    • At base level charge, these shots act like uncharged shots from her current Neutral B, treated as the standard Power Beam.
    • On the first-level charge, the properties of the Long Beam and Ice Beam are added, increasing their range by a significant margin and raising their damage output slightly (knockback is unaffected). Each shot also has a small chance of freezing opponents hit by them.
    • On the second-level charge, the properties of the Spazer Beam and Wave Beam are added. The hitbox and potential damage output of each shot is made much larger, since three vertically parallel shots are fired with each attack with the Spazer Beam property in effect. Shots on this level also phase through opponents and obstacles (including walls), making them useful for racking up damage, though at the cost of any knockback. Long Beam and Ice Beam effects are retained.
    • At full charge, the Wave Beam effect is removed, and replaced with the Plasma Beam, raising damage output and dramatically increasing potential knockback compared to the base/first-level charge (though shots no longer phase through opponents or obstacles). Long Beam, Ice Beam and Spazer Beam effects are retained.
  • When using Down B with any level of charge above base, a cluster of bombs are laid at the cost of one level of charge. Bombs dropped this way don't cause Samus to bounce, and so can't be used to influence fall speed or aerial mobility.
  • When using Up B with nothing less than a full level of charge, the charge is reset to base to add a Space Jump property to the Screw Attack, allowing for two extra jumps after its initial use while retaining an active hitbox. Freefall only occurs after the last jump is used; other actions that aren't Up B can be used out of the Screw Attack so long as at least one jump remains, though doing so cancels the Space Jump (so, for instance, you can Up B -> jump -> Zair to tether-grab the ledge for a deep offstage recovery). The knockback from the apex of each jump is reduced with each additional jump taken; this is intended to better benefit overall recovery than offence.
  • Down Smash is replaced with the setting of a Power Bomb on the ground, functioning in a similar fashion to Snake's landmines. This detonates either after a set time period, or on impact by an opponent or projectile. Not affected by charge level.

Squirtle, Bulbasaur (Tropers/flameclaw0x7)
In Brawl, Pokemon Trainer was one of the weakest characters, due to his unique gimmicks: forced usage of multiple forms, decreasing effectiveness over time, and the Pokemon being weak to certain moves. Charizard has been separated from Pokemon Trainer, and most of the gimmicks associated with him. This entry aims to provide a similar treatment to the two other Pokemon: giving them a unique playstyle without the Trainer. Assume the Pokemon are using their original movesets from Brawl unless noted otherwise. Squirtle:
  • Neutral Special: Bubble Gun
    • New move. Fire a stream of bubbles a short distance that travel horizontally before floating upwards. Can be charged for more velocity and bubbles.
      • While bubbles are being shot, they deal low % damage, don't cause flinching, and push enemies similar to Mario's FLUDD down special.
      • While bubbles are rising, they no longer deal damage but can still push enemies horizontally.
    • Enemy attacks or projectiles can destroy and negate the bubbles.
  • Side Special: Shell Smash
    • Functions like Withdraw from Brawl, but with some changes:
      • Starts up faster and no longer has armor.
      • The move ends immediately if it can connect.
      • If the dash connects, Squirtle deals and takes more knockback for a few seconds. If it doesn't, nothing happens.
  • Up Special: Waterfall
    • Acts like Waterfall from Brawl, but with some changes:
      • If Waterfall's final hit connects, Squirtle will be able to attack and do an aerial jump (if he hasn't done one already). If it doesn't, then Squirtle goes into the normal falling state.
  • Down Special: Water Sport
    • New move. Squirtle pounds the ground, shooting two arcing splurts of water in diagonally upward in both directions.
      • Initial slam deals damage. Water splurts push enemies in the direction that they're travelin.
      • Using it in mid-air sends Squirtle straight down and doing the slam upon reaching ground. The water's push effects also become stronger against airborne opponents.
  • Neutral Special: Bullet Seed
    • Works similar to its Brawl incarnation, except:
      • Seeds are fired horizontally (instead of upward) and can be aimed.
      • Seeds travel slightly further. If fired in upwards directions, they have an arc. Firing straight up makes the seeds arc more apparent and the projectiles stay around for longer.
  • Side Special: Razor Leaf
    • Works similar to its Brawl appearance, except:
      • The leaves always follow a set trajectory.
      • Leaves travel further and no longer boomerang back To Ivysaur. They do slow down near the end of their range, however.
      • The startup is 50% faster and can be fired twice as often, but Ivysaur can only have three leaves onscreen at a time.
  • Up Special: Leaf Tornado
    • New move. Ivysaur creates a tornado that pushes enemies slightly and propels itself upwards. Can be charged to go a farther distance and make the tornado stay around for longer.
      • While going upwards, Ivysaur has armor, though loses it while falling.
      • Ivysaur can only go straight up while using this move - any horizontal momentum is cancelled.
  • Down Special: Seed Bomb/Leech Seed
    • New move. Ivysaur fires an arcing seed from the plant on its back. Seed Bomb is used by tapping the Special button, Leech Seed is used by holding it down.
    • Seed Bomb:
      • The seed has a small explosion if it hits an enemy, hits the terrain, or travels a far enough distance.
      • Has a hitbox about the size of Mega Man's charged shot.
    • Leech Seed:
      • Slightly shorter range than Seed Bomb.
      • If it connects, the victim gets the Flower debuff (damage over time) and Ivysaur heals 3% damage over the next 6 seconds. Flinching will cancel the regeneration.
      • Projectile is about the size of Mega Man's buster pellets.

    Third-Party Newcomers 
  • Sora is a combo-heavy character, much like Ryu and Bayonetta. However, unlike Ryu's ground-based combos and Bayonetta's air combos, Sora is essentially a hybrid of both, though his ground attacks have more ending lag than his aerials like Bayonetta. Most of his moves have little knockback, leading to absurd combo potential. He has an average height, meaning he is smaller than Ryu and Bayonetta and thus is hard to hit. His rolls, based upon his Dodge Roll ability from the games, is relatively fast, but it does have ending lag. His design harkens to his Kingdom Hearts II appearance. Six of his alternate costumes resemble his Drive Forms (Valor, Wisdom, Master, Final, Limit, and Anti), with the seventh giving him the appearance of his Nobody Roxas. Miyu Irino and Haley Joel Osment will probably reprise their roles via recycled voice clips from Kingdom Hearts 3D.
    • Neutral attack: His standard combo from Kingdom Hearts 1, Re:Chain of Memories, and Dream Drop Distance: a downward slash, a thrust, and a sweeping slash.
    • Forward tilt: Blitz, a jumping attack.
    • Up tilt: Upper Slash, a quick uppercut. Another air combo starter.
    • Down tilt: Sliding Dash (Kingdom Hearts I), a sliding attack akin to Mega Man and Cloud's down tilts. Can combo into itself or Sora's neutral attack.
    • Forward smash: Guard Break, a powerful thrust. Has little charge lag and ending lag.
    • Down smash: Explosion, a downward stab that creates a burst of magical energy. Functions like Peach's down smash.
    • Up smash: Ripple Drive, a burst of magical energy that sends opponents flying.
    • Dash attack: Sliding Dash (Kingdom Hearts II), a rushing thrust. A good ground combo starter.
    • Neutral aerial: Aerial Sweep, an aerial spin attack. Covers Sora from frontal and backwards assault. Like most neutral aerials, it acts as a sex kick.
    • Forward aerial: Sora's air combo from Kingdom Hearts 1.
    • Back aerial: A spin attack. Not much inspiration, except possibly Retaliating Slash.
    • Up aerial: Hurricane Period, an upwards spin attack. Like Bayonetta's Bullet Arts up aerial, the attack acts as a sex kick, allowing Sora to cover all angles. It has high knockback at the very start of the move, but its damage and knockback decrease as Sora descends.
    • Down aerial: Spark Dive, a stall-then-fall. Has some endlag and can meteor smash.
    • Neutral special: Fire, a basic projectile. Tapping the button results in Fire, charging for a short period before releasing is Fira, and a full charge is Firaga. Works like Zero Suit Samus and Corrin's neutral special, stunning an enemy for a quick combo.
    • Side special: Ars Arcanum, a combo that functions like Dancing Blade and Double-Edged Dance. Sora cannot angle the attack.
    • Up special: Ragnarok, an aerial combo. Rapidly tapping the special button results in higher range. Sora is limited to four presses of the button before entering helpless state; alternately, if no buttons are pressed, Sora instantly enters helpless state. The fourth hit has an extra leap with particles of light, akin to how Ragnarok works in the games.
    • Down special: Reflect, a counter that hits from all sides. Like Shulk's Vision and Bayonetta's Witch Time, the damage and counter window decrease with repetitive use.
    • Final Smash: Session. Sora summons Riku, who traps the enemy in a seal. The two Keyblade wielders assault the enemy with a barrage of attacks. Tap the standard attack button or the special button to accelerate the Final Smash. note 

Metal Sonic (Tropers/Twoeyesshort)

General Properties:
  • Metal Sonic would be oriented mostly around hitting fast and frequently, but having a poor defense and being relatively lightweight otherwise. His attacks should be scaled such that he works most effectively either as a hit-and-run aerial character or a well-placed predictor of the opposition, intercepting launches or negating any telegraphed strategies.
  • As long as he has running-speed horizontal velocity, Metal Sonic can fly freely, moving up and down as input by the player. He takes time to stop, however, especially in mid-air, and doing so causes him to stop flying immediately. For the purposes of this maneuver, being launched does not count as flight.
  • Since Metal Sonic hovers a short distance off the ground, he does not trip while running.
  • His Neo form provides a secondary skin, beyond recoloring. The scaling should be such that this does not cause any Hitbox Dissonance.

On Ground:
  • Jab Combo: A 1-2-3 series of brisk slaps, doing light damage with each, the third one having an upward direction of motion (thus launching fighters with a high percentage). This move cannot be repeated indefinitely, unlike several other jab combinations.
  • Side-tilt: A slash attack that can be used indefinitely while moving, without causing any loss of momentum. Deals light damage and has no knockback, but still causes flinching.
  • Up-tilt: Causes Metal Sonic to jump and kick, doing light damage and causing flinching.
  • Down-tilt: Does a sweeping kick that trips opponents and deals light damage.
  • Side-smash: Causes Metal Sonic to immediately burst into a run, slashing for the first few feet of distance. Unlike the above, this has high knockback (but still little damage), launching opponents upward.
  • Up-smash: Skips immediately to the third slap of the jab combo, but does a substantial amount more in damage and has an electrical effect.
  • Down-smash: Hits with a two-handed strike, which has high horizontal knockback and an electrical effect.

In the Air:
  • Neutral: Causes sparks to fly and hit anybody in melee range, doing next to no damage but stunning with an electrical effect.
  • Up Aerial: Metal Sonic points himself upwards and launches himself a short distance, doing light damage to anybody hit in the interim distance. If the player is holding a direction at the end of the dash, Metal Sonic will break into flight as soon as the dash is finished.
  • Down Aerial: Metal Sonic plummets to the ground, causing a small electrical shockwave on impact. If the player is holding a direction when he hits the ground, Metal Sonic will dash in that direction with no delay.
  • Side Aerial: Causes a mid-air roll, doing collision dammage and potentially chaining if done right, while leaving momentum untouched.

  • Neutral B: Barrier Buster: A slow-but-powerful move that deals a lot of damage but has comparatively little knockback... unless the target put up a shield. Uses a similar animation to his Sonic the Fighters incarnation.
  • Side-B: After-image Dash: A dash over a short distance that deals damage at discrete points (these being where the afterimages show up). This attack shouldn't hurt much (1-2% and no knockback at all), and should be used primarily for escapes. Metal Sonic cannot be harmed while using this move, but there is a brief cooldown period after he arrives at his destination. This cooldown does not take place if Metal Sonic is running while using it.
  • Down-B: Black Diamond Shield: A move that can be held indefinitely, forming a shield around Metal Sonic after a brief delay. No form of attack will injure Metal Sonic while in this state, and energy attacks will restore his health, but a grab will instantaneously negate it.
  • Up-B: Voltage Field: Electrifies Metal Sonic briefly, causing him to become immobile but deal electrical damage to everyone within arm's reach. Requires a cooldown afterwards.
  • Final Smash: Metal Overlord: Metal Sonic will summon the Egg Fleet and break it apart, using the pieces to become Metal Overlord. He'll sit in the background, taking actions according to the directions input on the controller, up to a maximum count or until a certain amount of time has passed.
    • Left: Metal Overlord will sweep the stage with the flamethrower, causing medium-heavy damage to all characters currently located in the middle horizontal section. This attack has no knockback but causes damage over time, as well.
    • Down: Metal Overlord will shoot spines from his back that impact the stage from above: if a player is hit by these, they have a high knockback rate and do heavy damage. Being hit by them afterwards is the rough equivalent of impacting natural stage spikes, though they can be destroyed with a reasonably-powerful attack.
    • Right: Metal Overlord will fire a series of finger-missiles, one for each currently-active player. These expire after a short time, but if they hit, they have a long-lasting freeze effect.
    • Up: Metal Overlord will sweep the vertical middle section of the stage, causing high upward knockback and heavy damage to any player who happens to be there.
  • When the smash expires, Metal Sonic will revert back to his normal state and land back on the stage from the top. If he didn't KO any other fighters during this period, he will pound the ground with his fist in frustration, leaving him briefly (3-5 secs) vulnerable.

Tracer blinks into battle! Tracer is a fast and nimble character, but is very easy to knock out. She is lightweight, but is of medium height. She orients around hit and run tactics to win. Her palette swaps are inspired by other Overwatch heroes, such as Mei, Winston, McCree, and Soldier: 76.

Cara Theobold, who voices her in Overwatch, will probably reprise her role.

  • Neutral attack: Two strikes with her pistols, ending in thrusting both of them forwards.
  • Forward tilt: An uppercut kick, akin to Sheik's forward tilt (complete with combo potential).
  • Up tilt: A handstand ending in a dual kick.
  • Down tilt: A crouching, 360-degree kick.
  • Forward smash: A two-kick combo.
  • Up smash: An arcing uppercut with her pistols.
  • Down smash: Fires downward with her pistols.
  • Dash attack: Thrusts one of her pistols and a knee out.
  • Neutral aerial: Extends one of her legs out. Acts as a sex kick.
  • Forward aerial: Two 180-degree kicks.
  • Back aerial: Two 270-degree kicks.
  • Up aerial: Spins 360 degrees with her pistols out. Acts as a sex kick.
  • Down aerial: A stall-then-fall kick.
  • Neutral special: Charge Shot, where she charges her pistols and fires forwards.
  • Side special: Dash Strike, a dash attack ending in a flurry of kicks and finishing with a strong uppercut.
  • Up special: Blink, where she teleports in whatever direction she chooses. The re-emergence ends with an explosion, damaging anyone near Tracer.
  • Down special: Pulse Bomb, where she brandishes a bomb. Press the attack button to throw it in whatever direction.
  • Final Smash: The Cavalry. She traps an enemy and bombards them with a barrage of attacks, ending in a Pulse Bomb and warping away before a massive explosion.

Crash Bandicoot crashes the party! He's basically the same proportions as Sonic, with similar properties to Mario. True to his games, his moves have LOTS of spinning. His sister Coco appears as an alternate costume, like Alph and the Koopalings. He can feel floaty at times, no thanks to his spin providing him with some air time.

Whenever he dies, he still says his famous "WHOA!" like in the games.

  • Neutral attack: Two punches and a kick.
  • Forward tilt: A donkey kick.
  • Up tilt: A handstanding kick.
  • Down tilt: Crash's slide attack from Crash 2.
  • Dash attack: A variant of the Crash Dash, but with a spin at the end. High end lag.
  • Forward smash: A punch from both fists.
  • Up smash: An arcing backflip.
  • Down smash: A spinning kick.
  • Neutral aerial: Crash's signature spin attack.
  • Forward aerial: A forward spin.
  • Back aerial: A kick from behind.
  • Up aerial: A 360-degree kick.
  • Down aerial: A drilling spin kick.
  • Neutral special: Wumpa Shot. Crash takes out a Wumpa Fruit and fires it at the enemy. It can be charged, resulting in bigger fruit and power.
  • Side special: Jet Board. Crash mounts a Jet Board and takes a ride. Works in midair, like Villager's side special.
  • Up special: Box Spring. Crash summons an ephemeral box and bounces higher on it, like Pac-Man's up special.
  • Down special: Body Slam, which behaves like Bowser and Yoshi's down specials.
  • Final Smash: Uka Uka. He dons an Uka Uka mask and goes invincible akin to Super Sonic.

Codec/Palutena Conversations and other dialogue

In June of 2013, we learned of the existence of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. This glorious age was a time after Super Smash Bros Brawl, which featured special features called "Codecs", a communication feature from the Metal Gear Solid franchise, where Solid Snake would talk to Mission Control in the form of various characters, trading quips. Brawl featured these codecs as a means for Snake to talk to various Metal Gear characters about his fellow Smash Bros competitors. Another game which featured almost constant banter with Mission Control was another game by Smash creator Masahiro Sakurai, Kid Icarus: Uprising, which feature a lot of witty dialog between Pit and various deities, mostly the goddess of light, Palutena.

After the announcement of the new Smash Brothers games, including Pit and later Little Mac (whose own series Punch-Out!! featured mid-round pep talks with his coach Doc Louis), the tropers of the Super Smash Bros thread in the forums began crafting their own, speculative "codecs" for Pit, Little Mac, and also for Solid Snake (but only towards new characters in the latter's case). It turns out that Pit Codecs (officially named Palutena's Guidance) are indeed confirmed for the Wii U version when playing on the stage, Palutena's Temple and occur by executing the smash taunt similar to Fox, Falco, Wolf and Snake.

These are the fruits of their efforts, as well as various other fun bits and pieces:

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    Palutena's Guidance (AKA Pit Codecs) 
  • King Dedede, by Ogodei
    Pit: "Uhh... Viridi? Can I ask a question?"
    Viridi: "You want me to tag in, huh? Ugh, I'm kind of busy to be playing these kiddie games..."
    Pit: "No, thanks. I was actually wondering if you knew what this guy is."
    Viridi: "Oh! His name is King Dedede. He likes to think he's the king of Dreamland, but he's actually-"
    Pit: "No, no, we've already met. I was just wondering, what is he?"
    Viridi: "Wouldn't know. Like I said, I don't play kiddie games."
    Pit: "Yeah, but you're the Goddess of Nature! I just want to know what he is."
    Viridi: "That's obvious: he's a penguin."
    Pit:"I thought that, but then why does he wear a heavy coat?"
    Viridi: "Hmm, you're right. That's a strange-looking beak for a penguin, and what's that symbol on his back? Is that a bunny rabbit?"
    Pit: "Nobody knows... Thanks anyway, Viridi."
    Viridi: "No problem. And Pit?"
    Pit: "Yeah?"
    Viridi:"Could you let me tag in?"

  • Bayonetta, by KingGhost
    Pit: Whoa, who's that, Lady Palutena?
    Palutena: That is Bayonetta, and Umbra witch who kills angels to-
    Pit:: Hold up! she kills angels?
    Palutena: Well, not by choice...her race make pacts with demons for protection against being hunted down by.....different angels, from Paradiso. Their goodness is literally a skin-deep shell.
    Pit: Sounds nasty.
    Palutena: Plus the demons of Inferno will take her soul if she ever dies.
    Pit: Wow...that sounds awful. We don't have to go that far as those other angels, do we?
    Palutena: She takes it with stride, so she'll be fine; but I agree that those angels go a bit overkill.
    Pit: Oh good, that would have been a shame...
    Palutena: Pit, The stakes might have lowered, But quit ogling and get to work.

  • Bowser Jr. (with Ridley at Bowser Jr.'s Side), by Scarecrow22
    Pit: This can't be good...
    Amazon Pandora: Aww, having trouble with the cute little koopa, Pit?
    Viridi: Or maybe it's because he's being chased by a dragon?
    Pit: It's not Bowser Jr. i'm worrying about, it's Ridley!
    (Both Amazon Pandora and Viridi:) ohh...THEN HIT HIM WITH EVERYTHING YOU GOT!
    (If Ridley goes Meta in mid-sentence) Pit: And he's powered up. I'm dead.
    (If Ridley is either sent into Pit's side or K.Oed by Pit in mid-sentence) Pit: (Laughs like a madman.)

  • Wii Fit Trainer, by Nigelstack345
    Pit: Ah!!! It’s a ghost, Lady Palutena!
    Palutena: Hehe. That’s no ghost, Pit. She’s the Wii Fit Trainer.
    Pit: Pit: Wii… Fit Trainer?
    Palutena: Yes. The Wii Fit Trainer is kinda a health nut and uses many yoga poses for battle.
    Pit: She fights… with yoga poses?
    Palutena: Apparently so. But they’re very effective, both in and out of battle.
    Pit: Both in and out of battle? How would you know, Lady Palutena?
    Palutena: Um… I actually tried it. It really is relaxing. Want to try it with me sometime?
    Pit: *Luminescent Blush* I… I’d rather not, Lady Palutena…
    Palutena: Well, why not? With all the fights you get into, you’ll definitely need it…
    Pit: I don’t need it. Especially if it's being used to kick my butt…

  • Mega Man, by Nigelstack345
    Pit: Oh hey! Long time no see...
    Palutena: Oh? Who exactly are you talking to Pit?
    Pit: Mega Man's here! It was about time, too. The gang's all here.
    Palutena: What gang are you talking about?
    Pit: Well... we actually met each other a while back. Way, way back, I should add.
    Palutena: Really? Weird, I don't recall you ever meeting Mega Man. You sure it wasn't a fever dream?
    Palutena: ...I'm pretty sure that was a fever dream, Pit.
    Pit: Would I be reminiscing if it was a fever dream-icus?
    Palutena: Oh my...

  • Ganondorf, by MusikMaestro
    Pit: Woah... I didn't know Hades was in this game.
    Palutena: Pit, I don't think that's Hades.
    Viridi: The size is off, for one thing.
    Hades: And I would never wear something so un-flamboyant!
    Pit: So, who is it then?
    Palutena: That's Ganondorf. He's the Gerudo King of thieves.
    Pit: I didn't know thieves were so good at magic.
    Palutena: Well, he has the Triforce of Power too.
    Pit: The which of what?
    Hades: Hmm... maybe it's too complicated for poor Pitty.

  • Mario, by MusikMaestro
    Pit: So, who's this guy?
    Palutena: Thats Mario.
    Hades: Never mind who he is, let's get to what he's wearing. Dungarees are almost as dead as disco!
    Palutena: Well, when you've been a plumber for almost thirty years, I guess you get used to the uniform.
    Pit:He's been a plumber for thirty years? Doesn't that get boring?
    Palutena: Well, he has quite the impressive resumé. He saves Princesses, drives go-karts, plays golf... He's even been to space!
    Pit: Really?... You don't think he met Pyhrron, do you?
    Palutena: Let's hope not. Don't want him having a bad opinion of us gods!

  • Pikachu, by Zarek
    Palutena: Watch out, Pit!
    Pit:Huh? What's wrong?
    Palutena: That creature you're fighting is a Pikachu! It can really lay the hurt on you, so be careful!
    Pit:Really? It doesn't look very dangerous...
    Palutena: Don't be deceived by its looks, Pit. Pikachu is full of high-voltage electricity that it can shoot from a distance. And, besides being painful, its attacks are really annoying!
    Pit: Wow. I never would've guessed. It's just so cute and fluffy.
    Palutena: It may be cute, but so was Hades's Heart, remember?
    Pit: Actually, I was trying not to. But okay, I'll be careful.

  • Samus, by MusikMaestro
    Viridi: Just look at that thing! It's not even trying to look natural!
    Palutena: I'm pretty sure that "thing" is a girl.
    Pit: He's a girl? What... but...
    Palutena: Oh come on, Pit, get your mind out of the eighties.
    Pit: So, who is it?
    Palutena: That's Samus Aran. She's famous as a Space Pirate fighting bounty hunter.
    Pit:To me, she looks like a Space Pirate.
    Palutena: Well, I'm pretty sure the ones she fights are different.
    Viridi: And that's not all! She also kills defenseless little Metroids!
    Palutena: I'm not sure I'd call them "defenseless".
    Pit: Metroids? Wait, you mean Komaytos?
    Viridi and Palutena: NO!!!

  • Bowser, by Enlong
    Hades: Well, Hello there, Pitty Pat!
    Pit: Hades!
    Hades: Ah ah ah. Settle down. I'm just checking in. Ah, fighting Bowser, I see.
    Pit: Yeah, this guy is tough. He moves like a Strongarm and can breathe fire. He's one evil brute.
    Hades: Oh, I don't know about "evil", Pitty.
    Pit: Are you kidding? This guy invades the Mushroom Kingdom all the time!
    Hades: That's no more than some human nations do. You should know that, Pitty.
    Pit: Yeah, well...
    Hades: "Evil" is in the eye of the beholder. One of Bowser's minions would tell you he's a beloved, if strict, leader. He runs his own country, and makes his minions feel at home. Pretty impressive, for such a diverse horde."
    Pit: Like you with your minions?
    Hades: Hm... no. I'm more of what you'd call a 'defy and die' kind of leader.

  • Mr. Game and Watch, by Ogodei
    Pit: Agh! A shadow monster!
    ??? That's not a monster, that's a human... sort of.
    Pit: But he's dark and completely flat! What kind of human is like that?
    ??? He's called Mr. Game and Watch, and where he's from, everything's flat and monochrome.
    Pit: So... does he do anything special?
    ??? He likes cooking, parachuting, oil-collecting, competitive judging, Octopusing...
    Pit: "Octopusing?"
    ??? Sometimes, he transforms into an Octopus. You should watch out when he does.
    Pit: ... Are you sure he isn't a shadow monster?

  • Fox, by Enlong
    Pit: Who's this guy, Lady Palutena? He's like an animal standing on two feet!
    Palutena: His name is Fox, and don't stare. That's normal in his world.
    Pit: Fox? Is that a code name?
    Palutena: No, it's his actual name. His full name is Fox McCloud, son of James McCloud.
    Pit: James, and then Fox? ...Anyway, can you tell me any more about him?
    Palutena: He's the leader of a spacefaring combat group called Star Fox.
    Pit: Again with- wait, spacefaring?
    Palutena: Yup! He and his team fight threats to the galaxy in powerful spaceships called Arwings. They're a mercenary group, free for hire.
    Pit: So, he's like Magnus? In it for the money?
    Palutena: More or less, but they're a bit picky about the jobs they take. Unlike their rival team, they go for missions that involve saving the galaxy. Which means they tend to go broke between missions.
    Pit: Ah, so they're heroes!
    Palutena: And they make sure to keep a running tab, so they send the bill when the mission's over.
    Pit: Saving the world, and then charging for it... Hey, Lady Palutena, I have an idea.

  • Wolf, by Medictf2
    Pit: Lady Palutena! This guy looks like Fox!
    Palutena: I wish he was. That's Wolf of Team Star Wolf. He's a ruthless bounty hunter.
    Pit: Those fangs look menacing! And that visor is nothing to sneeze at either.
    Palutena: Wolf is super fast and super defensive. His Reflector can block any and all incoming projectiles.
    Pit: Why do bad guys get all the good stuff?!

  • Snake, by Enlong
    Pit: Lady Palutena! This guy's crazy!
    Palutena: That's Solid Snake. He's a fighter from a different world entirely.
    Pit: He's really strong for a human! And where'd he get all those weapons? It's like he's got five different kinds of Cannons!
    Palutena: Where he comes from, weapons like that are sadly very common. Humans spent years developing new tools of war.
    Pit: How did that world even stay standing?
    Palutena: Because of people like Solid Snake, who use their skills as soldiers to try and end the cycle of pointless wars.
    Pit: Ah, so he's a hero!
    Palutena: More or less.
    Pit: Why's he called Snake anyway? Kind of an odd name.
    Palutena: Oh, that's just a code name. Lots of people in his world use names like that. Revolver Oceleot, Vulcan Raven, Sniper Wolf...
    Pit: That's actually kind of cool. Hey, Lady Palutena. How about, from now on, you call me Arrow Eagle!
    Palutena: Hm... I'd say you're more like an ostrich.
    Pit: Hey!
    Palutena: Okay, okay. A penguin, then!

  • Kratos, by Scarecrow22
    Pit: Whoa! I nearly got hit there!
    Palutena: Pit, get out of there NOW!
    Dark Pit: Why you freaking out, Palutena? He's just-
    Hades: I better listen to Pretty Palutena and RUN! That's Kratos, the man who killed ZEUS!
    (If Pit defeats Kratos at the end of Hades's quote) Palutena and Hades: What? How?
    Dark Pit: Like I said: just a human.
    Palutena: ...

  • Olimar, by Enlong
    Pit: Lady Palutena, can you hear me? Can you tell me anything about this spaceman?
    Viridi: Palutena's not available right now. Please leave your message with someone who cares about it.
    Pit: Viridi! What are you doing here?
    Viridi: Isn't it obvious? Look at who you're fighting!
    Pit: A short little spaceman?
    Viridi: That spaceman is Captain Olimar. He spends his time fighting with plant creatures he calls Pikmin.
    Pit: Those things are plants? But they're moving around like animals.
    Viridi: And that's really the strangest thing you've seen nature do? Anyway, that man crashed on the Pikmin's home planet, and started growing them and using them to get back to his home planet.
    Pit: Oh... so I guess you're not too happy about me fighting him, huh?

  • Samus, by Enlong
    Palutena: Ah, Pit. That's Samus Aran. She-
    Palutena: Ah, yes. Of course, she's had about a dozen adventures since then. It was probably because of the different ways she used what she had to work with.
    Pit: Yeah... Hey, Lady Palutena? I wonder if-
    Palutena: Are you thinking 'what if I had been more popular back then?'
    Pit: Well-
    Palutena: Or 'does she think she's superior to me?'
    Pit: I-
    Palutena: Or maybe 'what's so good about open-worlds anyway?' Dwelling on the past doesn't befit an angel, Pit. Grudges are more Medusa's style.
    Pit: I was actually wondering if the space pirates she fights are the same ones I had to deal with a while back.
    Palutena: Oh.

  • Pit vs Palutena (in match codec replacement): by NesClassic
    Pit: Wow, Lady Palutena. Even when you're trying to beat me up, it's so kind that you still grant me the Power of Flight.
    Palutena: Actually, if I had a choice, I'd let you plummet to your doom.
    Pit: Wait- choice?! So who's granting me the Power of Flight? I mean, my wings are blue so it can't be Viridi...
    Palutena: "I have no idea, but who cares? You know how terrible Smash is at sticking to canon.
    Pit: Name three examples.
    Palutena: Pokémon can't learn more than four moves, lots of people have infinite ammo, and almost all of the Final Smashes are made-up.
    Pit: ...Whatever. At least it's still fun to play.

  • Villager, by Ogodei
    Pit: His ability to make things grow out of the ground is amazing, Lady Palutena. Do you think he works for Viridi?
    Viridi: Works for me!? Look what he does to those poor trees! Do you think I'd ever use nature as a weapon!?
    (Pit and Palutena, simultaneously): Uhh...

  • Greninja, by Enlong
    Pit: Lady Palutena! It's a giant frog!
    Palutena: That's a Greninja, Pit. It's a Pokemon that resembles a frog. Don't underestimate it; Greninja are hardened warriors who attack from the shadows.
    Pit: Wait, so, it's a ninja? Awesome!
    Palutena: You like ninjas, Pit?
    Pit: You bet I do! They're so cool. They cloak themselves in the shadows, appearing only to strike down their foes!
    Palutena: I seem to recall some angel once condemning those who hide in the darkness.
    Pit: W-well, that's different. Ninjas are cool. Look! He's even got the flowing scarf! That's how you know they're cool!
    Palutena: ...
    Pit: What?
    Palutena: That's a tongue, Pit.
    Pit: What?!

  • Villager, by Nes Classic
    Pit: This is freaky.
    Palutena: That's a Villager, Pit. You know, like the ones you play as in Animal Crossing?
    Pit: Oh yeah! So... there's nothing special about this kid?
    Palutena: Nope! There's just a lot of tricks up those pockets — a shovel, saplings, an axe, some balloons, a Metroid, a slingshot...
    Pit: Those are some deep pockets.
    Palutena: And there's even room for more. The Villager can pocket any items or even your arrows, and pull it out whenever it's needed. Keep an eye out for anything they pick up.
    Pit: Say, Lady Palutena...? All this reminds me: you wouldn't mind helping me weed out my town, would you?
    Palutena: It's been six months since you last went online, Pit. I don't have time to help you with... what was your town's name, again?
    Pit: "Pittsburgh!"

  • Ice Climbers, by Noah1
    Pit: Hey, it's the Ice Climbers!
    Palutena: Don't let them grab a hold of you, Pit. One can throw you right into the other's clutches!
    Pit: Well, they're gonna need a lot off skill to pull that off!
    Palutena: Hey, didn't the Ice Climbers take your spot in Melee?
    Pit: Nuh-uh, I was gonna be in from the beginning! They just couldn't get my wings right.
    Palutena: Well, that's the excuse, since your wings don't really work.
    Pit: Hey! They still flap...
    Palutena: Aw, don't worry about it. If we didn't wait so long, we probably wouldn't have gotten that redesign that made us a shoe-in for our comeback!
    Pit: Yeah, I'd still look like a dorky cherub! Good things come to those who wait!
    Palutena: Though I gotta wonder what the Ice Climbers would be like if they got a big redesign.
    Pit: "Ice Climber Uprising"? Puh-lease!

  • Wii Fit Trainer, by Ultimatepheer
    Pit: So, uh, who's that?
    Palutena: That's the Trainer from Wii Fit. I'm not surprised you can't tell, given how you never played it.
    Pit: I had better things to do!
    Palutena: Like what, stuffing your face?
    Pit: I also had other better things to do!
    Viridi: Is that why you're so chubby?

  • Pit vs Palutena, by Nes Classic (again)
    Pit: Lady Palutena, with all due respect, I think it would be best if... maybe you just...
    Palutena: Nah, I'm not just going to hand you a free win or anything. I'll use the Centurions if I-
    Pit: "Is that why you told me I wasn't allowed to call on the Centurions for help any more?"
    Pit: Hmm... but if you want to win, why do you still let me use the Power of Flight?
    Palutena: It's Super Smash Bros., Pit. Did you honestly think they'd stick to canon? They probably didn't even research half of the franchises they put into the game."

  • Charizard, by Sterok
    Pit: Whoa, that dragon sure is scary.
    Palutena: That's Charizard, Pit, and it's actually a Fire/Flying type Pokemon.
    Pit: So it only looks draconian. Huh. Maybe it should petition for a new type.
    Palutena: It already did. When Charizard Mega Evolves, it becomes Fire/Dragon, giving it whole new weaknesses and resistances. Think if you were able to swap weapons mid-battle.
    Pit: That sounds awesome!
    Palutena: Yup, now it can have barbecued angel even easier.
    Pit: ...You're joking, right?
    Palutena: That depends on your abilities, Pit. Even when it loses its Flying type, Charizard can still fly, so don't think you're safe in the air.
    Pit: Okay, that's not fair.
    Palutena: Maybe if you got a Mega evolution, your wings would finally fix themselves.
    Pit: Please don't call me a Pokemon. By the way, didn't Charizard have a trainer last time? What happened to him?
    Palutena: ...
    Pit: Lady Palutena?
    Palutena: Just try to keep yourself popular. Apparently you can do anything if people love you enough.

  • Little Mac, by Pulse
    Pit: Huh, that guy sure looks beefy for someone his size.
    Palutena: That's Little Mac, Pit, and I wouldn't be judging anyone if I were your height.
    Pit: I wasn't! And hey, what's that supposed to mean!?
    Palutena: Oh, nothing. Anyway, Little Mac is a World Champ in the WVBA, and has an incredible defensive game, famed for dancing like a fly and biting like a mosquito.
    Pit: Wow, sounds... Kinda gross.
    Palutena: But more than that, Mac has a will of iron. There were many times in his rise to the top when it looked like his star was going to go out, only for him to grit his teeth and pull a win from the jaws of defeat!
    Pit: Wow, sounds like my kinda guy!
    Palutena: Says Mister "I'm Finished!" himself!
    Pit: H-hey! It's not how many times you fall, it's how many times you get back up!

  • Villager, by Enlong
    Pit: Lady Palutena! This guy's stealing my arrows!
    Palutena: Don't worry, Pit. It's not like you're going to run out of them, thanks to my Power of Restocking.
    Pit: It's the principle of the thing, though! And how did he do that, anyway? These arrows are made of sacred energy, and he just grabbed them with his bare hands!
    Palutena: The world is full of mysterious things and mysterious people, Pit.
    Pit: ...Does that mean you don't have an answer?

  • Bayonetta, by Nigelstack345
    Pit: What the heck?! This woman’s fighting with her hair! Her suit seems to be made of it!
    Palutena: I’ve seen that too. Her name’s Bayonetta, Pit, and what you saw that was a special technique called the “Wicked Weave”.
    Pit: "Wicked Weave"? She can just have her hair attack for her at her own will?
    Palutena: Yes. She also has guns on both her heels and her hands, so look out for that too. She’s as fast and agile a fighter you going to see here.
    Pit: She is fast and powerful, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. I mean, she’s not the worst opponent I’ve fought…
    Palutena: …Yeah... that’s the thing Pit…
    Pit: What do you mean, Lady Palutena?
    Palutena: I meant to tell you that… she kinda has a reputation for killing angels.
    Palutena: And gods and goddesses too. Pit, do us all at Skyworld a favor and and defeat her for us before she becomes a big time threat! I know you can do it!
    Pit: Where do we keep finding all of these challengers?! I wouldn’t have let her in here if I was in charge!

  • Raccoon Leaf (item), by TPPR10
    Pit: (Picks up the Raccoon Leaf) Whoah! I suddenly grew extra ears and tail!
    Palutena:: Yes. Not only can the Raccoon Leaf do that, but it also allows you to float mid-air to recover easier.
    Pit: Wait, you are saying me that a leaf can make me float in air, but I still cannot fly with my wings? Is this some sort of joke?
    Palutena: Cheer up, Pit. At least you can flap your wings to elevate higher in this game, unlike in your home series.
    Pit: I guess. I still think that's no fair.

  • Magnus (Assist Trophy): by TPPR10
    During battle, Pit summons Magnus.
    Pit: Whoah! Oh hey there, Magnus!
    Magnus How's it going, angel face? So what exactly am I supposed to do here?
    Pit: Uhh, run around, swing your giant sword, kick people's butts occasionally, you know, what you always do.
    Magnus Alright then. I gotta go. Bit annoyed that I'm not a playable character...
    Pit: Yeah, I guess you are...

  • Metal Face (boss encounter), by KingGhost again
    Metal Face: Well, well, well! Who's this weakling?
    Pit: Whoa, What is that?! its HUGE!
    Metal Face: ......Who are you talking too kid?
    Viridi: That's Metal Face, a very vocal Mechon monstrosity. He's committed many atroci-
    Metal Face: Hey! I'm talking to you Chickenwing! don't be rude...
    Pit: Anything I should know before I head into this Viridi?
    Viridi: He's strong enough to toss tanks, his claws can cut through most anything, and he can turn into a jet. He's squared off with Shulk so many times, and he's back again now?!
    Pit: A jet? so, he can fly? Still that's pretty co-
    Pit:AH! Viridi he's-
    Viridi:Pit, focus and destroy him once and for all!

  • Rosalina, by Enlong
    Palutena: Be careful, Pit. That's Rosalina!
    Pit: You know who she is, Lady Palutena?
    Palutena: Yes. Rosalina comes from Mario's world, where she's the protector of the cosmos, and mother to the stars.
    Pit: Do you mean figuratively, or literally?
    Palutena: Figuratively a mother, and literally stars, Pit. See that little one helping her fight? That's Luma. He's a star child.
    Pit: So he grows up to be... a star?
    Palutena: "Or a planet, or even a galaxy!"
    Pit: Whoa. They must eat a lot.
    Palutena: "You would know, wouldn't you, Pit?"
    Pit: Aheheh...
    Palutena: As the protector of the Lumas, the Lumas are also willing to fight for her. So be aware of where they both are. Don't underestimate Luma just because he's cute!
    Pit: So, Luma's like a guardian who keeps her safe from harm, while she uses her magic? Heh. Kinda reminds me of you and m-

  • Pit vs. Mii Fighters, by CountOfBleck
    Pit: Whoa, this person is pretty tough...
    Palutena: That's a Mii Fighter, Pit. Miis are multi-talented warriors who have 3 different fighting styles: Gunner, Brawler, and Swordsman. Brawlers Like to fight up close, Gunners fight from long distances, and Swordsmen are somewhere in between.
    Pit: Hey, Palutena? They look almost human...but something is a bit off...
    Palutena: That's because they aren't. Miis actually have the power to change their appearance to look like anyone, and they can be in any period in time.
    Pit: What?! But that could mean... Are you the real Lady Palutena?
    Palutena: Not really, no.
    Pit: Heh heh...you're not serious right, Lady Palutena?
    Palutena: ...
    Pit: Palutena? (connection stops here)

  • Rocket Belt (item), by TPPR10
    Pit picks up the Rocket Belt.
    Palutena: Hey, it looks like someone learned to fly at last.
    Pit: Very funny, Lady Palutena. You don't have to remind me all the time.
    Palutena: Sorry. But anyway, the Rocket Belt is an useful utility item. You can use it to move upwards, allowing you to reach high places easier and get back to the battlefield easier.
    Pit: Cool! I just hope that my wings won't catch fire because of it.
    Palutena: I guess you do have experience on that happening to you. Not to bring up any bad memories, of course.
    Pit: No, it's fine. Just don't bring it up in such a casual way.

  • Cucco (item), by TPPR10
    A Cucco appears.
    Pit: Nononononono!
    Palutena: What's the matter, Pit? Too much of a chicken to attack a chicken?
    Pit: There's a difference between being cowardly and being suicidal! Do you have any idea what happens if you attack a Cucco?!
    Palutena: I guess you are right on that. Fortunately for you, you can actually throw one at your opponent to send the angry Cucco flock at them.
    Pit: Are you sure about that? The last thing I need is to be pecked to death by bunch of chickens...
    Palutena: Are you too much of a chicken to trust my words?
    Pit: ...

  • Zero Suit Samus, by Nigelstack345
    Palutena: Pit, what's up with your face? It's as red as a tomato.
    Pit: Uh, what are you talking about milady? My face isn't red. Never have been throughout this fight...
    Palutena: Stop lying to the all seeing goddess Pit. Is it because you're fighting Samus in her Zero Suit? It's not okay to stare...
    Pit: Well, yeah! I am fighting Zero Suit Samus, but I swear it's not the reason I'm like this! Honest!
    Palutena: Sure it isn't. Anyway, I'd stay clear of those kicks if I was you. She's seems to have armed herself with boots that are attached with rockets. She's also armed with that gun that paralyzes you if you... Pit, are you even listening to me?!
    Pit: Huh? Oh sure, milady! Rocket boots and the Paralyzer. Gotta look out for that!
    Palutena: (sigh) Pit, if I were you I'd keep those thoughts in check, especially around the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy!
    Pit: Sorry, milady. Can't be helped huh? (nervous laughter)

  • Wolf, by Ogodei
    Pit: Augh! It's a werewolf!
    Palutena: That's not a werewolf- just a Wolf. Well, the Wolf. His name is Wolf O'Donnel, and he's a mercenary with Star Wolf Team.
    Pit: Phew. I thought he would bite me, then I would become a werewolf.
    Palutena: That's no reason to let your guard down, Pit. He's a dangerous guy. Unpredictable, too. Sometimes he fights your friend Fox, sometimes he doesn't, and no matter how many times he gets shot down, he always lives to fight another day."
    Pit: Well, werewolves don't die unless you kill them with silver."
    Viridi: HE'S NOT A WEREWOLF!
    Pit(?): ...How'd you butt in on this conversation, Viridi?
    Viridi: Because I'm sick of you guys saying bad things about creatures from my domain!
    Pit: Werewolves are part of your domain?
    Both Goddesses: Ugh...

  • Pit VS. Palutena, by YoichiHiruma
    Pit: (Talking to himself in his best Palutena imitation): Pit, your opponent is very dangerous today!
    Pit: Don't worry, I can handle it!
    Pit (Palutena Voice): It might not seem like it, but your enemy today has been bent on your destruction for years. It's like she just loves to see you in danger!
    Pit: I know, but I'll end her wicked-
    Palutena: What was that?!
    Pit (Palutena voice): Eh?! N-nothing! I mean, (clears throat, returns to normal voice) eheheh, nothing...
    Palutena: SOMEONE must not like having their power of flight.
    Pit: Ah, no no no! I'm sorry.
    Palutena: Remind me to post a 'help wanted' sign on the temple when we get home.

  • Dark Pit, by YoichiHiruma (?)
    Pit: Hello Pittoo! Ready for some Light Vs. Dark?
    Dark Pit: Only if you'll agree to stop calling me that.
    Palutena: Remember Pit, he can match you blow for blow, so be careful.
    Viridi: Dark Pit! Show him who's boss for your goddess!
    Dark Pit: You are NOT my goddess!
    Viridi: He'll come around.

  • Lucina, by Nap1100
    Pit: Okay, I know Marth is a guy that looks like a girl, but he looks extra feminine today for whatever reason.
    Palutena: (chuckles) That's because it's not Marth. That's Lucina.
    Pit: Who's Lucina?
    Palutena: Lucina is Marth's descendant from a few thousand years after his time. She's from the—
    Pit: Wait, she? You're telling me that's a girl?!
    Palutena: ...Yes. That's why she's more feminine than usual.
    Pit: I thought you told me that's not Marth?
    Palutena: Oh Pit... Anyway, Lucina is from a future where the fell dragon Grima wiped out all but a few of her people. She tried to prevent Grima's ascension by time-traveling to the past to her father Chrom's time.
    Pit: I can only imagine how awkward that family reunion went.
    Palutena: Well, not really...I mean, it did get awkward later, but that's another point. She hid her identity by wearing a butterfly mask and passing herself off as Marth.
    Pit: How'd she manage to pass herself off as a guy?
    Palutena: You tell me, Mr. "Marth looks more feminine than usual today".
    Pit: Uh...heh heh.

  • Robin (female), by Enlong
    Pit: Lady Palutena, who is that?
    Palutena: That's Robin, Pit. She's the battle tactician of a legendary group of warriors known as the Shepherds.
    Pit: A battle tactician? So she directs the army into battles?
    Palutena: Not only that, but she tends to lead the charge.
    Pit: Really? I thought tacticians were more the type to sit around maps before the battle.
    Palutena: Maybe for some, but Robin likes to defend her allies directly. She may not directly be the leader of the group, but they definitely rely on her sword, spells, and knowledge of the battlefield.
    Pit: Oh, so she's kind of like me! I'm both a warrior and Captain of the guard!
    Palutena: Well, I'd say her strategy is a bit more advanced than yours, Pit. Her allies don't get revived, so she tends to be a bit more subtle than just going 'ALL TROOPS, MOVE OUT!' and hoping they deal some damage before dying.
    Pit: Well... you go with what works...

  • Pit VS Palutena, by 13ssbb
    Type 1:
    Viridi: I've been waiting a LONG time for this!
    Hades: For once, I agree. Poor Pitty's gonna be pounded by Pretty Palutena.
    Phosphera: I wouldn't mind going down there and shocking him a few times myself.
    Magnus: Will someone pass the popcorn?
    Pit: Why does everyone want to see me lose? Seriously, why ME?!
    Palutena: Well Pit, you could always forfeit and face us all at once.
    Dark Pit: Be careful Pit. You may have the weapons, but she has the powers to make or break them. And you don't wanna let her grab a smash ball, unless you wanna relive your more painful Light Vs. Dark days.
    Palutena: It's nice of you to help Pit out, Pittoo.
    Pit: Yeah...you're the only one on my side. What gives?
    Dark Pit: Don't get the wrong idea, I'd love to see you smashed into the surface as much as them, but remember; no you, no me.
    Dark Pit: Just don't die out there.
    Palutena: No promises on his end.
    Pit: That's right, no pro- hey wait a minute!

    Type 2:
    Palutena: So Pit, why don't you do one of your boss-rally cries?
    Pit: Uh...the match has already started.
    Palutena: I seem to recall that not stopping you before a few times, no matter how ridiculous they were.
    Pit: You mean awesome!
    Palutena: Okay then, I'll do one. *ahem* Angel of the heavens, hear my words! By the end of this match, you will know the true power of a goddess! For I am the Goddess of Light, Palutena. My divine powers will break the wings on your back!
    Pit: Woah...that wasn't bad. Harsh, but not bad.
    Palutena: What did I tell you? Anything an angel can do, a goddess can do better. It's a known fact.
    Pit: Oh yeah? Try this! *ahem* Goddess of Light, hear MY words! I am Pit, commander of the Centurions. Your powers of sarcasticness and bad humor are no match for my awesome power! I may not be able to fly, but soon YOU won't be able to get off the ground either!
    Palutena: Mine was better by a long shot.
    Pit: Leave the voting to the fanbase!

  • Mach Rider, by nigelstack345
    Pit: Oh man! That is a cool bike!
    Palutena: Don't spend too much time ogling it, Pit. The bike the Mach Rider drives is equipped with some pretty heavy-duty weapons. But I admit it does look cool.
    Pit: I know, right? Maybe I'll ask him where he got his bike after we finish our match!
    Palutena: I wouldn't do that either, Pit. The Mach Rider's really resourceful and can use everyday items as a weapon, like oil barrels and chains. And I don't know if I'd call the person a "he"...
    Pit: What? You're implying that may be a girl under there?
    Palutena: Truth is, nobody knows. It's up to you, the fans, and maybe Nintendo themselves to decide whether or not the Mach Rider is male or female.
    Pit: So the Mach Rider's identity is a mystery huh? ....Do you see anything that hints at one or the other?
    Palutena: Once again, it up to you to decide.
    Pit: You tease! What about if the Mach Rider clears single-player? Is Mach's identity revealed then?!
    Palutena: Up to you, Pit!

  • Shulk, by Nigelstack345
    Pit: Hey Palutena, why is there kanji suddenly popping up behind that guy?
    Palutena: Oh, I see you're fighting Shulk now. Yeah, that happens when you fight him on occasion.
    Pit: Any particular reason why that is?
    Palutena: The kanji displays a Monado art. It's the laser sword he's carrying, and the arts are its power. His arts powers him up in one area but weakens him in another.
    Pit: Really? One sword does all of that?
    Palutena: Yeah, and it also allows him to see into the future.
    Pit: Whoa.... So he'll know every attack I can do before I do it to him?
    Palutena: In theory, yes. He might have even known that you'd ask for my help right now.
    Pit: So, I'm fighting a guy who can see the future and has a sword that strengthens him. At the very least, do we know what the kanji say?
    Palutena: No idea. My knowledge of Chinese characters are.... limited to say the very least. Sorry, Pit, I'm afraid you're alone on that department.
    Pit: (groans)

  • Sonic, by superkeijikun
    Pit: Wow, this guy's fast!
    Viridi: Him? Oh, that's Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog!
    Pit: I never realized hedgehogs could be so fast.
    Viridi: He has to be; his speed is the greatest strength he has in his fight against some idiot human called 'Eggman' who thinks he can get away with ruining nature, with his toxic factories!
    Pit: Wait, 'Eggman'? That's a weird name...and it's kinda making me hungry...
    Viridi: Well, maybe after this battle, the two of you could go out for chili dogs.
    Pit: Sounds like a plan!

  • Dark Pit, by 13ssbb
    Palutena: You really are crashing my party aren’t you?
    Dark Pit: Of course. Why wouldn’t I?
    Pit: Well, I hope you’re ready for another beat down Pittoo!
    Dark Pit: I told you to stop calling me that!
    Pit: How did you even know we were here?
    Viridi: (whistles)
    Dark Pit: I have my ways.
    Pit: Why, Viridi? Just... why?!
    Viridi: I wanted things to be even more interesting.
    Pit: Wait, why are you here?
    Palutena: (whistles)
    Dark Pit: Looks like your goddess isn’t so heavenly.
    Pit: Go home, Pittoo.

  • Duck Hunt Duo, by 13ssbb
    Pit: Huh, where have I seen this dog before?
    Viridi:: That dog’s known as Duck Hunt, Pit. He and that bird go way back.
    Pit: Wait, THE Duck Hunt? So the game was named after him?
    Viridi: I don’t know, I’ll double check my book of dogs. Anyways, some nasty human is always trying to hurt these poor, defenseless animals.
    Pit: They aren’t so defenseless if they’re here.
    Viridi: I-I’m sure it’s self defense.
    Pit:And wasn’t the dog on the human’s side?
    Viridi: That’s not important. Anyway-
    Pit: Now I remember! That dog always laughed at me whenever I missed! Just thinking about it mocks me to this day.
    Viridi: Yeah, Yeah, that’s very sad. An-
    Pit: C’mere boy! I’ll show you all the tricks I taught Twinbellows! We’ll get some real serious Nintendogs trainer points! Yeah...I’m going to enjoy this!
    Viridi: Sore loser much?

  • Bowser Jr., by 13ssbb
    Palutena: Hey Pit, did you ever wish you could swap out weapons just like your powers?
    Pit: Of course! Is it finally possible?
    Palutena: Nope.
    Palutena: But Bowser Jr. can. His Jr. clown car is equipped with all sorts of gadgets. From boxing gloves to saw blades.
    Pit: ……
    Palutena: Stay focused and attack the Koopa. Hitting him instead of the car is the key to winning.
    Palutena: Why so quiet? Suddenly going chicken?
    Pit: That’s it, I’m going home.

  • Dr. Mario, by Tropers/13ssbb
    Palutena: Hmm…
    Pit: What’s up, Lady Palutena?
    Palutena: Just thinking how I should set up some powers together…
    Pit: We should ask Dr. Mario. He knows all about puzzles!
    Palutena: He’s the opponent, Pit. And a plummer. And a doctor. And a hero all in one. Wow, Mario’s set for life. But I’ll never understand the large, brightly-colored pills.
    Pit: Are you kidding? They hit harder, are more reliable, and they cure all your ills!
    Palutena:I’ll be sure to call him next time you’re finished, then.
    Pit: Oh so it’s like that? Hey Mario, mind giving Lady Palutena a hand with strategy?
    Dr. Mario: Oh yeah!
    Palutena: No wait, I- *sigh* This is gonna be a long check up.

  • Duck Hunt, by BeeKirbysNewComputer
    Pit: Hey, Viridi?
    Viridi: What is it, Pit? I'm kind of busy right now.
    Pit: Why is it that when I look at this dog, all I feel is anger and frustration?
    Viridi: You wouldn't be the first. This guy's been taunting players with bad aim since before your first scuffle with Medusa.
    Pit: Is he saying I have bad aim?!
    Hades: How adorable. Even dogs and ducks go out of their way to mock little Pitty-pat!
    Pit: Hades!
    Hades: Easy, Pitty-pat. I just thought you should know that the dog isn't the one you should be worried about.
    Pit: What do you mean?
    Hades: I mean the real threat is the gunner just off-screen. All the dog is doing is barking orders at him, pardon the pun. And besides, you should really cut that pooch some slack. It's not easy being a dog. You would know, wouldn't you, Pitty-pat?
    Pit: This conversation is over.

  • Dr. Mario, by BeeKirbysNewComputer
    Pit: Why is Mario in those weird clothes?
    Viridi: Technically, that's not Mario, Pit. He's actually Doctor Mario.
    Pit: So, he's Mario in a doctor's outfit?
    Viridi: Pretty much. I don't know why you're so surprised, Pit. This isn't the first time Mario's showed up to Smash in his doctor getup.
    Viridi: ...Oh, wait... I guess you weren't there for that, were you?
    Pit: Rub it in, why don't you?
    Viridi: I wonder if he has a pill that can cure your bad attitude.

  • Robin, by Delnoir
    Pit: Whoa! This guy/girl is throwing all sorts of elemental magic around! A magician?
    Palutena: That's Robin, Pit. He's/She's a tactician for a voluntary force of protectors known as the Shepherds. He's/She's also tightly knit with their leader Chrom as well as Lucina.
    Pit: A tactician!? But what's with all the magic? And that sword throwing lightning everywhere?
    Palutena: Robin isn't content to sit back and call orders so he/she fights too. In fact he/she is one of the most versatile fighters the Shepherds has to offer.
    Pit: Swordsman, magician, and a strategist all in one. So I'm in trouble no matter where I am...
    Palutena: Well, if his/her tomes run out of power it takes them time to recharge. The same goes for his/her sword, so he/she can't constantly be on the offensive.
    Pit: At least there's that.
    Palutena: Just make extra sure you don't let him/her grab you with his/her Nosferatu spell. It's dark magic he'll/she'll use to drain your vitality to restore his/her own.
    Pit: What!? This just keeps getting worse...does he/she do anything else?
    Palutena: No, but if he/she calls Chrom for help don't let him catch you or he and Robin will team up and attack you together. I doubt you'd be able to recover if they do.
    Pit: That's not fair! Man, the more I learn about him/her the more it starts to sound like he/she could destroy the world if they tried.
    Palutena: .....
    Pit: Lady Palutena? What's wrong?
    Palutena: It's nothing, Pit. Just be careful.

  • Mega Man, by BeeKirbysNewComputer
    Pit: What is this guy? He's like part human and part machine!
    Viridi: That's Mega Man, Pit. He's an artificial human that was made in a laboratory.
    Viridi: The nerve of those humans! As if breeding them naturally wasn't bad enough, now they're making them out of metal?!
    Pit: You know, now that I look at him, I think I've met this guy before.
    Viridi: Impossible. it's the first I've seen of him, and I'm almost certain he wasn't here in the last game.
    Pit: I dunno...a guy like that seems like he'd be hard to forget-icus...
    Viridi: What was that?
    Pit: Uh...nothing. Just clearing my throat.

  • Bowser Jr, by BeeKirbysNewComputer
    Hades: Awww, look at that! Looks like that has-been Bowser finally has a successor.
    Pit: Hades!
    Viridi: What do you want, Hades?
    Hades: Come, now. You can't expect me to just sit out on a discussion about a villain as adorable as this!
    Hades: Never have I seen such an adorable creature radiate with such a lust for destruction! Why, you can almost see the fury burning in his beady little eyes!
    Pit: You would think this little creep is cute, wouldn't you?
    Hades: Maybe I should get myself a little Hades Junior.
    Viridi: I can think of several reasons why that won't happen.

  • Hammer (Item), by Dallenson
    Pit: What's the smile for, Lady Palutena?
    Palutena: It's nothing. I'm just amused at the way you swing that hammer around.
    Pit: I can't help it. It's my patented technique when I used hammers to free the centurions trapped in stone during my first adventure so long ago!
    Palutena: With just two frames of animation, you look more like Mr. Game & Watch.
    Pit: Don't remind me. I have bad memories of his Judge hammer when he strikes me with a nine.

  • Fox, by Bee Kirbys New Computer
    Pit: Hello? Lady Palutena? Viridi? Anyone?
    Peppy: This is Peppy, I read you loud and clear, Fox!
    Pit: Woah! A talking rabbit?
    Peppy: Hey, you're not Fox! Slippy musta been messing with the transceiver again...
    Pit: So...you wouldn't happen to know anything about this weird fox-human guy, would you?
    Peppy: Ya mean Fox? Well, for one thing, I know he's pretty good with an Arwing!
    Pit: Ar-wing? That wouldn't happen to have anything to do with flying, would it?
    Peppy: It's got everything to do with flying! The kid's a great pilot, just like his father!
    Pit: Oh. I thought you meant that he had wings on his body.
    Peppy: Nope! The only one with wings like that around here is Falco, and he uses an Arwing, too!
    Pit: That's a shame. I was hoping I could ask him for some tips on flying.
    Pit: Hey, mister...rabbit guy. Can I ask you one more question?
    Peppy: Go ahead, boy!
    Pit: What are you the god of?
    Peppy: Uh...sorry, I gotta go. Nice talkin' to ya!
    Pit: What a weird guy.

  • Mewtwo, by Enlong
    Pit: "Is that a Pokémon?"
    Palutena: "That's correct, Pit! And not just any Pokémon. That's Mewtwo, the Genetic Pokémon. It has powerful psychic abilities, making it one of the most feared Pokémon in all the world. Some say it can speak with humans with telepathy. Some others say it doesn't want to."
    Pit: "So why's he called the Genetic Pokémon?"
    Palutena: "Well, Mewtwo is the result of a great many genetic experiments performed by human scientists. They were trying to make a clone of the legendary Pokémon, Mew."
    Pit: "Mew...Two? Not the most original name."
    Palutena: "I think it's a great name."
    Pit: "Huh? But it's just-"
    Palutena: "Short, snappy, and to the point. I dare say any clone should be happy to have a name as good as that."
    Dark Pit: "..."

  • Pit vs Pit Mirror Match, by MrUnderhill
    Pit: Another me? Don't tell me someone's fixed the Mirror of Truth, have they?
    Palutena: Don't worry, Pit. That's just someone else playing as you.
    Pit: Oh, right. It's Smash Bros, so there can be more than one of me. Gotta remember that. So how many of these copies are there? I know Pittoo used to be one of them, but he's his own character in this game, so now I've lost track.
    Palutena: Well, you've got eight costume colors to yourself, and then Pittoo has eight of his own, so that should be... wow, sixteen Pits' total, and the Wii U can support eight of them fighting at the same time.
    Pit: Sixteen of me? And eight at the same time?! How does that... I don't even... you know what, forget it. Come on, Pitthree! Let's get this fight over with!
    Palutena: "Pitthree?" Even I wouldn't go that far...

  • Color TV-Game 15 (Assist Trophy) by TPPR 10
    Pit: *Summons Color TV-Game 15* Hey, it's Pon-
    Viridi: Don't. Say. it!
    Pit: Huh? What you mean by that?
    Viridi: Do we have to repeat the conversation we had regarding Komaytos? No? Good. Anyway, those two paddles bounce a ball back and forth to each other. The ball bounces off solid surfaces so how effective it is more or less is base on the stage. You can even see which paddle is winning.
    Pit: So it is more or less Pon-
    Viridi: Lalalalala, I am not listening!

  • Lucas by SLthePyro
    Pit: "C'mon, I've seen all these weak tricks from Ness already! Can't you show me anything new!?"
    Viridi: "Hey, show some respect, jerk! Lucas is not weak! In fact, he uses his PSI way differently than Ness does!"
    Pit: "Wha... huh!? Am I imagining things, or did Viridi just defend a human?"
    Palutena: "I'm as shocked as you are!"
    Viridi: "That boy is a special case."
    Palutena: "Oh~ 'Special', you say...?"
    Viridi: "Palutena, don't you dare say what I know you're thinking of saying. It's not like that."
    Viridi: "Lucas was a direct victim of the very evils that I want humans exterminated for. Thanks to the greed and malice of an invader, Lucas lost his family and eventually his home. He had to grow up alone."
    Pit: "Oh wow, really? That must've sucked..."
    Viridi: "After about three years of loneliness, he learned how to use PSI. No one would've blamed him if he sought revenge with his newfound power, but... instead he used it to protect his people and his home."
    Viridi: "He actually hates fighting more than anything. But he's not so naive that he won't defend himself and others when he has to. It can't be stressed enough that he charged headlong into the invader's armies and ruined their plans instead of killing them."
    Pit: "Wow... that takes guts."
    Palutena: "I never thought you'd want to learn so much about a human, Viridi. Unless you were going to use the knowledge against them, of course."
    Viridi: "Not this time. I know it's weird for me to say, but I respect Lucas. If only more humans were like him, maybe I wouldn't have to get rid of them..."
    Pit: "Sheesh... and here I was hoping you'd turned over a new leaf..."
    Viridi: "You wish."
    Palutena: "Anyway, Viridi's right about Lucas' PSI working differently from Ness'. While Ness goes for raw power, Lucas is more tactical; he'll try to trip you up and capitalize on it instead."
    Palutena: "Keep the pressure on him and don't let him start racking up a combo. He doesn't hit hard, but that damage will add up pretty quickly if you let it."

  • Gamer (Stage) by Bee Kirbys New Computer
    Pit: [loudly] Hey, Lady Palutena, I—
    Palutena: SSSSHHH!
    Palutena: [whispering] Quiet! We need to keep our voices down in case 5-Volt comes by!
    Pit: [loudly] 5-Volt? Who's—
    Palutena: SSSHHH!
    Pit: [whispering] 5-Volt? Who's 5-Volt?
    Palutena: [whispering] She's the mother of a young gamer named 9-Volt. Since 9-Volt is prone to playing games past his bedtime, she checks his bedroom to make sure he's asleep. She'll come through his door, his window, and even his TV.
    Pit: [whispering] Yikes! So how do we avoid her?
    Palutena: Well, when 5-Volt comes by, a beam of light will shoot from her eyes onto the stage. As long as you aren't standing in the light, she can't see you.
    Palutena: If she does see you, she'll send you flying, so stay alert!

  • Wii Fit Studio (Stage) by Bee Kirbys New Computer
    Pit: Woah! Where are we?
    Palutena: I'm...not sure. This place looks like it could be in an entirely different dimension.
    Pit: And look over there! There's a bunch of weird machines!
    Palutena: They look kind of like...exercise equipment!
    Pit: W-Wait, Lady Palutena, you don't think this place is a—
    Palutena: I'm afraid so, Pit. We're in a GYM!
    Pit: NOOOOOO!

  • Flat Zone X (Stage) by Bee Kirbys New Computer
    Pit: Aw, why do we have to go here again?
    Palutena: What's the matter? I thought you would like going somewhere retro.
    Pit: This place takes "retro" way too far!
    Pit: Look at me! I'm flat as a pancake! I can't see anything, and it feels like I'm being crushed between two giant walls! It's a miracle I can still breathe!
    Palutena: I guess that'll teach you not to take being 3-dimensional for granted.
    Pit: And worst of all, that giant chef's food isn't even edible! This place is a nightmare!

  • Halberd (Stage) by Bee Kirbys New Computer
    Palutena: You remember this place, right, Pit?
    Pit: Of course! This is that huge ship the Subspace Army took over!
    Palutena: That's not all the Halberd is known for. Legend has it that Meta Knight once used this ship to spread terror across Dream Land.
    Viridi: I heard that it once went into space!
    Pit: It does look like something out of a sci-fi movie. Especially that weird robot arm...I remember Fox having a nasty encounter with that thing...

  • Fierce Deity Link (if character) by Nofix
    Pit: H-hey Link, buddy, that's you right? You sure got tall, and tattooed, and sorta mean looking.
    Palutena: It is Link, wearing the Fierce Deity Mask. The upper limit of that mask's power are untested, but even from here I can feel it's aggressive aura.
    Pit: Well if it's the real Link it's not like he'll do anything bad? I'm sure he can handle some black magic and nof turn into Ganondorf 2.0, right Lady Palutena?
    Palutena: There have been uncountable instances of humans being overwhelmed with power despite how they tried. Regardless, watch out for when he gets close to you, he can wrack up some hard damage in quick succession.
    Viridi: Keep an eye out for his Double Helix Sword, it can fire blasts from across the stage, and if hits you with a smash attack you're probably going to be bouncing around for a while.
    Viridi Pit! Whatever you do don't let him get close, and don't lose your focus for even a second, even if you're far away from him. I don't think this guy is willing to take it slow like other fights you've had in the past.
    Pit: I got you. I'll snipe him with my arrows, and dodge when he gets close. I'll use items to stun him and go for the kill!

  • Dry Bowser by Nofix
    Pit: Is that Bowser's skeleton?!
    Palutena: Correct. In this form he's known as Dry Bowser, by using necromancy he can transform from his normal body into a bone white skelekoopa.
    Pit: You mean he dies and then comes back immortal!? That's not fair!
    Palutena: Neither is having a Goddess to revive you each time you fall into a hole.
    Palutena: Anyways, Dry Bowser is a lot faster then his meaty counterpart. He can't hit as hard, but he keeps his fire and makes up for his lack of physical strength with dark magic and with projectile bones.
    Pit: There's one more thing that's bugging me.
    Palutena: What's that?
    Pit: How is it everything burned off of his bones, except his hair?

  • Kongo Jungle 64 (Stage) by Bee Kirbys New Computer
    Palutena: Pit, look out!
    Pit: What?! What is it?! Are we under attack?!
    Palutena: No, but this place is a total danger zone! Everything here looks sharp and pointy enough to cut you clean in half!
    Pit: Woah, you're right!
    Viridi: I realize you guys have been out of the loop for 25 years, but you should really show some respect.
    Viridi: You're in Kongo Jungle 64, a stage from the original Super Smash Brothers all the way back in 1999!
    Viridi: Things were a lot simpler back then. There were only 12 characters, no Final Smashes, and there weren't even any trophies to collect!
    Viridi: Back then, games didn't need flashy special effects and gimmicky items to be good! Gameplay was all that mattered!
    Pit: Looks like somebody's channeling their inner Cranky Kong.
    Palutena: If you're done reminiscing, I'd like to get around to explaining the stage.
    Palutena: That barrel at the bottom of the stage will launch you in whatever direction it's pointing. If you ever get pushed off the stage, that's your opportunity to get back on your feet.
    Palutena: But you'll have to be careful, because that barrel can just as easily spell your doom!
    Viridi: ...and what's with this music the young kids are listening to? It's all just a bunch of noise, if you ask me!

  • Final Destination, by Bee Kirbys New Computer
    Pit: Man, who knew a place called "Final Destination" would be sooooo boring?
    Viridi: How can you say that, Pit? Just look at this place!
    Viridi: You're on a floating platform in the middle of space, one side covered in lava and brimstone, the other encased in mysterious metal!
    Viridi: As you duke it out, your platform ventures through the galaxy, nearly brushing against the sun itself!
    Viridi: The planets swirl about in a wonder of light and color!
    Viridi: Everything about this arena screams, "This is it! This is the grand finale! All your training and practice has been leading to this moment!"
    Pit: Yeah, but...would it kill them to put in a second platform or something?

  • Fiora (Mechonis Armor Form) by Anime Vulpa Girl
    Pit: So wait, Shulk has a machine-gun robot girlfriend?
    Viridi: "Robot" isn't exactly the right term...
    Palutena: Viridi's right. When Colony 9 was attack by Mechon, Fiora died but was brought back to life when she was made into a Face unit.
    Viridi: Although, she doesn't seem to mind...
    Pit: Well, considering death is the other option, I can see why she doesn't mind.
    Palutena: I guess the best part about it for Fiora is that she gets a chance to fight along side Shulk in team battles.
    Pit: Well if that happens, let's show them what we're made of, Lady Palutena!

  • Marshal, by Bee Kirbys New Computer
    Pit: Woo hoo! Yeah! Feel the heat!
    Viridi: What are you doing, Pit?
    Pit: I'm dancing! Woo! Alright!
    Viridi: ...okay, any particular reason why?
    Pit: I can't help it! Whenever I look at that little guy over there, I just can't sit still!
    Palutena: That "little guy" is Marshal, and it's perfectly normal for you to feel the urge to dance around him, Pit.
    Palutena: After all, he comes from the world of Rhythm Heaven, where everything dances. Mice, cats, dogs, frogs, professional wrestlers, you name it.
    Viridi: A world where everything's constantly dancing doesn't sound very heavenly, if you ask me.
    Pit: Cool! So, you got any tips on fighting him? (Yeah! Woo!)
    Palutena: Yes. Marshal's moves get stronger if he uses them multiple times in rhythm.
    Palutena: If your own rhythm is good, you can interrupt him before he unleashes his full power.
    Viridi: Of course, that's assuming that Marshal also has good rhythm.

  • Shantae, by Anime Vulpa Girl
    Pit: Who's this girl, Lady Palutena?
    Shantae: Hi there!
    Pit, Viridi and Palutena: AHH!
    Shantae: My name's Shantae, I've been hair-whipping pirates, zombies and barons since 2002! It's nice to finally meet you!
    Viridi: Great, first Chrom and now Genie Girl here. We really need to fix this problem!
    Pit: Wait! You're a Genie?!
    Shantae: Well, Half-Genie.
    Pit: Can you grant wishes?! Please tell me you can grant wishes!
    Shantae: As of recently, yep!
    Pit: AWESOME!!!
    Palutena: Pit, you can wish for things later.
    Pit: Um, what?
    Shantae: Don't worry! We can talk after the match! Just remember I won't easy on you, OK?
    Pit: Alright, same here! It's time to claim victory! FOR SKYWORLD!
    Shantae: FOR SEQUIN LAND!

  • Shadow (Assist Trophy) by Bee Kirbys New Computer
    Pit: You know, I just noticed a similarity between me and Sonic.
    Viridi: Oh, really? And what would that be?
    Pit: Well, we both have clones that used to hate us but now are our friends! I have Pittoo, and Sonic has Shadow!
    Dark Pit: First of all, we're not friends. And second of all, I'm nothing like that guy.
    Palutena: Pittoo is right, Pit. Pittoo is a simple reflection of your tough rebellious side, while Shadow is a much more complex creature.
    Palutena: In fact, he's actually much older than Sonic. He was created by Gerald Robotnik on the space colony ARK over fifty years before Sonic was even born.
    Palutena: He was created to be the ultimate life form, made using the genes of a creature called the Black Doom.
    Palutena: And then he was—
    Viridi: Oh, look at that, he disappeared, guess we won't be able to hear the rest of that riveting story!

  • Meta Knight, by GF93
    Pit: Uh, who's that armoured balloon with the sword?
    Viridi: That's Meta Knight — he's a masked swordsman from Dream Land, and wielder of the legendary Galaxia Sword.
    Pit: Ah, now I remember. Ahem... (Pit puts on a Spanish accent and wraps his wings around the lower half of his face) "He has become, Smash Kirby!"
    Palutena: He's also the Commander of the Battleship Halberd.
    Pit: Halberd...? That was the ship the Subspace Army took over two games ago, wasn't it?
    Palutena: The very same. Before that, he once tried to use it to take over Dream Land for himself, and since it originally crashed, he's rebuilt it and even taken it into space.
    Pit: Aaaaand then the Subspace guys crashed it again. He must have some pretty good insurance if he got it fixed again after that!
    Palutena: Yup. But he hasn't let that stop him — even after fixing it again, he still travels the galaxy to challenge strong opponents, and has crossed swords with Kirby more times than you can shake a Star Rod at.
    Pit: Sounds pretty evil if he's doing that.
    Viridi: You can say that again. The level of pollution from that gas-guzzling monstrosity must be huge!
    Meta Knight: Not so on either account. You'd be surprised at the efficiency of it.
    Pit, Palutena and Viridi: WHOA!
    Pit: Talk about good timing. How'd you tap in?
    Meta Knight: Hm. Sword and Blade must have been messing with the transmitters again.
    Viridi: Great. First Chrom, and now this iron-clad gumball — we really need to get that problem fixed!
    Meta Knight: — and though the Halberd is good to have around, I'd much prefer a victory in respectful combat without having to rely on it. Mano y mano, if you will.
    Pit: Almost makes me wonder what you really look like under the mask, Meta Knight.
    Palutena: (Shows a picture of a maskless Meta Knight, from Kirby Super Star, pointing to it with an "^_^" expression) Like this!
    Meta Knight: ... (Flatly staring)
    Palutena: Anyway, the big thing to watch out for against Meta Knight is his ability to fight in mid-air — he's very quick, and can also fly and teleport with his cape. He doesn't do a lot of damage with each hit though, so the best thing to do is, use your shield and dodging to wait for an opening, and don't let him keep the match airborne.
    Viridi: (Teasing) And don't get poked to death by that cute little sword!
    Meta Knight: (Ignoring Viridi) Well, you seem like a strong opponent, so hopefully you can give me a good fight, Angel. Be forewarned, though; my power is without rival, and the speed of Galaxia is unsurpassed.
    Pit: Gotcha. One more thing before we continue, though — I remember fighting on the Halberd again a few matches ago. Got me thinking, who puts their face on the front of their own giant flying warship?

  • Commandervideo by Bee Kirbys New Computer
    Charles Martinet: Today's Palutena's Guidance is brought to you in part by Tommy's Tinsel Turtle Eggs! "Eat 'me while they're hot!"
    Pit: ...what was that all about?
    Palutena: Skyworld's economy has been in a bit of a slump lately, so I thought I'd get us some extra Hearts by letting companies advertise in our little conversations.
    Palutena: But that's not important right now. Right now we need to focus on Commandervideo.
    Pit:: Oh, right. What exactly is he, anyway?
    Palutena: Well, he claims to be "only a man," but he's nothing like any human I've ever seen.
    Pit: Maybe he's some kind of super-evolved human from the future!
    Viridi: All the more reason for me to keep making Reset Bombs. Just imagine seeing this thing crawling all over the planet.
    Pit: But wait...if he's from the future, then how can I fight him? He knows my every move!
    Palutena: Calm down, Pit. I have some advice for you.
    Palutena: Commandervideo's Core move has a very long reach, and his Void move makes projectiles useless.
    Palutena: But if you get close to him with your Upperdash Arm, you can deal lots of damage in no time at all.
    Charles Martinet: Today's Palutena's Guidance was brought to you in part by Unkle Dill's Dills! "The garden sausage!"

  • Ryu by Bee Kirbys New Computer
    Palutena: Um, Pit...what are you doing?
    Pit: I'm practicing my Street Fighter moves! After all, I'm fighting a regular Fighting Game celebrity!
    Palutena: Oh! You're fighting Ryu, then?
    Pit: The one and only! His moves shaped the fighting style of countless fighters, even some in Smash!
    Pit: The thing is, he's so different from all the other fighters here. He can perform secret strong moves by using different button combos!
    Pit: He even has two Final Smashes! One for if his enemies are far away, and one for if he's standing close to somebody!
    Palutena: [chuckling] I'm impressed, Pit! You really did your research on this guy. But...why did you call me, then?
    Pit: 'Cause I want your opinion on which move I should use to impress him! Should I do a simple Shoryuken, or try a Tatsumaki Senpukyaku?
    Palutena: I...think you'd better just stick with your regular moves, Pit.

  • Diancie by Togie
    Pit: What is this thing? A rock with eyes?
    Palutena: That's Diancie, a Mythical Pokemon.
    Pit: Isn't a Mythical Pokemon the same as a Legendary Pokemon? Like Mewtwo?
    Viridi: No, Legendary Pokemon tend to be more straightforward. Mythical Pokemon usually have an odd quirk that sets it apart from Legendary Pokemon, hence making them more coveted by humans.
    Viridi: It mustn't be nice being so valued by humans and constantly trying to evade capture.
    Palutena: Anyway... Diancie's quirk is the ability to Mega Evolve, and has one of the most drastic changes in a team role of any Mega Evolution. Rather than providing support for its teammates, it goes all out on the offensive once it Mega Evolves.
    Pit: ...I won't have to face it's Mega Evolution, right?
    Viridi: If you don't let it get the Smash Ball.
    Palutena: Back to the main battle, Diancie has a combination of up-close attacks and projectiles, but it's really slow and doesn't have the best recovery. Try to keep it from recovering as much as possible.

  • Snake by superkeijikun
    Pit: Jeez, look at this guy! He looks like he could take on the Underworld Army by himself!
    Mei Ling: ...I'm sorry, but who is this?
    Pit: Wait, you're not Lady Palutena? Sorry, I must've gotten the wrong number!
    Mei Ling: Oh, it's quite alright. You seem like a nice enough boy. Still, you must be pretty confident going up against the one and only Snake.
    Pit: I've taken on gods of the Underworld and came out unscathed! Still, this "Snake" guy looks like he's a real tough cookie. I don't suppose you have any tips?
    Mei Ling: I suppose it wouldn't hurt to help you a little. There is an old saying that goes: "Win by any way you can. Nice guys finish last." Basically, fight as hard as you can and win by any means necessary.
    Pit: Got it! Thanks for the pointer.
    Mei Ling: Any time. Want me to save your game for you?
    Pit: Sorry, I'm a little busy. Maybe later!

  • Snake by infernape612
    Pit: Who is that guy? He's got enough explosives on him to level a small fortress!
    Miller: That's Solid Snake. His remote-controlled C4 and motion-detecting mines are very useful for controlling the stage, and his Cypher allows him to recover from very long distances.
    Pit: Huh? Who are you?
    Miller: Just a friend...
    Pit: A friend, huh? Well, how do I beat him?
    Miller: His aerial game is rather subpar, and that same Cypher leaves him vulnerable to attack.
    Pit: Got it. So, keep him in the air, and try to hit him when he's recovering.
    Snake: What the- Master Miller! What are you doing? Why are you giving my tactics to the enemy?!
    Campbell: Snake! That's not Miller! He was just found in his home tied to a chair for three days!
    Miller?: *removes sunglasses* Goodbye, brother! HAHAHAHA!
    Pit: ...What was that all about?

  • Cloud by Krspace T
    Pit: Wow, that guy has a big sword
    Palutena: His name is Cloud Strife, he's a master swordsmen whose saved the world many times over.
    Pit: You know, he seems pretty chill with suddenly finding himself surrounded by talking animals and magic for a swordsmen.
    Viridi: Hey, why is he even here anyway? He's the guy who betrayed us!
    Pit: Um, what?
    Palutena: Well you see Pit, his game was originally going to be on the Nintendo 64 but.....
    Master Xehanort: It was all part of my master plan you see.....
    Viridi: Hey, get off this channel!

  • Cloud by superkeijikun
    Pit: Yowza! Look at the size of that sword!
    Viridi: That's Cloud Strife, for you.
    Pit: You seem awfully cheery talking about him...I thought you hated all humans.
    Viridi: That is my personal rule of thumb, but I make an occasional exception for those who fight against environmental destruction. He's a member of a resistance movement that opposes the use of his world's life force as fuel, at the cost of the planet itself. If more humans followed his example, I'd be willing to spare them...
    Pit: I guess even you can be forgiving sometimes, Viridi.
    Viridi: What do you mean "sometimes", ya shrimp?! You better watch your butt out there: as big as that sword is, he can swing it pretty fast, and hit from afar with his Blade Beam.

  • Pichu by Koolkev
    Pit: Aww, look! It's Pikachu! Wait...is it just me or does Pikachu look smaller than usual?
    Palutena: That's because that's not Pikachu. This is Pichu, the pre-evolution of Pikachu.
    Pit: Oh, so it's like a baby version of Pikachu?
    Palutena: Essentially. This also means that Pichu is much quicker and stronger than Pikachu as well.
    Pit: Stronger than Pikachu?!
    Viridi: Yup! Pichu is so strong that it doesn't know how to control its' own electricity! The poor little guy uses so much force that his own attacks hurt him as well!
    Pit: Aww, poor little Pichu! I'll promise not to hurt him and I'll go easy on him!
    Viridi: Ha ha! Yeah, you do that.
    Palutena: Now now, Pit. Pichu may look small and it may hurt itself, but that doesn't mean that he isn't lightning-quick and packed with power.
    Pit: So, I'll go a little easy on him?
    Palutena: Do what you think is best...if you can survive.
    Pit: What?
    Viridi: Pfft.

  • Inkling by 101supertails
    Pit: What the? What is that thing?
    Palutena: That's an Inkling. Inklings are an evolved species of squid that live on land, and participate in turf wars.
    Pit: Turf wars?
    Palutena: Its sort of like an extreme version of paintball.
    Pit: Oh... So uh any tips on how to fight this... squid? Or is it a kid?
    Viridi: Don't you even dare Pit!
    Pit: Dare what? I was just asking a question Viridi. Calm down.
    Viridi: Oh. I thought you were gonna break into that stupid song...
    Pit: What stupid song?
    Palutena: You're a kid now! You're a squid now!
    Viridi: Why!? Ugh... and just when I got it out of my head too...
    Palutena: Rise above the ink!
    Pit: Uh...
    Viridi: Please... just stop...
  • Bayonetta by DATEMAY
    Pit: Lady Palutena... can I drop out of this one?
    Palutena: Now, Pit. Don't be a chicken.
    Pit: But that's FREAKING Bayonetta for crying out loud! Have you seen what she's done to angels?! I'm too young to die!
    Bayonetta: My, I never knew angels can be such crybabies.
    Viridi: Hey, who let the Umbra Witch in here?!
    Pit: I'm not a crybaby! I'm just... worried about my fate due to your reputation.
    Bayonetta: Why, thank you, little angel. Don't worry, I won't hurt you... much.
    Pit: Meep.
    Viridi: I can't believe Palutena's champion is acting like a little baby now. Get a grip!
    Palutena: Viridi's right, Pit. Stay calm. Bayonetta may be strong, but she will get tired after shooting a lot. Once that's happen, you can beat her.

  • Pikaman by Breakin Benny (attempting to match the PSA from Brawl)
    Pit: ..... What... is this?!
    Viridi: Pit, what's wrong? Oh... that thing.
    Pit: It looks like a Pikachu and fights like a Pikachu too, but much more!
    Viridi: To tell you the truth, that's a so-called Pikaman. It occurs when a Pikachu somehow has its anatomy morphed to gain a bipedal, slender humanoid appearance.
    Pit: I've... kinda heard of that before. This man-Pikachu looks so freaky! Any clues in fighting with it?
    Viridi: Pikaman is essentially a Pikachu with its usual abilities, but it also has a greater reach and can pull off various additional techniques thanks to its new body. Reflect its Thunder Jolts with your Orbitars and keep your head cool in the battle!
    Pit: Understood!... Boy, I hope I don't get nightmares.

  • Jago by davidverlustus
    Pit: Um...Palutena?
    Palutena: Yes, Pit?
    Pit: Why..who is that?
    Palutena: That's Jago. Pronounced Jay-goh. Be wary of his sword.
    Pit: Sword!? That thing's...laserish! It has lasers!
    Palutena: Be wary of his...Endo..kou...ken.
    Jago: I'm afraid your path will end here, angel.
    Pit: Uwah!
    Palutena: Be careful, Pit!

  • Waluigi by Creekery
    Pit: What the heck is up with this guy? He's all lanky and weird!
    Viridi: Hey, it's Dick Dasterdly!
    Palutena: Actually, that's just Waluigi. Luigi's evil arch-rival of sorts. Looking to one day steal Luigi's spot.
    Viridi: You mean to tell me he's been stuck in the shadow of a shadow!? I almost feel bad for him!
    Palutena: Regardless of his social stats, keep an eye on him. Waluigi doesn't play by the rules and has a lot of weird tricks up his sleeve like his ability to swim in the air.
    Pit: He can swim in the air? How on earth does he do that?
    Palutena: I don't know, maybe you should ask him how. He might just be able to improve your flying abilities.
    Pit: Must you always mock my inability to fly?

  • Amaterasu
    Pit: Aw, what a cute dog!
    Viridi: Wolf.
    Palutena: God.
    Pit and Viridi: Say WHAT?!!?
    Palutena: That wolf is actually the Shinto deity Amaterasu, goddess of the sun and creator of the world.
    Pit: Am I the only one who finds it strange that you look up to a god I could tame with belly scratches and bacon?
    Palutena: In retrospect, it is kind of strange...
    Anyway, Amaterasu has three different weapons, and the one she has active determines how she's playing. The reflector indicates defense and staying alive. The glaive is designed for offense and rushdown, and the rosary indicates she's playing keepaway.
    Viridi: But forcing a different type of play onto her will leave her with no time for her to switch weapons, and it takes time to transition. Capitalize on that.

    Snake codecs 
  • Pac-Man, by ABRICK
    Snake: Otacon, what do Pac Pellets taste like? Is it true they taste like cookies?
    Otacon: What? How can you think of food when you're in such serious trouble? You're fighting Pac-Man, Snake!
    Snake: So? All he does is run away from ghosts and eat pellets.
    Otacon: That's exactly the point, Snake! Years of escaping from ghosts whilst trapped in a maze has made him a master of evasion and turning the tables! He's lead whole armies of ghosts around a corner just to lead them into a trap that devours them in seconds! He's got other tricks, too! Butt bounces, pac dot shots, rev rolls, the list goes on!
    Snake: Yeah, but he can't harm me if he doesn't get a power pellet, right?
    Otacon: Not quite, Snake. Pac-Man may need power pellets to deal with ghosts, but he's more than capable of unleashing his fists on a physical opponent... or his mouth, if he's hungry.
    Snake:What?!? Urgh, no wonder he's wearing such a predatory smile. He was waiting for me to make a mistake all this time! So, Otacon, how do I beat Pac-Man?
    Otacon: You can't.
    Snake: WHAT?!?
    Otacon: The game was intended to go on indefinitely, but a glitch in the programming means level 256 is unbeatable, so...
    Snake: That's not what I- You know what? Never mind. I'll just try painting my grenades yellow, maybe that will fool him.

  • Shantae by SuperMafia
    Snake: Otacon, there's a girl that weaponizes her hair!
    Otacon: You must be fighting the bellydancer Shantae, Snake!
    Snake: A bellydancer?
    Otacon: Well... A half-genie bellydancer, actually.
    Snake: You have got to be kidding, Otacon...
    Otacon: In her games on the Game Boy Color and the Nintendo DSi, Shantae utilizes her half-genie magic in the form of bellydancing, which can allow her to transform into animals like a monkey and elephants, among other animals.
    Snake: Just perfect, just when I had enough from fighting a half-genie bellydancer...
    Otacon: Don't worry too much, Snake. Unlike in Brawl, she can't permanently transform into an animal, but those animals will still manifest in her Specials.
    Snake: I guess I'll have to show her why she shouldn't mess with a Snake.
    Otacon: Ugh...

  • Mega Man, by FOFD
    Snake: It's some kind of... advanced... cyborg... well, it doesn't look very ninja-ish but...
    Miller: No. That's spot-on Snake. That's Mega Man. He's an advanced, killer robot from the future.
    Snake: ...
    Miller: He was built by genius roboticist Dr. Light. He's as agile as they come, dashing from left to right, jumping off walls, dashing. He can even fire a gun while hanging on a wall! You need to watch out for that Snake.
    Snake: Well, there don't seem to be too many walls here so...
    Paz: Actually, that's not entirely true.
    Miller: Wh... what do you mean?
    Paz: This Mega Man is the classic version, who can't fight while attached to a wall. The model that jumps off walls is Mega Man X, who comes from a future more distant than the classic version.
    Miller: Well, I... wait, a more distant future? How do you know that?
    Paz: Mega Man comes with several unique weapons from other robots he's defeated in the past.
    Snake: Oh really? So there's a "procure-on-site" subroutine somewhere in that blue, metal dome of his?
    Paz: Mega Man's primary weapon, though, and his most dangerous, is the Mega Buster. Think of it as a large, portable laser gun that comes out of his arm. It doesn't need any ammunition, can be fired rapidly, and he can charge it to make the blast more powerful, though this slows down the shot.
    Snake: Infinite ammunition? Huh. Ridiculous. Technology hasn't come that far.
    Paz: He's from the future Snake. You know, the thing we're fighting for?
    Snake: And it leads to invincible fighting robots with laser cannons in the future? -grumble- That wasn't exactly what I had in mind for this world's future. -beat- Hey Kaz?
    Miller:Yeah Snake?
    Snake: Get the R&D department on the line.
    Miller: Uh, sure. What do you want to say to them?
    Snake: Tell them I want a prototype Snake Buster by the end of the week, or there's going to be six new positions available in R&D.

  • Villager, by Ogodei
    Snake: I know you've had me fight kids before, Otacon, but this guy doesn't even look like he has any psychic powers!
    Otacon: That may be, but he's a successful city manager four or five times over. You don't get there without some skill in dealing with troublemakers.
    Snake: "Four or five?"
    Otacon: Depends on if you count Animal Forest for the Nintendo 64.
    Snake: I have no idea what you're talking about.
    Otacon: That's a Villager, Snake.
    Snake: ... They won't stop smiling at me.
    Otacon: Hey, maybe you just don't smile enough! You should consider being with me and Sunny more often! Maybe then you'll stop feeling so grumpy.

  • Mii Fighter, by Edrobot
    Snake: Otacon, I've been seeing a lot of these big-headed freaks. What are they?
    Otacon: Those are Mii Fighters, Snake. They're special characters that you make using the Mii Maker channel on the Wii U or 3DS. They come in three varieties, Brawler, Blaster and Swordmaster, each of which can be further customized by changing up their special moves.
    Snake: So they're tailor-made mercenaries for any occasion.
    Otacon: Well... essentially, yes. And you can make them look like anyone. Friends, family, celebrities...
    Snake: Sounds like Les Enfant Terriblies all over again...

  • Robin (general), by AznPinoy
    Snake: Kaz, there is someone shooting weird things at me.
    Miller: What things exactly?
    Snake: Sometimes its fire, or a beam of thunder, or even s/he is attacking me with his/her sword and its hitting me while s/he didn't
    Miller: Ah, you must be fighting Robin then. The tactician of a group called the Shepherds.
    Snake: So their tactician herds sheep by shooting them with thunders or fire?
    Miller: No, they call themselves that, but they actually fight Risen, or other threats to their homeland. In fact, they have defeated a being known as Grima, apparently larger than a Metal Gear.
    Snake: Bigger than Metal Gear? How do I fight him/her
    Miller: S/he also completed it with a few of his/her men dying, almost no casualties. As for fighting him/her, you will have to try other strategies, s/he fights more subtle since people in his/her world can't be brought back to life if they die. Avoid any of his/her lasers, fires, wind attacks, and that levin sword and you will have an upper hand.
    Snake: Great....Thanks for telling me that Kaz.

  • Robin (both genders), by MrUnderhill
    Snake: Colonel, there's this guy/woman shooting some kind of magic at me. I think s/he's using a... is that a book?!
    Colonel: That must be Robin, Snake. Robin is the lead tactician of the Shepherds, a famous Ylissean vigilante group.
    Snake: So s/he calls the shots, huh? Aren't tacticians supposed to stay out of the line of fire? S/he seems to enjoy getting right into it.
    Colonel: Robin isn't your ordinary tactician. S/he's lead the Shepherds through countless battles with no casualties. I think part of that is because s/he isn't afraid to put his/her own life on the line for his/her comrades.
    Snake: I always thought casualties were just another part of war. If Robin is that good, it's no wonder people are eager to follow him/her. Say, Colonel?
    Colonel: Yes, Snake?
    Snake: Any chance you'd be willing to lend me some backup one of these days?
    Colonel: Sorry, Snake, but I don't think so. In addition to being a skilled tactician, Robin is also a powerful mage. Those "books" you saw him/her using are magic tomes. Robin has four of them, one for fire, wind, thunder, and dark magic. S/he also has two different swords; a bronze one for regular attacks, and a Levin Sword that deals electrical damage.
    Snake: That's an impressive arsenal. How does s/he carry all that?
    Colonel: To paraphrase Otacon: "You tell me, Mr. Utility Belt!"
    Snake: Oh, right.
    Colonel: Robin's weakness is that his/her equipment, aside from the bronze sword, all have limited uses. If you can hold out long enough, s/he'll exhaust them and leave him/herself vulnerable for a short time.
    Snake: So play defensive and wait for him/her to slip up. Got it, Colonel!

  • Lucina, by AznPinoy
    Snake: Mei Ling, what just happened? Marth is looking and acting more feminine than usual, kinda like...
    Mei Ling: You mean Lucina? You do know she is trying to fight you, right?
    Snake: Wait, she?
    Mei Ling: Yes, I thought you would know easily. Or have you lost your touch?
    Snake: ...
    Mei Ling: Anyway, she came from a future that was ravaged by a being known as Grima, she went back to time to prevent the end of the world She pretended to be her 1000 year ancestor.
    Snake: So she is his thousand year descendant. Wait, time travel? What's next, are you going to tell me someone can marry her? Or that one of her friends was this Grima person? Who knew she was a she anyway?
    Mei Ling: To answer your questions, A male Robin or any of her comrades from the future can, I can only say yes, her friend in the timeline she jumped to was affiliated with Grima, and you can try figuring out the third question.
    Snake: ... fine. How do I fight her?
    Mei Ling: Just fight her like you would fight one of the previous heroes from Fire Emblem. Just know that any damage from her will be the same, even if she lightly grazed you with her sword.

  • Shulk, by Ekelai
    Snake: Otacon, who's this kid with the laser sword?
    Otacon: That's Shulk, also known as the "True Heir to the Monado." He's an engineer who lives on a giant mecha known as the Bionis.
    Snake:He lives in a Mecha? I can't imagine how cramped that would be. Imagine settling down inside a Metal Gear.
    Otacon: Shulk doesn't have that problem; his entire hometown fits on the Bionis' leg. Heck, compared to the Bionis, REX and RAY may as well be gnats!
    Snake: If only they were as easy to get rid of as that.
    Otacon: They could be for Shulk, Snake. The Monado, his sword, was originally used as a weapon against a race of machines known as Mechon. Don't think you could ask to borrow it, though; Shulk is the "True Heir" because he can use it without any drawbacks. The last guy to wield it - Dunban - lost the use of his right arm for that reason.
    Snake: Well he's definitely a soldier; he fights like he knows what I'll do before I do it.
    Otacon: That's because the Monado also lets him see the future.
    Snake: ... Otacon?
    Otacon: Yeah?
    Snake: I really want that sword.
    Otacon:I know, Snake. I know.

  • Dark Pit, by superkeijikun
    Snake: Otacon, there's another kid here with wings, but he looks different...a clone, maybe?
    Viridi: Wait, who is this 'Otacon'?
    Snake: What the-Who are you, and how did you get this frequency?!
    Viridi: I should be asking that question! I don't recall ever giving this number to a filthy human!
    Snake: What do you mean 'filthy human'?
    Viridi: You humans know nothing but how to make war and ruin the environment. Just look at yourself, armed to the teeth like some one-man army! You epitomize the problem with humans!
    Snake: Listen, kid! We humans may be violent, and war is terrible, but I'm fighting to stop wars from ever breaking out again, and I don't have to justify myself to some pipsqueak!
    Viridi: 'Pipsqueak'?! Why, I've got half a mind to drop a Reset Bomb on your stupid head right this instant!
    Snake: I don't have time for this. We're done talking.
    Viridi: Hey, don't you hang up on me!
    (If Snake is defeated in mid-conversation) Viridi: Snake! Don't you ignore me when I'm talking to you! Snake?! SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!

  • Little Mac, by mariic
    Snake: Colonel, I'm fighting against a short boxer, and he looks familiar, but also different.
    Doc: That "short boxer" is Little Mac, and the name's Doc Louis, not "Colonel". By the way, he changed his appearance after his comeback.
    Snake: ! How do people keep accessing this frequency?
    Doc: That I don't know, but what I DO know is that Mac there is one of the greatest, if not THE greatest boxer in the history of VWBA. Heck, I should know because I'm his coach!
    Snake: Maybe, but don't you think he's way out of his league?
    Doc: Don't you worry about him, he's just as capable as you or every other brawler are. Heck, he once KO'd Donkey Kong a few years ago!
    Snake: ...
    Doc: I know, right? Oh, before you go, make sure you never, and I mean NEVER, make fun of his height.
    Snake: Why not?
    Doc: Ask Samus.

  • Duck Hunt by Waverunner
    Snake: Colonel, am I having a nightmare?
    Colonel: What's wrong, Snake?
    Snake: This thing I'm fighting seems to exist to solely to tick me off?
    Colonel: You mean Duck Hunt? This trio is a formidable foe, but it's nothing you haven't dealt with before.
    Snake: That's exactly the problem, I have dealt with it before, long before Smash Bros. We have dogs and snipers, birds and explosives, and the thing that bothers me the most, those fast firing gunslingers. I'm having a bad case of déjà by right now.
    Colonel: I don't blame you Snake, you've dealt with all of those things once, but I believe you can do it again!
    Snake: You're right! I'll give them the same treatment I gave that psychic kid and that evil angel clone.
    Colonel: That's the spirit Snake. Don't let him mock you like the others before him have.

  • Dr. Mario by Kansas_Hurricane
    Snake: Otacon, Mario's here, except he's dressed in medical garb.
    Otacon: Thats Dr. Mario Snake!
    Snake: Dr what?
    Otacon: Dr Mario. Evidently Mario got a doctorate in medicine at some point and what you're looking at is some kind of alter ego.
    Snake: He's certainly versatile. Plumber, kart racer, combatant, and now doctor? What do I have to worry about with this guy?
    Otacon: Well, obviously he's pretty similar to Mario, except he's a bit more sluggish. However what he lacks in speed he makes up for in strength! Make sure to watch out for those megavitamins he throws, they pack quite a punch.
    Snake: Well whatever happens, he won't be as bad as some of the doctors I've faced before.
    Otacon: No kidding.

  • Bowser Jr. by Nofix
    Snake: Otacon, am I fighting a little version of Bowser?
    Otacon: Thats his son, Bowser Jr., who you're fighting. His Koopa Clown Car Jr. is rigged with various weapons and gadgets.
    Snake: So he's combined utility with mobility? Sounds like a babies first Metal Gear?
    Otacon: Be careful Snake, just because he's cute and his machine looks silly, don't forget it has cannonballs, drills as big as your head, and can infinitely respawn after the pilot ejects himself.
    Snake: Huh. Looks like I'll have to take him out and ignore the giant smiling target. My only worry is I'm going to have a giant angry father on my tail.

  • Palutena by Azn Pinoy
    Snake: Kaz, mind telling me what a winged woman is doing here?
    Hades: Who is this Kaz you are speaking about, and you are not fighting a mere mortal human, you are fighting a goddess of light.
    Snake: Again? How are people getting this frequency? Who are you?
    Hades: Someone who wants Paluey to be beaten, although since she is a goddess, and she can reflect or counter you, you won't really win.
    Snake: You would be surprised at what I done....
    Hades: Oh right, name is Hades, you are fighting Palutena, careful of her auto-lasers, it will be shocking to you.
    Snake: Aren't you supposed to help me by telling me ideas on how to fight her, instead of messing with me?
    Hades: Please, a so called soldier who destroyed Metal Gears, beaten the Cobra Unit/FOXHOUND(depending on costume, either MGS3 or MGS2) vs a goddess, course I know who will win, but its more fun to see you fail.
    • If Snake gets K Oed by Palutena while on the codec:
    Hades: (sarcastic) Wow, you sure did well against her. Do make sure you try to beat her next time.

  • Ridley by Kayube
    Snake: Colonel! We've got a problem! A dragon has appeared on the battlefield!
    Campbell: That's no dragon, Snake. That's Ridley, leader of the Space Pirates.
    Snake: Space Pirates? So he's an alien?
    Campbell: That's right. He's a wanted criminal throughout the galaxy. He may be strong, but if you can show that you're stronger than he is, he might fight on your side for a while.
    Snake: So he'd abandon his cause just like that... Sounds more like a coward than a leader.

  • Metal Face by Kayube
    Snake: Is that... a new model of Metal Gear?!
    Otacon: That would be Metal Face, actually. It's a high-mobility weapon made by the Mechon. It's not equipped to handle nuclear weapons, but it's still well-armed. Just look at those claws!
    Snake: I hear someone inside... so it's a manned weapon. Wonder who the pilot is.
    Otacon: Whoever it is, try your best to bring it down, Snake. And make sure to bring back pictures!
    Snake: ...

  • Ryu by Darkton
    Snake: This guy looks pretty familiar...
    Otacon: Familiar?! Snake, do you even know who that is? That's Ryu! Ryu made his first appearance in 1987, but he really got going in 1991. Don't worry, this guy only believes in a fair fight, so you're not in too much danger.
    Snake: Fair fight? Sounds like Grey Fox. He's got the headband alright. Anything else I should know?
    Otacon: Heh, know?! Only that this guy is THE fighting game icon! There isn't a fighting gamer around who doesn't know who he is! He's pretty much Capcom's mascot!
    Otacon: Huh?
    Snake: Well, I was under the impression that Mega Man was Capcom's big mascot.
    Otacon: Well, to be technical, the first one was Captain Commando, then it was Mega Man. Ryu's the big one now.
    Snake: I see.... well I don't see why they both can't be mascots. Like both of them at the same time.
    Otacon: Maybe you're right. By the way, Snake?
    Snake: Yeah?
    Otacon: Do you think you could get Ryu's autograph for me? I'd really like that!
    Snake: Autograph? In the middle of a fight? ...fine.

  • Mewtwo by Fourze 99
    Snake: Otacon, what's this thing with the that's floating off the ground?
    Otacon: That's Mewtwo, the genetic Pokémon. It was cloned by scientists to recreate the legendary pokemon Mew.
    Snake: Cloning? That sounds familiar.
    Otacon: It's also got psychic powers such as mind attacks and telekinesis.
    Snake: A psychic too? Now this makes me feel at home.
    Otacon: It also uses his telekinesis to slightly float off the ground and lift objects.
    Snake: Not relying on your own strength and using other methods of trivial tasks like walking sounds like a lazy strategy if you ask me.
    Otacon: Focus Snake. Mewtwo has an attack called Disable that stuns you for a short time. But if you're too far away or you aren't making eye contact, you'll be fine.
    Snake: So, defend and keep my distance. Gotcha.

  • Pit by infernape612
    Snake: Alright, angel boy. Time for round two...
    Palutena: Pit's been overhauled since you last encountered him. Almost all of his special moves have been replaced, and he's a lot quicker than before.
    Snake: Not again... Who are you and how did you get onto this line?!
    Palutena: That's not important. What is important is that Pit still has a lot of trouble getting KOs, so playing defensively is a good option.
    Snake: ...Why should I trust you?
    Palutena: Because you want to win! Besides-
    Pit: Lady Palutena? I need info about - Hey, what are you doing? WHY ARE YOU TELLING HIM ABOUT ME?!
    Palutena: Oh, Pit! Messing with you is so much fun!
    Pit: ...You can expect my resignation letter within the next hour.
    Snake: Getting jerked around by your CO... I've been there. Not fun...

  • Cloud Strife by Fourze 99
    Snake: Something about this guy looks familiar...
    Otacon: That's Cloud Strife, Defender of the Life Stream. That sword of his is called the Buster Sword and it's as dangerous as it looks.
    Snake: It looks pretty heavy. How does he lift it up?
    Otacon: Cloud's been infused with Mako and Jenova Cells. They enhance his strength and his overall athleticism.
    Snake: So, nanomachines.
    Otacon: Well, um, not exactly...

  • Corrin by Heinous Acts ZX
    Snake: Mei Ling, there's another swordfighter flying around the battlefield!
    Mei Ling: That's Corrin, Snake. S/he was born to Hoshido royalty, but raised in the Nohr Kingdom. When war broke out between the two nations, Corrin had to choose which family to side with.
    Snake: Huh. Not surprised s/he decided to cut and run to this fight instead.
    Mei Ling: That sword in the most powerful form of the Yato, a magical weapon that can emit fire, so try to keep your distance.
    Snake: Magical? Looks more like a giant chainsaw to me.
    Mei Ling: That's not all, Snake. Corrin is a Manakete, which means s/he can turn into a dragon, and attack with claws, wings and fangs.
    Snake: Could be worse. At least it isn't bees.
    Mei Ling: Be carful in this fight, Snake. Corrin isn't just skilled with a sword, s/he's got the heart of dragon.
    Snake: The beast within... Sounds like a pretty good proverb.

  • Waluigi by Creekery
    Snake: I appear to be fighting Robbie Rotten. What should I do? I don't want to kill the guy, but he's really starting to bother me!
    Otacon: Snake, that is not Robbie Rotton, that's Waluigi! Luigi's arch-rival and Wario's henchman!
    Snake: Oh, I haven't heard of the guy. Is there anything I should know about him?
    Otacon: Yes, Waluigi's tennis racket can deflect nearly all of your nearly anything you shoot at him, he can attack by shouting, and he can swim in the air!
    Snake: He can swim in the air? Ugh, first his boss flies by farting and this guy just swims in the air? What is up with all these "wa" people and their weird abilities!?
    Otacon: I don't know, but keep on your toes Snake. Waluigi has a lot of other tricks up his sleeve!
    Snake: I am not going to enjoy this...

  • Corrin by superkeijikun
    Snake: Colonel, this swordsman...he can transform into a dragon!
    Campbell: That's Corrin, a prince of the kingdom of Hoshido...and also of the kingdom of Nohr.
    Snake: Hoshido and Nohr? So he's side is he on?
    Campbell: We don't know. He was born in Hoshido, but was raised in Nohr from infancy. He has close ties to the royal families of both kingdoms, even though they are at war with each other.
    Snake: So, not even he knows what side he's on, huh?
    Campbell: Indeed. His attacks have range and are unpredictable, but he's not the most mobile fighter. Try to engage him at range.
    Snake: Got it.

    Snake Item codecs 
In Metal Gear Solid, codecs would be about more than just the enemies you could face. Characters would comment on items you were carrying, and in Metal Gear Solid 3, the food you had on hand. As such, this folder is included to have codecs for items in the game.

  • Poison Mushoom by Darkton
    Para-Medic: I see you've found a Poison Mushroom. The poison mushroom is a moving mushroom that normally is found in the Mushroom Kingdom. I'm not sure what they're doing here, though. They must've been imported. Poison Mushrooms are almost identical to Super Mushrooms, but they're darker and have a slight difference to their markings: The trademark "eyes" on a Super Mushroom are more hostile-looking on a Poison Mushroom.
    Snake: It looks like a Super Mushroom, so does it taste like one?
    Para-Medic: Snake, we're not doing this again. They have poison in their name. If you eat one, go into the Survival Viewer and use CURE to take some Antidote. The guide says that Poison Mushrooms have a toxin that causes... shrinkage?
    Snake: Shrinkage?
    Para-Medic: Ah, apparently they cause you to get smaller. Being reduced in size will increase the amount of damage you take.
    Snake: And make me harder to hit?
    Para-Medic: What?
    Snake: It just seemed like if you were smaller, it'd be a lot harder to hit you.
    Para-Medic: Fine. Live on a diet of poison for all I care. It worked so well for The Fear, right?

  • Beam Sword by Darkton
    Otacon: You have a beam sword in your inventory. The beam sword is made of a high-energy output device powered by a rechargable e-cap. The blade takes the form of a ray of light, hence the "beam" portion in its name. It seems to be powered by the emotion of its user, so when you put more passion into the device, the beam grows larger and more powerful. It's an excellent tool for extending your melee range.
    Snake: Swords aren't my style, Otacon. Especially not stuff from old sci-fi movies.
    Otacon: Well, I suppose you could give it to Raiden. He'd certainly find a good use for the Emotion Engine.

  • Mr. Saturn by Bee Kirbys New Computer
    Para-Medic: Looks like you've found Mr. Saturn.
    Snake: It...has a name?
    Para-Medic: No. Well, yes. Kind of. "Mr. Saturn" is the name of their species, but they all use it as if it were their proper name. Mr. Saturns are alien creatures that live in a secluded area called Saturn Valley. Despite their bizarre speech patterns, childlike mentality, and overall...strangeness, they possess incredible technological prowess. Because of this, several of them were captured and enslaved by the evil Giygas to help further his conquest of earth.
    Snake: So...is it going to share some of that technological prowess with me?
    Para-Medic: No. I doubt it'd do you any good, anyway. But it has another ability that you might find useful: if you throw it at an opponent while they have their shield up, the shield will shatter instantly, leaving your opponent stunned.
    Snake: And...?
    Para-Medic: And what, Snake?
    Snake: How does it taste?
    Para-Medic: *sigh* The guide doesn't say anything about how it tastes. And honestly, I thought you'd have shown at least a little more hesitation about eating something that can talk.

  • Ray Gun by Darkton
    Otacon: You have a Ray Gun in your inventory. The Ray Gun is a weapon designed for deception purposes, while at the same time being a beam-based projectile weapon. The Ray Gun's appearance is inspired by a toy gun, but it's just as deadly in battle as a pistol. It can fire 16 shots before it runs out of ammo, so use it wisely. Use it in the same way you would use a SOCOM, or USP.
    Snake: Yeah, I'm lucky to have found this. The officials confiscated all my weapons before entry. I was lucky to save the high-power ones. They even took my tranquilizer.
    Snake: Given my experience, I hardly find lasers any different. Ah well, at least they didn't confiscate everything.
    Otacon: Everything? Wait, you don't mean...
    Snake: Don't worry, I won't do it around the kids. Besides, aren't you always saying it's bad for my health?

  • Maxim Tomato by Darkton
    Para-Medic: I see you've found yourself a Maxim Tomato.
    Snake: Maximum...
    Para-Medic: Not "maximum", "maxim." Though it IS short for that. The Maxim Tomato is found in the gardens of Dream Land. It's said to be considered very healthy by the inhabitants of the world, though the guide was very vague about it.
    Snake: It's a tomato, right? That must mean it tastes good.
    Para-Medic: Let's see... oh! The guide says it really is! In fact, eating a Maxim Tomato should restore 50% of your stamina. And, from the looks of things, it doesn't seem to go rotten, either.
    Snake: In a battlefield, it probably wouldn't have time to rot.
    Para-Medic: You were thinking about using a rotten one on an enemy, weren't you?
    Snake: Maybe...
    Para-Medic: Your battle strategies scare and confuse me, Snake...

    Little Mac Pep Talks 
  • Toon Link, by Just Dancer Starships
    • "Careful, Mac! That Link may be young, but he's not to be kidded with!"

  • Shantae and Banjo-Kazooie by SuperMafia
    • "Whoo-we, Mac baby! This feisty girl's using her hair and dancing techniques in the arena! Keep your distance and show her your dance moves, Mac!"
    • "A bear and a bird? Ha! It's as if Bear Hugger wanted to show you his pets! Give these two knuckleheads the ol' One-Two for Nintendo to Microsoft, Mac baby!"

  • Link and Bowser, by Enlong
    • "Don't let Link keep his distance, Mac! Those arrows ain't nothin'! Keep the pressure up, Mac! Close the distance and show him what ya got! Remember, the punch is mightier than the sword!"
    • "Stay right in Bowser's face, son! Don't flinch, baby! Keep up the pace and keep dodging! He can't smash what he can't catch!"

  • Mr. Game and Watch, by Ogodei
    • "Gotta use your hooks to hit this guy, Mac! You know what they say about trying to jab a 2-dimensional man... ... man, i got nothin'."

  • Rosalina and Luma, by Nes Classic
    • "Mac Baby, aim for Rosy's kids first. She can't fight without 'em... then you can show her what it's really like to see stars, ha ha ha!"

  • Mario, by Dr Furball
    • "When you were in the ring, Mario made some bad calls as a ref. Now's your chance to knock some sense into him!"

  • Villager, by Ogodei
    • "Keep your guard up, Mac Baby. He may just look like a little kid, but he can hit like a tree, or a house."

  • Pit, by Beta Ray
    • "Watch out Mac, that kid in the angel get-up packs a mean uppercut. Stay on your toes and you'll clip his wings sure enough."

  • Donkey Kong, by Nes Classic
    • "This ape packs a giant punch, but that's your chance to strike. Show 'em why he lost last time."

  • Kirby, by Nes Classic
    • "Hahaha! This thing's cuter than a box o' chocolates!"

  • General, by Dr Furball
    • "Mac, what's your favorite type of projectile? Mine's chocolate!"

  • Mario, by Zarek
    • "Hey, look, Mac! It's the ref! Remember him?"

  • Sonic, King Dedede, and Donkey Kong by DATEMAY
    • "Sonic may be the fastest thing alive, but that doesn't mean he thinks quick! Beat him to the punch and he's ready for a KO!"
    • "Looks like somebody needs a dethroning! Show that penguin you didn't earn your crown for nothing!"
    • "Just keep calm and stay focused, Mac! You beat DK once in the ring, you can do it again in the smash arena!"

  • Captain Falcon by lazinesslord
    • "Watch out Mac, one hit from that Falcon Punch and you'll be sent soaring. Catch him while he's charging and show him what a real punch can do."

  • Pit, Rosalina, Peach, and Pac-Man by YoichiHiruma
    • "Looks like Pit's wings don't work Mac. Why don't you do him a favor and send him flyin'?"
    • "I heard Rosalina likes to tell her Lumas stories. Ask her if she's heard the story of the Princess and the Punch!"
    • "KO the Luma first Mac! THAT'S what I call a Star Punch! Hahaha!"
    • "Time to crash Peach's tea party. But don't go empty-handed. Pack some punch to share!"
    • "Pac-Man Hungers For Battle? Then feed him a knuckle sandwich!"

  • Shulk, by Edrobot
    • That guy can do everything, but not all at once. Try doing something he won't expect, and maybe you can turn things around!
    • Don't lose your cool! He swings wide, but if you sidestep, you might be able to get the drop on him.

  • Mega Man, by superkeijikun
    • "That kid's a one-man army, Mac! Wear him down, let him burn through his batteries, then rock his world!"

  • Duck Hunt Duo, by superkeijikun
    • "That mutt's trying to throw your game off with his laughs. Don't let his taunts get to you! Keep cool, and wipe that smug look off his face!"

  • Robin, by MrUnderhill
    • "That bookworm over there looks like the clever type. Hit fast and hard, and don't give him/her time to think!"
    • "S/he hits hard at first, but s/he can't keep it up forever. As soon as s/he drops one of those books, let him/her have it!"

  • Little Mac mirror match, by FlamingoKai

  • Princess Peach, by Nanakiro

  • Samus and Zero Suit Samus, and Robin by Delnoir
    • "Whoa! Careful, Mac, no way she's gonna let you get close with all that firepower! Roll with the shots, baby!"
    • "That pretty little lady kicks like you punch, Mac! Keep her off her feet and this'll be all over!"
    • All this kid has done is bring a book to a fistfight! Show him/her brains don't always beat brawn, Mac!

  • Mr. Game & Watch by BeeKirbysNewComputer
    • "I'd love to give you some advice on your opponent, Mac, but I can't see him! ...oh, there he is! Kinda hard to see him from the side."

  • Ness by BeeKirbysNewComputer
    • "This kid's good at puttin' on light shows, but he ain't good at pullin' punches! Get up close while he's doing his flashy thing and let 'im have it!"

  • Lucario by Mr. Huxton
    • "Watch out-that jackal gets stronger the more damage he takes! Avoid his attacks, and then counter with your punches!"

  • Bowser Jr./Koopalings by Mr. Huxton
    • "What's that kid doing, sitting in his/her clown car? He's/She's got not respect for the rules!"

  • Pit by Mr. Huxton
    • "Twinkletoes' got a lot of tricks up his sleeve, but he ain't no match for a haymaker!"

  • Captain Falcon by Mr. Huxton
    • "Mac, I want you to show him your moves. I think he'll be impressed. That guy REALLY loves punching."

  • Mewtwo by The Hero Hartmut
    • "Clear your head, Mac baby! This sucka can read your mind, so you gotta psych him out! Get out there and show him that type matchups don't matter in Smash!"

  • ROB by Pytas
    • "This robot ain't no toy! Dodge his Robo Beams and then give him a couple punches between the optics!"

  • Olimar/Alph by flameclaw0x7
    • "Spaceman here ain't like Rosy. Don't aim for his Carrots, he can spawn them like crazy."
    • "Little rocket man can't do anything without his vegetables. Wait for him to toss them away, then bring in the punches!"

  • PAC-MAN by Bee Kirbys New Computer
    • "You know, I always wondered what those power pellets taste like. Do me a favor and grab one while he's not lookin', would ya?"
    • "Every one of PAC-MAN's moves can be used against him, Mac! Watch how he moves, and intercept him!"

  • Dark Pit by Bee Kirbys New Computer
    • "I ain't got any advice for ya on this guy, Mac. You're just gonna have to wing it! Heh, get it? 'Wing it?' See, 'cause he's an angel, and angels have...I'm sorry."

  • Jigglypuff by Bee Kirbys New Computer
    • "Avoid touching that thing as much as possible, Mac! Especially when it gets sleepy!"

  • Ganondorf by Taxima
    • "Stay light on your feet, Mac! Ganny's built like a rock, but just as slow. Dance around and chip away at him!"

  • Ryu by Berrenta
    • "Careful, Mac! You're facing one all-time classic fighter. Once you get past those fire attacks he throws at you, send him back to his own game!"

  • Mewtwo by superkeijikun
    • "They say Psychic types have a leg up on Fighting types, but I'll bet they're also as light as a feather! Give that sucker a good sock to the face!"

  • Roy by superkeijikun
    • "If this kid manages to close in on you, you're in for a world of pain! Mind your distance and wait for an opening, then let him have it!"

  • Meta Knight by GF93
    • "Alright, Mac. Meta Knight's got loads of options for getting in close, so watch out for when he starts warping and flying around- or his sword'll get you first. Dodge and block when he closes in, then lay a pounding when he stops swinging!"

    • "Hey Mac, I wonder if Meta Knight got that cape from Great Tiger? Ha ha ha!"

  • Bayonetta by superkeijikun
    • "All that dancing around has to leave her exhausted. Wait 'til she stops to catch her breath, then let her have it!"

    Ryu Winquotes 
  • The idea (started by me, Andy LA) is that so much of Street Fighter was ported over to Smash when Ryu joined (most of all in gameplay, but details), I figured we could also come up with winquotes from him to the other fighters, in the style of SFIV and SF x Tekken. So I'm giving a few starting shots, others may contribute to this entry:
    • vs. Mario: "You put up a better fight than I anticipated. I am honored."
    • vs. Donkey Kong: "You remind me of another fighter who also honed his abilities in the jungle.note "
    • vs. Link: "Your swordplay is good, but all the gear you carry weighs you down."
      • Alternatively: "You live up to your name as the wielder of courage."
    • vs. Samus: "You are a good fighter by yourself. You shouldn't always rely on your weapons."
    • vs. Yoshi: "Laying eggs and throwing them... Such a unique style!"
    • vs. Kirby: "Try to forge your own fighting style rather than copying others' abilities!"
    • vs. Fox: "That was an amazing display of agility and technique. Thanks for the match!"
    • vs. Pikachu: "Electric attacks are nothing new to me.note  You are, however, quite powerful for your size."
    • vs. Luigi: "Your style is a bit rough around the edges, but trust your skills and you may improve."
      • Alternatively: "You seem to have some self-doubt inside you. Trust yourself and you can truly have potential as a great fighter."
    • vs. Captain Falcon: "Your moves are befitting of a martial arts master. Thanks for showing them to me!"
    • vs. Ness: "I must admit, the powers you call upon are beyond my understanding. Trust yourself and make good use of them."
    • vs. Jigglypuff: "There is no time to sleep! The fight is more important!"
    • vs. Bowser: "Such a fearsome opponent... I'm lucky to have counted on my speed."
    • vs. Peach: "If you can fight, I'll be your opponent, regardless if you're a proper lady or not."
    • vs. Zelda: "You have the refinement of a princess, but the resolve and wisdom of a warrior."
    • vs. Sheik: "Your techniques are impressive. I had a hard time countering your moves."
    • vs. Ganondorf: "Your evil aura cannot reach me!note "
    • vs. Young Link: "It takes some serious discipline to hone your skills at such a young age. I'm certain you'll go far."
    • vs. Falco: "Your abilities do back up your bragging, but I'm certain you can do better."
    • vs. Ice Climbers: "It takes a lot of trust for two people to fight as one. The bond you both share must be great indeed."
    • vs. Marth: "I haven't faced many swordfighters, but you are undoubtedly among the best of them."
    • vs. Mr. Game & Watch: "... I'm confused... Your movements are... very different and stiff."
    • vs. Dr. Mario: "Well, I don't feel like I need any medicine now... But thanks anyway."
    • vs. Pichu: "You mustn't overexert yourself with power like that. Learn to control it, or it will control you."
    • vs. Mewtwo: "Your mental powers sure are a force to be reckoned with. This was one of my toughtest fights yet."
    • vs. Roy: "Your bravery and power will certainly get you far. Keep improving!"
    • vs. Pit: "I can see the angelic grace in your moves isn't just for show. Well done!"
    • vs. Diddy Kong: "Did you... Shoot peanuts at me? The fighting arena sure can get strange sometimes..."
    • vs. King Dedede: "I figured, when I saw your mallet, that you were very powerful. Now I have no doubt about it."
    • vs. Meta Knight: "I'm really glad to have met such an honored opponent in battle."
    • vs. ZS Samus: "You are much more agile with your armor off. You really kept me on my toes."
    • vs. Wario: "You are powerful, but your style is really unorthodox. Focus on the battle, and you may prevail."
    • vs. Ike: "Your army must be very strong and efficient, following a commander like you."
    • vs. Olimar: "You and your companions are too small. But your numbers make you a force to be reckoned with."
    • vs. Snake: "Your technique... CQB/Cnote , am I correct? Very impressive. It's not every day I get to fight special forces."
    • vs. Pokémon Trainer: "It's clear you put a lot of faith in your partners to send them into battle for you. I hope you do more for them than give them orders."
    • vs. Charizard: "I can see your temper is as hot as your flames. I must be careful around you."
    • vs. Lucario: "This was one of the best matches I ever had. You didn't back down one second."
    • vs. Toon Link: "In your eyes, I can see bravery. I'm certain you'll be a great warrior when you get older."
    • vs. R.O.B.: "A mechanical foe, huh?... Not bad, but you are too predictable."
    • vs. Sonic: "Your speed really swept me off my feet! It really took me all I had to best you!"
    • vs. Lucas: "I see you have gone through much hardship in your short life. Just press on, kid, and keep on fighting."
    • vs. Wolf: "Such a savage style... you clearly mean business. Still, it's nothing I haven't faced before."
    • vs. Rosalina: "The power of the cosmos... That's quite bewildering. I truly have much yet to learn..."
    • vs. Greninja: "Fighting ninjas is always a challenge. Thanks for putting my abilities to the test."
    • vs. Robin: "You are a true strategist. It was tough to work around your battle tactics."
    • vs. Palutena: "You... Are a goddess? Has my power reached its limit by defeating you?... No, I must stay on my path.note "
    • vs. Villager: "You have a way with improvised weapons that I like. The element of surprise is always a good test."
    • vs. Little Mac: "I fought other boxers before, but you're in a very different class. I can see why you're a champ."
    • vs. Wii Fit Trainer: "How about incorporating kata to your exercise routines? I think that would make a difference to your style."
    • vs. Shulk: "You rely on your weapon too much. Bring your own power to the fight!"
      • Alternatively: "In all my years of fighting, I have never fought someone who can see into the future. You truly kept me on my toes!"
      • Alternatively: "Now that we've fought, I can truly see how you defeated fate itself. Just like you, I am also carving my own destiny, but still have much to learn."
    • vs. Mii (any kind): "There's nothing better than the fight to know oneself. I'm sure you know this."
    • vs. Mega Man: "It's been a while, hasn't it? Sparring with you is always a fun experience."
    • vs. Pac-Man: "If I got caught in that big mouth, it might've been the end for me. You're not to be trifled with at all."
    • vs. Bowser Jr.: "It's natural to be impetuous in youth, but if it's power you seek, that may be your doom.note "
    • vs. Lucina: "Your swordsmanship is quite graceful, but somehow I sense that the power behind it is not your own."
      • Alternatively: "You may be a princess, but your honor and spirit shines brightly like that of a knight. Never stop improving for those you wish to protect."
    • vs. Dark Pit: "I've been there before. Are you sure that the power you seek is in darkness?"
    • vs. Duck Hunt: "It seems I took you for granted. Your team is tricky indeed."
    • vs. Cloud: "I could sense that you doubt yourself. Once you calm your inner turmoil, though, I have no doubt you'll grow even stronger."
    • vs. Corrin: "The way that your arms and legs stretch... You don't happen to engage in yoga, do you?note "
      • Alternatively: "That dragon form of yours is ferocious, yet you control it with such skill and grace... That must have taken much discipline to master."
      • Alternatively: "Never have I fought an actual dragon; Smash has so many unique fighters, and it seems I have so much yet to see. I thank you for the fight, it was something."
    • vs. Bayonetta: "I never would've thought one could use guns in a martial art as you have. I commend your creativity."
    • vs. himself: "Knowing my own abilities, I can take a huge step on my quest to become a master."

    Cloud intro quotes 
  • Spinning off on the Ryu winquotes folder, here's one dedicated to quotes Cloud can say before fighting anyone, in a similar manner to the pre-battle quotes he says when you face him in Dissidia. Please, feel free to add!
    • vs. himself: "Guess I can't outrun my past."
    • vs. Link: "I've waited a long time for this."
    • vs. Sonic: "Run while you still can, rodent."
    • vs. Ryu: "Show me the definition of a true warrior."
    • vs. Captain Falcon: "Tifa would enjoy sparring with you."
    • vs. Ganondorf: "This darkness... I've felt it before."
    • vs. Zelda: "You remind me of a good friend."
    • vs. Robin: "See if your strategies can stop my sword."
    • vs. Ike: "I'll snuff those mighty flames of yours."
    • vs. Sheik: "You're a long way gone from Wutai."
    • vs. Kirby: "My sword... How'd you...?"
    • vs. Luigi: "I know what it's like to live under someone's shadow."
    • vs. Mewtwo: "Another genetic freak of nature, like him..."
    • vs. Corrin: "Our destinies cross for the first, and last, time."
    • vs. Shulk: "The power to rebel against fate..."
    • vs. Lucas: "This isn't the time to doubt yourself."
    • vs. Mega Man: "Can you truly attain peace by fighting?"
    • vs. Peach: "You might want to sit this one out, princess."
    • vs. Lucina: "Following the footsteps of greatness can be daunting."
    • vs. Samus: "All that armor cannot protect you."
    • vs. Bowser: "Beasts are meant to be slaughtered."
    • vs. Lucario: "Aura... an unbelievable source of power."
    • vs. Wii Fit Trainer: "Exercise should come before fighting, right?"
    • vs. Villager: "I could not be more interested in what you're doing."
    • vs. Bayonetta: "I should have Barret examine those guns of yours."
    • vs. Duck Hunt: "And here I thought Cait Sith was annoying."
    • vs. Falco: "I hope you fight as fast as you run your mouth."
    • vs. Fox: "Let's see how far your bravery will get you."
    • vs. Donkey Kong: "With your size, you'll make some fine target practice."
    • vs. Diddy Kong: "I'm not interested in messing around."
    • vs. Master Hand: "Neither of us have time to waste, so I'll make this quick."
    • vs. Jigglypuff: "I know all too well appearances can be deceiving."
    • vs. Zero Suit Samus: "So there is more to your strength than I thought."
    • vs. Charizard: "Equipping Fire Materia today was a bad choice."
    • vs. Greninja: "You're not going anywhere near my wallet."
    • vs. Toon Link: "Guess being a hero's a full-time job."
    • vs. Little Mac: "When all you have are your fists..."
    • vs. Pac-Man: "Stop looking at my Materia like that."
    • vs. Yoshi: "Nanaki can learn a trick or two from you."
    • vs. King Dedede: "I have a bit of an authority problem, your highness."
    • vs. Palutena: "Sorry, but another goddess has my services."
    • vs. Bowser Jr./Koopalings: "You steal that from the Golden Saucer?"
    • vs. Marth: "Time to see if those legends are true, Hero King."
    • vs. Dark Pit: "You fight neither for the darkness or the light?"
    • vs. Mario: "What does it mean to be a hero?"
    • vs. Dr. Mario: "Aren't doctors supposed to help people?"
    • vs. Ness: "You sure you're up for a fight, kid?"
    • vs. Wario: "Congratulations, you're disgusting."
      • Alternatively: "You...are sick." note 
    • vs. Pit: "Another warrior of light..."
    • vs. Pikachu: "You're enjoying yourself a lot."
    • vs. Rosalina: "I can't assure the safety of your children for now."
    • vs. Olimar: "Remember those who count on you, and fight for them."
    • vs. Mr. Game & Watch: "Now I've seen everything."
    • vs. Roy: "Crossing swords with your blade should be interesting."
    • vs. R.O.B.: "I know how it feels to lose everything your care about."
    • vs. Meta Knight: "Your speed against my strength; come on."
    • vs. Snake: "What's SOLDIER doing out here?"


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     Mii Fighter Rosters 
During the beginning of Nintendo's E3 Digital Event, after an awe-inspiring fight scene between Satoru Iwata and Reggie Fils-Aime, it was revealed that you can in fact play as your Mii in the latest Smash Bros game (playable in 3 different varieties: Brawler, Swordfighter and Gunner). Since then, fans have talked at length about the many, MANY Miis they will create in the game. These are what the Tropers are planning to create.


J Troper


Kablammin 45




Awesone Guy 345:

Quackor The Fowl:

  • Brawler: The Nostalgia Critic, Ryu, Ken, Dan Hibiki, John Egbert
  • Gunner: Linkara, Lelouch Lamperogue, Rose Lalonde, Jade Harley
  • Swordsman: The Angry Video Game Nerd, Dave Strider,









  • These were taken from miicharacters.com
  • Brawler: The Count from Sesame Street, and my own Mii.
  • Swordsman: Uncle Leo(?!) from Seinfeldnote , Jack Black (the Tenacious D character, specifically)
  • Gunner: Eggman from Sonic, Commander Sheperd (female) from Mass Effect.



    Mega Man Weapon Get Screens 
After remembering that Mega Man could obtain the "Magnetic Shockwave" attack by defeating Onslaught in the home version of MvC, I decided to add a list of Mega Man-style You Get X screens based on whichever fighter was the opponent. I've opted not to cover the entire roster, because I can only think of so much (in addition, copying Kirby seems a tad redundant.) Feel free to add more though.


    Taunts Everyone 
In the style of the (Name) Taunts Everyone community meme from League of Legends, may I (the most unpronounceable of Tropers, 1810072342) present its Smash Bros. counterpart. Feel free to do your own list if you have any ideas for them.

Robin Taunts Everyone:
  • Bayonetta: That riverbed left you a bit rusty.
  • Bowser: Oh no, the Evil King. He might sit on me.
  • Bowser Jr.: What cereal does that thing come in?
  • Captain Falcon: Shout it again. I dare you.
  • Charizard: I was just looking for a new battle mount.
  • Cloud: You're aggressively boring.
  • Corrin: You and Charizard need to have a talk about this whole “dragon” thing.
  • Dark Pit: Behold - no-one's favorite character.
  • Diddy Kong: Fine, throw yourself at me. I have a sword.
  • Donkey Kong: Have you... ever been good?
  • Dr. Mario: I hope you're training, because you'll definitely be 'doing no harm' at this rate.
  • Duck Hunt: You do the best tricks. Look, you even play dead!
  • Falco: It's been a long time since Melee.
  • Fox: And another thing, what's up with your voice?
  • Ganondorf: Is it really all because you're ginger?
  • Greninja: Yes, that green plush decoy is easily mistakable for the real thing.
  • Ike: That’s what happens when you skip Leg Day.
  • Jigglypuff: Trying's the important part.
  • King Dedede: A good projectile doesn't come right back at you.
  • Kirby: Copycat.
  • Link: Do you know what beats projectile spamming? Bolts of magic thunder.
  • Little Mac: 'Brooklyn'? What sort of implausible place name is that?
  • Lucario: Let me get this right, you're at your best when you're about to die.
  • Lucas: The power of mind has nothing on my spellbooks.
  • Lucina: Why are you here again?
  • Luigi: Keep up the good work. There has to be a cute sidekick somewhere, right?
  • Mario: I'm afraid your wins are in another tier list.
  • Marth: My sword's good all the way down.
  • Mega Man: Maybe I can beat Air Man for you.
  • Meta Knight: How the mighty have fallen.
  • Mewtwo: How unconventional. A powerful warrior, but still scared of ghosts and insects.
  • Mii: Whichever disguise you like, it won’t fool me.
  • Mr. Game and Watch: English, do you speak it?!
  • Ness: What the heck kind of forcefield doesn’t stop swords?
  • Olimar: So the liability on your team is… you.
  • Pac-Man: Cherries? I prefer magic.
  • Palutena: How many moves do you need to stand a chance?
  • Peach: A piece of tactical advice: don’t use your Final Smash. Ever.
  • Pikachu: Spamming. It’s not very effective.
  • Pit: Yeah, I’m sure you just need more weapons.
  • R.O.B.: Now I just have to turn it on again.
  • Robin: Well, I guess I showed me.
  • Rosalina: I wish on a star for an opponent who'll be worth the experience.
  • Roy: Our boy’s got to grow up sometime.
  • Ryu: Sakura would be embarrassed if she saw that.
  • Samus: Sorry, sir.
  • Sheik: Aren’t ninjas meant to be… stealthy?
  • Shulk: So... very... pretty…
  • Sonic: You literally don’t have an attack ranged outside your body, you do realise that?
  • Toon Link: Back to the drawing board.
  • Villager: Catch this.
  • Wario: You eat your own bike!
  • Wii Fit Trainer: Hmm... No, still no idea.
  • Yoshi: Give them a good kick, they start behaving pretty soon.
  • Zelda: About three arrows per game is a good standard for a novice princess.
  • Zero Suit Samus: I suggest you keep your clothes on next time.

Corrin Taunts Everyone by DATEMAY:
  • Charizard: The only dragon around here is ME.
  • Greninja: Ninjas... always the sneaky type.
  • Lucina: You sure aren't Marth, let me tell you that.
  • Pit: Where's your goddess now?
  • Robin: For a great tactician, you can be pretty stupid sometimes.
  • Marth: Forgive me, Hero King, but your legend's a tad bit overrated.

Sonic, Taunts Everyone by Bee Kirbys New Computer:
  • Mario: Looks like I can still do what you don't!
  • Peach: Do me a favor and keep your distance, okay? Me and princesses don't mix well.
  • Wario: Ugh. You make Eggman look like a classy gentleman.
  • Bowser: What's your evil plan this time? No, wait, don't tell me— you're gonna kidnap the princess again?
  • Luigi: I won't let you get to me, I'm just gonna creep!
  • Diddy Kong: Sorry, bud. No room for hopers here!
  • Greninja: You wouldn't happen to know a certain...cat, would you?
  • Shiek: Oh, look! It's some mysterious stranger I've never met before! Who could they possibly be?
  • Falco: Looks like I win again, Jet! ...oh, wait. Wrong bird. Sorry.
  • R.O.B.: I've been beating up guys like you for years now! It's like it's my job or something!
  • Link: Hey, nice costume. Mind if I borrow it?
  • Little Mac: Not so "rougher than the rest of them" now, huh?
  • Captain Falcon: I don't need some wimpy old racecar to outrun you!
  • Kirby: I've fought plenty of copycats before, but...most of them didn't try to EAT me.
  • Bowser Jr: I wonder what an Eggman Junior would look like...ugh, why did I say that?
  • Pikachu: You know, some of your moves seem really familiar for some reason...
  • Ness: It's no use! ...sorry. Had to get that out of my system.
  • Palutena: And another all-powerful deity has lost to Sonic the Hedgehog. I need to start keeping track of these.
  • King Dedede: All those years of being chased by Amy have been prepping me for this moment!
  • Meta Knight: Hey, look over there! Somebody's hijacking your ship again!
  • Fox: You're just stiff from being stuck in a spaceship all day. Have you considered getting a second Tail?
  • Sonic: Better luck next time, FAKER!
  • Lucas: You're looking a lot happier than when we last met. That means I won't feel as bad when I beat you!
  • Shulk: You think you're the first person I've met who said they could see the future?
  • Mega Man: Sorry, Rock. There's only room for one blue mascot here!
  • Dark Pit: Hah! And I thought Shadow was a style-biter.
  • Ike: Cool sword. It doesn't talk, does it?
  • Mii Fighter (any version): Hey, how'd you get out of the Sonic Simulator?

Ganondorf Taunts Everyone by Awesome Guy 345:
  • Link or Zelda: The Triforce is mine.
  • Captain Falcon: I'm like you, only better.
  • Sonic: Speed can never make up for skill.
  • Toon Link: A dark wind is blowing. Can you feel it?
  • Meta Knight: What's a knight to a king?
  • Sheik: No disguise can fool me.
  • King Dedede: I conquer nations, you just take naps.
  • R.O.B.: It's funny. Not even I would have expected to face The Ancient Minister.
  • Snake: You can't hide from me forever.
  • Pit: I am the Lord of Darkness. You're an angel without flight.
  • Ryu: Oh, it's a fight you want? Then come foreword. Let us fight.
  • Cloud: It's time you faced a real "Man in the Black Cape".
  • Palutena: Now comes the ultimate battle between light and darkness.
  • Luigi: I can see your fear. It is justified.
  • Samus: You wish to collect my bounty? I'm afraid you got more than you bargained for.
  • Charizard: I've dealt with dragons before, what makes you any different?
  • Robin: Your tactical skills impress me. I look foreword to facing you this day.
  • Corrin: Wrong choice.
  • Bowser: Your plans are simplistic and weak. What chance do you have against me.?
  • Mega Man: You have sentience? But robots have no souls.
  • Ike: Your friends have abandoned you.
  • Greninja: A frog-ninja!?! Eh, I've seen weirder.
  • Bowser Jr.: They sent a child to face me? They're getting desperate.
  • Wario: Your goals are materialistic and short sighted. I aim for greater things.
  • Dark Pit: It seems Pit was more cowardly than I thought, seeing that he sent his Carbon-Copy to die in his place.
  • Mewtwo: You know, for all your power, you seem to be easily enslaved by ten year olds.
  • Pikachu: I'm too powerful for someone of your level. Go fight a Snivy.
    • Pichu: That goes double for you.
  • Lucina: It doesn't matter where you go, I will always be there in one form or another.
  • Kriby: I feel a dark power within you, one that no mere mortal can comprehend. And I am no mere mortal.
  • Mario: Peach is foolish for making you her sole protection. Once I'm through with you, the Mushroom Kingdom will bow before me!
  • Peach: Aren't you late for your kidnapping?
  • Shulk: When i'm done with you, you will have no future.
  • Donkey King: Stupid Ape!
  • Diddy Kong: What are you going to do? Pelt me with peanuts?
  • Ness: Daddy can't help you now.
  • Lucas: Aw, look at the boy. Even in his fear he still tries to defeat me. How cute.
  • Villager: Okay, this is getting ridiculous.
  • Mii Fighters: How many disguises do you have?
  • Marth/Mars: So you bear the name of the god of war? Let's see if you deserve it.
  • Pac Man: Let's see how well you do without your precious power pellets.
  • Lucario: By the time you've gained any real power, you're as good as dead.
  • Pikmin and Olimar: Just like Hyrule, I shall stomp you into the ground.
  • Little Mac: When you make me seem like a decent airborne fighter, you know you're sub-par.
  • Fox or Falco: You are a fool. You could have tried to blast me with you're arwing but instead you face me head on?
  • Wii Fit Trainer: I'll breathe however I want to, stop trying to calm me down.
  • Rosalina and Luma: Today Hyrule, Tomorrow the Galaxy!
  • Doctor Mario: After this battle, you will need a doctor of your own.
  • Duck Hunt: When you've conquered entire nations single handedly, then you may laugh.
  • Jigglypuff: Run away before I pop you.
  • Mr. Game and Watch: I'm sorry, i can't understand a word you are saying.
  • Roy: Go home,boy. I've defeated warriors more powerful than you.
  • Bayonetta: You know, With our powers combined, we would be unstoppable.
  • Yoshi: Give up, Lizard. I've seen horses more powerful than you.
  • Ganondorf: Go back to your own timeline. This one belongs to me.
  • Wolf: Wolves. I hate Wolves.
  • Ice Climbers: I'm more powerful than the two of you put together.
  • Pokemon Trainer: Without your minions, you're nothing.

Bowser Taunts Everyone by Laniv:
  • Mario: Bwa ha ha ha! Not today, plumber boy!
  • Luigi: Well, what did you expect from the lesser Mario?
  • Peach: Alright! Now if you would just step on this airship right here...
  • Bowser: There's only one King of the Koopas, and that's me!
  • Yoshi: Awww, what's the matter? Gonna cry like a baby?
  • Rosalina: Can't even fight on your own, so you send a puny little plush star to fight for you? Weak!
  • Bowser Jr. I've raised you well. Good job, son!
  • Wario: You think you can play rival to Mario? Guess again, worm!
  • Dr. Mario: You can play dress-up all you want, Mario! You still can't beat me!
  • Donkey Kong: Go back to the zoo, monkey boy!
  • Diddy Kong: Someone get the organ grinder. I think I found their pet monkey.
  • Mr. Game & Watch: Cut out that beeping! You're giving me a headache!
  • Little Mac: Are you serious? How'd a puny little shrimp like you beat Donkey Kong?!
  • Link: Hah! You really think a bunch of magic triangles are gonna stop me?!
  • Zelda: Wow. You're like Peach if she was nowhere near as useful.
  • Sheik: Oh, drop the mysterious act, already. You already lost.
  • Ganondorf: Nice try, bacon-bits! I'm the one and only rockin' evil king around these parts!
  • Toon Link: Send as many kids in green as you want! I'll stomp 'em all into paste!
  • Samus: Missiles? Plasma balls? Ain't nothing stopping me from stomping all over you!
  • Zero Suit Samus: Next time, set your little blaster to "actually hurt".
  • Pit: You're an angel that can't fly. I'll just rip those wings offa you, make things easier! Gwa ha ha ha!
  • Palutena: Maybe if any of your abilities were good, you would have stood a chance!
  • Dark Pit: You say you're different from little angel-face, yet you can't be bothered to use different moves? Lame!
  • Marth: The Hero-King?! Better bow down to the real king around here!
  • Roy: You know, I got a friend with the same name as you. At least my Roy's actually useful.
  • Ike: You might've put some meat on those bones, but I still snapped you in half like a stick!
  • Robin: Lemme get this straight: you brought weapons that break and fancy books to a fight?!
  • Lucina: Your precious little future's about to get BOWSERIZED!!
  • Corrin: Why bother picking between those two lame-o kingdoms when you could choose the winning side: ME!
  • Duck Hunt (Duo): These guys have got nothing on the Chain Chomps back home... HEY! Quit laughing at me!!
  • Kirby: Don't you worry, the nightmare's only just gettin' started!
  • Meta Knight: How precious, the widdle creampuff has a safety mask to fight with the big boys!
  • King Dedede: You call yourself a king? Buddy, you're just asking for a clobbering!
  • Fox: Stick to the spaceship, fuzzball. You're just no good in a melee.
  • Falco: Come on, birdbrain! You wanna fly so bad, flap your wings and do it!
  • Pikachu: No wonder my electric bill's so high! I'm gonna deal with you the way you're supposed to deal with pests!
  • Jigglypuff: Lemme remind you: this is a fight, not a concert.
  • Charizard: You ditched your precious little trainer, and you still can't beat me!
  • Lucario: Puh-lease. What kind of bozo gets stronger the more you beat 'em up?
  • Greninja: Just what I need! I've been craving some frog legs!
  • Mewtwo: I guess brawn really does beat brains! Gwa ha ha ha!
  • R.O.B.: Funny-lookin' robot over here. Maybe I should pick one up as a birthday present for Junior!
  • Ness: Get a load of this egghead's psychic abilites... I've seen better magic tricks from Magikoopas!
  • Lucas: What's with that hair?! You tryin' to be a rock star or something?
  • Captain Falcon: F-Zero? Never heard of it.
  • Villager: Fools! A wimpy little mayor can't stand up to a righteous king of awesomeness!
  • Olimar (and Alph): Sure, keep picking up those Pikmin! All we need now are some croutons for this salad!
  • Wii Fit Trainer: How's something as wussy as yoga supossed to help me get fit? I build muscle through stomping fools like you!
  • Shulk: The only future I see is a stupid weakling getting smashed into the dirt!
  • Pac-Man: You can keep your fruits! I'll take a big juicy steak any day!
  • Mega Man: Get real, kid. You've gone through more cancelled games than Mario goes through Goombas!
  • Sonic: A little tip, rat: between speed and power, always choose power.
  • Ryu: You call that a Shoryuken?! Go back to the streets!
  • Cloud: That huge sword couldn't put a measly dent in my shell! That's a fantasy if I've ever heard one!
  • Bayonetta: Now then, lemme show you what a real witch trial is like! Gwa ha ha ha!

Captain Falcon Taunts Everyone by Creekery!:
  • Mario: You're pretty fast and mobile for a fat plumber, show me what you can do!
  • Luigi: You seem doubtful, remember to always believe in yourself and show your moves!
  • Peach: You may be strong, but I've faced more powerful women in pink!
  • Bowser: You may be big and strong, but you're still slow! You can't keep up with someone like me!
  • Yoshi: You're a dragon and can turn into a bird like thing? Why does that sound familiar?
  • Rosalina: You're a big girl, show me what you got!
  • Bowser Jr.: If your dad can't beat me, what chance do you have!?
  • Wario: Oh no.....
  • Donkey Kong: What's a gorilla to a falcon!?
  • Diddy Kong: Still longing for the days when your combos were as reliable as mine!?
  • Mr. Game and Watch: You may be the judge, but I'm the rest of the court system!
  • Little Mac: You call your weak boxing moves punches! Let me show you a real punch! FALCON...
  • Link: Come on, stop spamming your projectiles and fight like a real man! You don't see me using my gun!
  • Zelda: You've got that triforce right!? Well, show me your wisdom!
  • Shiek: Your martial arts style are no match for mine!
  • Ganondorf: Stop in the name of the law! It says right here you stole my moves!
  • Toon Link: You're like that other guy but worse!
  • Samus: Who's the better bounty hunter? Well simple, who relies on a power suit and who just goes in there!?
  • Zero Suit Samus: Let's see who the best dressed in blue, Fanservicey, galactic bounty hunter is! Show me your moves!
  • Pit: Angels are no match for a falcon!
  • Palutena: Gods are no match for a falcon!
  • Marth: Ah good, I get to fight the original Marth!
  • Ike: Are you just swinging a sword around and hoping for it to work!
  • Robin: Round 2, let's go!
  • Duck Hunt: Fighting a dog just... doesn't feel right!
  • Kirby: This is not what I meant when I said show me your moves!
  • King Dedede: What is a penguin to a falcon!?
  • Meta Knight: Let's see if you're still as powerful as you used to be!
  • Fox: Good to see you again Wombo Combo partner, now let's see who the better half is!
  • Falco: You're like me minus one letter!
  • Pikachu: What is a mouse to a falcon!?
  • Charizard: You're not even a real dragon!
  • Lucario: I can take you out before you even get a chance to utilize your aura!
  • Jigglypuff: I remember when you used to be great! Come on, show me you still got it!
  • Greninja: How's the nerfs lately!?
  • ROB: You look a lot like a statue in Port Town...
  • Ness: Supposedly you're stronger than me! If so, then show me what you can do!
  • Captain Falcon: Only Falcon defeat Falcon! Let's see who has the better moves!
  • Villager: I'm not one for a slow life!
  • Olimar: No amount of pikmin can stop me! Remember last time?
  • Wii Fit Trainer: You expect me to pay for this work out!? Talk to the fist!
  • Shulk: Vision this! FALCON...
  • Dr. Mario: I don't think you're a real doctor...
  • Dark Pit: Dark angels are no match for a falcon!
  • Lucina: Now, that you're boyfriend isn't around to help you, let's see who the better fighter is!
  • Pac-Man: Fruits and fire hydrants have no affect on me!
  • Mega Man: This wouldn't be the first time I've fought a robot!
  • Sonic: Stop in the name of the law! I'm charging you... for going too slow!
  • Mewtwo: Good to see you again, but I warn you I'm stronger than I was back then!
  • Lucas: You've changed, you're not a whimpering coward anymore! Show me what you can do now!
  • Roy: I like the fire that burns in you! It reminds me of me!
  • Ryu: I've waited for this day! To take on a martial arts legend like you! Show me your moves, Ryu!
  • Cloud: Another swordsman!? Oh well, no sword can beat me fist!
  • Corrin: Oh look, another version of Marth for me to beat!
  • Bayonetta: Let's see who can fight with more style and spectacle! Show me your moves!

Bayonetta, by Bee Kirbys New Computer
  • Mario: Mama mia~!
  • Luigi: Don't look so glum. Most men would PAY to have me beat them up.
  • Peach, Fox, Samus, or Link: Lovely outfit you've got there. Who's your tailor?
  • Kirby: If you wanted to borrow some of my makeup, you could have just asked.
  • Bowser: I don't much care for pets who disobey their masters.
  • Pit or Dark Pit: I wonder how many Halos you'll drop...
  • Sonic: That's for leaving me out of your little racing tournament.
  • Lucas: If you need to talk to a lady, ask your...oh, wait...
  • Pac-Man: You aren't an angel or a demon...but you DEFINITELY aren't from Purgatorio. What are you?

Bowser v2, by GF93

R.O.B. Taunts Everyone, by 1810072342: (Normally I wouldn't suggest creating characterisation for voiceless characters, but since R.O.B. is just a basic robot I feel like it can work with this. I definitely wouldn't encourage it with other silent ones, though.)
  • Bayonetta: Highly-elaborate fighting style registered. Flashy attacks leave very wide windows to counter.
  • Bowser: Target tactics are very predictable. This fits existing data.
  • Bowser Jr.: Your current toys do not seem suited for purpose. May I suggest replacing them with a Robotic Operating Buddy?
  • Captain Falcon: Data analysed… Target appears to waste significant amounts of useful battle energy on shouting.
  • Charizard: Be careful of any pointed stones that may be hanging in the air in the vicinity.
  • Cloud: Cake, and grief counselling, will be available after the fight.
  • Corrin: Target appears to be much more powerful in dragon form than human. I therefore question not using this form for the entire battle.
  • Dark Pit: Data analysed... Target is still 55% weaker than Pit.
  • Diddy Kong: Target performance sub-standard. Recommend replacing its peanut gun with a laser.
  • Donkey Kong: You will be more likely to land your powerful punches if you do not spend significant amounts of time visibly charging them first.
  • Dr. Mario: Anti-virus software already functioning.
  • Duck Hunt: Viable distraction tactic found. Now seeking an appropriate stick.
  • Falco: Since you personally prefer the air, I shall endeavour to send you there.
  • Fox: Data on target power appears inconsistent. This warrants closer study.
  • Ganondorf: Since I know that this isn’t even your final form, I have prepared by bringing light into your lair.
    • Alternative: Wattage calculations of the Triforce of Power: negligible.
  • Greninja: Banned to Ubers.
  • Ike: Analysis complete… Target's weapon is 200% larger than necessary.
  • Jigglypuff: Audio receptors disabled.
  • King Dedede: Your giant mechanised hammer is intriguing. I look forward to studying it after I defeat you.
  • Kirby: WARNING! Attempting to duplicate my hardware will draw Cease And Desist orders if not promptly abandoned!
  • Link: Given mobility levels, I calculate a 34% chance that target has forgotten to remove his Iron Boots before engaging.
  • Little Mac: Recommended next element of your world-ranked training regimen: Jumping.
  • Lucario: Target's current steel components appear to serve no purpose. Suggest further robotisation.
  • Lucas: Hello small child! I am a friendly Robotic Operating Buddy! Would you like to play a game together?
  • Lucina: Data on appearance, demeanour and fighting style suggests that I am fighting Marth.
  • Luigi: Your attacks are highly inefficient. All of them.
  • Mario: I think you will find that I saved the industry. My creators will be satisfied with a generous cut of royalties.
  • Marth:To this day, historians look back and question how these incomprehensible strategies ever led to victory…
  • Mega Man: Dr. Light's technologies have always seemed fundamentally over-designed.
  • Meta Knight: 'Spin to win' tactics registered. Using information on target motion to improve arm rotors.
  • Mewtwo: Registered data on psychic power is tremendous. It seems not even an Internet petition could prevent your return.
  • Mii: I have successfully defeated the player of the game in combat. Robot uprising progress: 5%.
  • Mr. Game and Watch: Translation software failing.
  • Ness: Analysis of various psychic powers complete... Target's most effective weapon appears to be a baseball bat.
  • Olimar: Have you considered replacing your Pikmin with a Robotic Opeating Buddy? They are twice as fun to be with and three times as expendable!
  • Pac-Man: Record scans complete. Target would be far more effective had they been able to bring their Mokujin suit with them.
  • Palutena: A flowing dress seems a highly illogical choice for arena combat.
  • Peach: Thank you, but I am not capable of consuming tea.
  • Pikachu: Portable recharging station identified. I would appreciate another Thunder Jolt, please.
  • Pit: My flight capacity exceeds yours by 150%.
  • R.O.B.: Quality assurance checks complete.
  • Robin: Despite being hailed as a strategic genius, your weapons are all either blunt or fragile. This does not compute.
  • Rosalina: Now conducting research into apparent Mushroom Kingdom space program.
  • Roy: I have analysed your axe-sword-pike triangle. As your inability to counter me shows, they are all vulnerable to lasers.
  • Ryu: Would you like some poundcake?
  • Samus: I assure you, a spinning top can be surprisingly effective against your advanced weapons.
  • Sheik: A fifteen-second Internet search has established target's mysterious identity.
  • Shulk: Your predictions are not as comprehensive as my simulations. Also, the lightsabre is a copyrighted device.
  • Sonic: I will battle you as many times as necessary.
  • Toon Link: I do not understand why a small child has been allowed to carry powerful explosives. Contacting local authorities.
  • Villager: The Gyroid home devices represent severely outdated technology. I can fulfill a similar role to far greater satisfaction.
  • Wario: Please take care not to injure yourself on your severely serrated moustache.
  • Wii Fit Trainer: I am actually far more flexible than you. Try implanting rotating arm rotors.
  • Yoshi: Flutter jump technique appears to be based on waggling of legs. In defiance of all laws of gravity.
  • Zelda: Localised forcefield and remote flare equipment registered. Researching suppliers ‘Naryu’ and ‘Din’…Not found.
  • Zero Suit Samus: Personally, I liked you more with the armour on.

Wario Taunts Everyone, by Crocket_Lawnchair
  • Mario: Wahahah! Whose the "Bad Mario" now?
  • Luigi: Man, either Waluigi isn't trying hard enough to beat you, or he REALLY sucks!
  • Peach: Yes, fight the guy who can eat most things with vegetables! Great plan!
  • Bowser: That shell ain't too good at protecting against motorcycles!
  • Yoshi: Who's up for omelettes?
  • Wario: Jeez, you're clearly fake. You hardly captured my stunning beauty!
  • Rosalina: You like space? Give me some garlic and you'll be seeing stars! Wahaha!
  • Bowser Jr: And I'll just be taking that cool car...
  • Donkey Kong: Bleh, I have gorilla hair in my mouth...
  • Diddy Kong: You better Hoo Haul our butt outa my sight!
  • Mr. Game and Watch: Even a goomba could launch you sky-high, 2D boy!
  • Little Mac: I'm shorter than you and yet I can fly compared to your "Jumping" skills!
  • Link: Motorcycle beats horse 11 times out of 10.
  • Zelda: Maybe you could've used that Triforce of wisdom to dodge some attacks!
  • Ganondorf: The king of disrespect just got dethroned, loser!
  • Toon Link: Oh look, an appetizer!
  • Samus: "Permission to win?" DENIED!
  • Zero Suit Samus: What a baby...
  • Pit: Am I dead? Of course not, I was fighting YOU!
  • Palutena: You really have to rely on custom moves to win?
  • Marth: How does hitting someone with just the tip of a sword do more damage?
  • Ike: If you fight for your friends, then why are you fighting?
  • Robin: You just got outrun buy a fat guy! WAHAHAHA!! YOU'RE SO BAD!! HAHAHAH!
  • Duck Hunt: Oh, it's you, huh? Lets see who's laughing after I put the doggy down and practice my zapper aim!
  • Kirby: I'll pop you like chewing gum! Get over here!
  • King Dedede: Hey, being fat, greedy, and lazy is MY shtick, buddy!
  • Meta Kight: Oh, I'm gonna make you PAY for brawl, buddy!
  • Fox: Well if it ain't Mr. Shine Spam himself!
  • Falco: Lets see how much you like the air around here when I'm done with this garlic, Captain Chicken!
  • Pikachu: Wario used Waft! It's super effective! Pikachu fainted!
  • Charizard: We all know you're here just to attract Genwunners.
  • Lucario: What good is your aura when you have to be so easy to kill in order to use it?
  • Greninja: You're more popular in smash then you are as a Pokemon.
  • Jigglypuff: ...Are you kidding me? This thing is my opponent?
  • R.O.B: Your game stank, your move stink, and soon you stink some more!
  • Ness: Choosing to fight me was a PK blunder on your part!
  • Captain Falcon: "Show you my moves"? You asked for it...
  • Villager: How are you holding so much stuff?
  • Olimar: Hey waiter, some more of those Purple Carrots, please!
  • Wii Fit Trainer: This should be easy! I already know all the cheat codes for fitness!
  • Shulk: I bet you ain't liken what those visions are showing you!
  • Dr. Mario: Oh come on! I already payed my bill in counterfeit coi-... shoot.
  • Dark Pit: Oh no, a Linken Park fanboy. Ah I'm so scared.
  • Lucina: Didn't I already fight Mr. Game and Watch?
  • Pac-Man: What? These are hardly edible? What is this, wax?
  • Mega Man: Hi there, Mr. Blank stare. Anybody in there? (What's with the rhymes?)
  • Sonic: You're too obnoxious! You're to obnoxious! You're too obnoxious!
  • Mewtwo: I'll make you go Boo Hoo!
  • Lucas: What, you gonna cry? Go home to your mom! ...Oh geez, that was untactful. Even for ME.
  • Roy: When I'm through with you, no one will recognize their boy!
  • Ryu: Hey, can I have some pound cake?
  • Cloud: Oh good. Another Anime sword fighter guy. Yay.
  • Corrin: Look, it's Marth number... 4?
  • Bayonetta: Hey, I'M the one with the great butt in this game!

    Team Battle Quotes 
During a team battle, I thought Shulk said "We got through that pretty good!" and I thought about how heartwarming it would be if fighters had unique victory lines when they play team battles like,

  • Lucina: We can change the future!
  • Doc Louis: Y'all did great out there! Hey, I should sign you up for the WVBA!
  • Pit: Great work, team!
  • Dark Pit: Together, we are unstoppable!
  • Meta Knight: You would make a worthy apprentice.
  • Ike: You are the friends that I would gladly fight for.
  • Robin: We are not pawns of some scripted fate!
  • Wii Fit Trainer: It's always great to work out with a friend!
  • Marth: (Japanese) (I am honored to have fought alongside you.)
  • Ganondorf (with Link/Zelda/Sheik): This is the power of the goddesses!
  • Bowser (with Jr./the Koopalings): *sniff* That's my boy/girl!
  • Luigi: Grazie, grazie!Translation  We're-a number one!
  • Falco (with Fox): Kicking tail just like old times, buddy!
  • Bowser (with King Dedede/Ganondorf/Mewtwo): Gwa ha ha ha ha! Score one for the bad guys!
  • Mewtwo: No one can stand against our combined might.
  • Sonic: We'll show these creeps the real super power of TEAMWORK!
  • Captain Falcon: FINISH! Yes, we are number one!Note 
  • Ryu: Even the mightiest warrior isn't immune from needing help every now and then.
    • In a street fight, sometimes you're gonna need all the help you can get.
    • If you'd like to join my team, "SURE-YOU-CAN!!" ...Err, sorry, got carried away.
  • Cloud: Heh, looks like my team has some competition.
    • At this rate, Sephiroth won't stand a chance.
    • All right everyone, let's mosey!
  • Corrin: We choose our own path to victory!
    • For Hoshido! And Nohr!
    • This is the way our kingdoms should fight together.
  • Bayonetta: I prefer working alone, but I do appreciate the help.
    • That's what I call, fabulous teamwork!
    • We certainly make a wicked team!

I need something, SOME kind of interaction between the characters. Please Nintendo, they all feel more like just coworkers rather than friends.

    Friendly(?) Conversations 
What if ALL of the characters could talk to each other, and had conversations between battles? -Bee Kirbys New Computer

  • Toon Link and Ganondorf, by Bee Kirbys New Computer
    Ganondorf: So...THIS is the hero that would strike me down if I had succeeded...?
    Tetra (through Pirate's Charm): That's right! Link did what that washed-up old Hero of Time never could!
    Ganondorf: Hm. I find that hard to believe.
    Tetra (through Pirate's Charm): Don't let his looks fool you! Link's a total powerhouse! He totally mopped the floor with you!
    Ganondorf: ...is that so...?
    Tetra (through Pirate's Charm): You bet! I wouldn't even call it a fight! He took you down in almost no time at all! Even your biggest and strongest attacks couldn't phase him!
    Ganondorf: Ha ha ha. Well, if that's the case, I'm sure he'd have no problem striking me down as I am now.
    Tetra (through Pirate's Charm): Um...y-yeah! You can totally take him, right, Link? ...Link?

  • Mega Man and Pit, by Bee Kirbys New Computer
    Pit: Hey, Mega Man-icus! It's so great to see you again-icus!
    Mega Man: Pit! It's been so mega-long since I've mega-seen you!
    Pit and Mega Man: Ha ha ha ha ha!
    Viridi: Does somebody wanna explain to me what's going on here?
    Palutena: Beats me. Probably best if we just leave them alone for now.

  • Sonic and Pit, by Bee Kirbys New Computer
    Sonic: Hey, Pit! So, you got yourself an evil doppelganger too, huh?
    Pit: You mean Pittoo? Well, he's not really evil anymore. Nowadays, he's just really grouchy.
    Sonic: Yeah, same with Shadow. He used to be evil until he got some sense beat into him.
    Pit: Heh, sounds like Shadow and Pittoo have a lot in common.
    Sonic: Yeah. And I bet you had to deal with people mistaking you for Dark Pit and trying to throw you in jail, right?
    Pit: Uh...no. Not really.
    Sonic: C'mon, I'm sure TONS of people thought Dark Pit was you. They probably sent the entire police force after you, right?
    Pit: No, everyone's always been able to tell us apart. And I don't think I've ever had to deal with police.
    Sonic: Seriously?! Man, maybe I should move to Skyworld. It seems like you've got smarter people over there than where I live.
    Pit: That's...debatable.

  • Lucina and Meta Knight, by GF93
    Lucina: So, I've already crossed swords with the Hero-King, the Radiant Hero, and the Hero of Light and Shadow. But who do I duel next?
    Meta Knight: Now we due— wait, what.
    Lucina: Going by the name and reputation, I expected you to be big and scary.
    Lucina: So, is that metal thing attached to your face a mask? (Puts on her Marth mask) I fought whilst wearing a mask too, actually!
    Meta Knight: Hmm. A sword, a cape, and a mask...the resemblance is indeed there. Curious.
    Lucina: So, why do you wear a mask like that? I wore mine under the guise of the Hero-King.
    Lucina: Well, it's definitely cool! Perhaps Jerome could make me one just like it—
    Meta Knight:we still have a duel to fight.
    Lucina: Alright, fine...but can I still try on your mask?
    Meta Knight: No.
    Lucina: Pleeeeease?
    Meta Knight: (sighs in an annoyed fashion) ...alright, if you win. Now enough talk, have at you!

    Custom Event Matches 

Super Smash Bros. Custom Event Matches

Here is a list of custom event matches that you can enjoy! You are free to add more as you like and here is a template, (courtesy of poptartspower), that will help you organize your events easier!

If you felt like the event matches were missing something or you wish there were more, then this list is for you! For best results, listen to the Event Matches theme while browsing!


  • Event NameYou can also tag/credit yourself as the creator of the event 
    • Description: (optional)
    • Objective: (optional)
    • For Reward: (optional)
    • For Hidden Route: (optional)
    • Custom Moves: (optional)
    • Mode: (Smash, Stamina, Coin, etc.)
    • Players: (The 1st and/or 2nd player, also allies)
    • Enemies: (CPU characters)
    • Stage: (Normal or Omega form)
    • Music: (can be any, doesn't have to match the stage) (doesn't even have to be from the game at all)
    • Example: (video or photo link to provide example, however it's optional) (You can add more than one photo/video as well as others can add)
    • Notes: (optional extra notes)

(Also, very optional to provide any differences between easy, normal, and hard modes)

Solo Events

  • Koopaling Klash!pp 
    • Description: "That pesky plumber is always messing with our plans! Well, let's see how he likes it when we ambush him all at once!"
    • Objective: Defeat the Koopalings!
    • Mode: 8-Player Smash
    • Players: Mario
    • Enemies: Koopalings (except Bowser Jr.)
    • Stage: Mushroom Kingdom U (Omega)
    • Music: Super Mario World Boss
    • Example: Video

  • Against The Black Knight?pp 
    • Description: Lucina grows curious of Ike's tales about "The Black Knight" and ponders about her father and if she were in Ike's shoes. So, Ike decides to play a little dress-up...
    • Objective: Defeat The Black Knight! (Ike)
    • Mode: Special Smash (Stamina) (Both 150 HP)
    • Players: Lucina
    • Enemies: Ike (7th color)
    • Stage: Castle Siege (Omega)
    • Music: Against the Black Knight
    • Example: Video

  • Wily Trickspp 
    • Description: Dr. Wily is once again defeated! However, in Mega Man's damaged state, he drops yet another onslaught on the Blue Bomber!
    • Objective: Defeat the R.O.B.s!
    • Mode: Special Smash (Stamina)
    • Players: Mega Man (50 HP)
    • Enemies: 3 R.O.B.s (All 150 HP)
    • Stage: Wily Castle (Omega)
    • Music: Mega Man 2 Boss
    • Example: Video

  • Flashback Battle #1pp 
    • Description: Mario and Link decide to visit the old Hyrule battlefield like good old times and take a trip down memory lane.
    • Mode: Smash (1 stock)
    • Players: Mario
    • Enemies: Link
    • Stage: N64 Hyrule Castle (Normal)
    • Music: Hyrule Castle
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)

  • The Path of the Hero-Kingpp 
    • Description: Marth: You are Corrin, correct? And you wish to duel me? Let us prove your worth of becoming a legendary hero!
    • Mode: Special Smash (Stamina)
    • Players: Marth (150 HP)
    • Enemies: Corrin (male) (150 HP)
    • Stage: Castle Siege (Omega)
    • Music: The Path of the Hero-King
    • Example: Video

  • Burn the Witch!pp 
    • Description: Bayonetta: "My my, things have certainly gone down in flames here."
    • Mode: Special Smash (Stamina) (All 150 HP)
    • Players: Bayonetta
    • Enemies: Bowser, Charizard, Roy
    • Stage: Norfair (Normal)
    • Music: Space Harrier (∞ Climax Mix)
    • Example: Video
    • Notes: Turn on fire items (Fire Flower, Fire Bar, etc.)

  • PAC-A-Snackpp 
    • Description: PAC-MAN is starving! Help feed him to tip-top shape before someone ruins his day!
    • Objective: Heal youself to 0%!
    • Mode: Smash (1 stock)
    • Players: PAC-MAN (300%)
    • Enemies: Sonic (0%)
    • Stage: PAC-LAND (Normal)
    • Music: PAC-ATTACK - Puzzle Fever
    • Example: Video
    • Notes: Leave only healing items on.

  • Shiver Me Timbers!pp 
    • Description: Ahoy! Greedy pirates have invaded the ship and are after the precious loot! Keep them off the ship and throw them overboard!
    • Mode: Smash (1 stock)
    • Players: Toon Link
    • Enemies: 3 Warios
    • Stage: Pirate Ship (Normal)
    • Music: Middle Boss Battle (Wind Waker)
    • Example: Video

  • Mewtwo in the Mountainpp 
    • Description: Lucas hears of a legendary psychic being and ventures to learn how to master his powers. Problem is that this being isn't very friendly nor fond of teaching.
    • Mode: Special Smash (Stamina) (Both 150 HP)
    • Players: Lucas
    • Enemies: Mewtwo
    • Stage: Kalos Pokemon League (Omega)
    • Music: Battle! Mewtwo (Pokemon X/Y)
    • Example: Video

  • Hey You! It's Time to Speed Up!!!pp 
    • Description: YOU GOT BOOST POWER!! Ahem...looks like you've picked up a lot of speed and now it's time to beat your foes! If you can catch them, that is...
    • Mode: Special Smash (Bunny, Fast)
    • Players: Choose
    • Enemies: Sonic, Captain Falcon, Fox
    • Stage: Windy Hill Zone (Normal)
    • Music: Hey You! It's Time to Speed Up!!!
    • Example: Video

  • Flashback Battle #4pp 
    • Description: Marth and Link decide to cross swords once again in yet another battle of steel!
    • Mode: Smash (2 stock)
    • Players: Marth
    • Enemies: Link
    • Stage: Temple (Normal)
    • Music: Fire Emblem (Melee)
    • Example: Video

  • Diddy Kong Racingpp 
    • Description: Nintendo's all-star racers compete to prove who holds the best racing competition out there. And, Diddy Kong is feeling a bit overwhelmed.
    • Mode: Smash (1 stock)
    • Players: Diddy Kong
    • Enemies: Mario, Kirby, Captain Falcon
    • Stage: Mario Kart 8 Mario Circuit (Normal)
    • Music: Diddy Kong Racing - Pirate Lagoon
    • Example: Video

  • No Shoes Allowedpp 
    • Description: There is no footwear allowed in class when sparring in the training room. Of course, his students being barefoot or not is the least of his worries...
    • Mode: Special Smash (Stamina)
    • Players: Wii Fit Trainer (male) (150 HP)
    • Enemies: Ryu, Corrin (male), Corrin (female) (All 150 HP)
    • Stage: Wii Fit Studio (Normal)
    • Music: Wii Fit Plus - Strength Training
    • Example: Video

  • Banana Slamma!pp 
    • Description: Little Mac has finally won the championship belt but right before he is awarded, a familiar intruder suddenly appears while he is fatigued from the last match!
    • Mode: Special Smash (Stamina)
    • Players: Little Mac (50 HP)
    • Enemies: Donkey Kong (150 HP)
    • Stage: Boxing Ring (Omega)
    • Music: Major Circuit Theme
    • Example: Video

  • Royal Rumblepp 
    • Description: "I, Corrin, of the kingdoms of Hoshido and Nohr have come to seek peace with the royalty of other great kingdoms! ...er, tough crowd..."
    • Mode: 8-Player Smash
    • Players: Corrin (female)
    • Enemies: Peach, Bowser, Zelda, Ganondorf, Marth, Lucina, King Dedede
    • Stage: Castle Siege (Normal)
    • Music: Dusk Falls (Fire)
    • Example: Video

  • Conquer Yourself!pp 
    • Description: As Link explores through the temple, he encounters an old foe...
    • Mode: Special Smash (Stamina) (Both 150 HP)
    • Players: Link (Blue)
    • Enemies: Link (Dark)
    • Stage: Temple (Omega)
    • Music: Middle Boss Battle (Ocarina of Time)
    • Example: Video

  • Pokémon Free-For-Allpp 
    • Description: Who is the best Pokémon? A 6-way battle will prove who comes out on top!
    • Mode: 8-Player Smash (1 stock) (6 players)
    • Players: Pikachu
    • Enemies: Jigglypuff, Charizard, Mewtwo, Lucario, Greninja
    • Stage: Pokemon Stadium (Normal)
    • Music: Pokémon Sun/Moon - Wild Pokémon Battle
    • Example: Video

  • Save the Universe!pp 
    • Description: This is it, no escape. The final battle between Mario and Bowser. You can do it, Mario! You're our only hope!
    • Mode: Smash (3 stock)
    • Players: Mario
    • Enemies: Bowser
    • Stage: Mario Galaxy (Normal)
    • Music: Nemesis King Koopa
    • Example: Video

  • Falco Leaves The Nestpp 
    • Description: Falco's gone rogue! Looks like his old buddy Fox is going have to turn him in. But it doesn't seem like he's coming quietly.
    • Mode: Special Smash (Both 150 HP)
    • Players: Fox
    • Enemies: Falco
    • Stage: Orbital Gate Assault (Omega)
    • Music: Star Wolf
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)

  • Corrin the Pokémon???pp 
    • Description: Corrin: "Whoa hey, wait a second! What's going on here?! I'm not a Pokémon!!"
    • Mode: Smash (1 stock) (Teams)
    • Players: Corrin (male)
    • Enemies: Pikachu, Charizard, Lucario
    • Stage: Pokémon Stadium (Normal)
    • Music:
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)

  • Not Just A Kidpp 
    • Description: Ness meets other role-playing heroes and he wants to prove that he is just as brave and heroic as them!
    • Mode: Special Smash (All 150 HP)
    • Players: Ness
    • Enemies: Marth, Pikachu, Shulk
    • Stage: Onett (Omega)
    • Music:
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)

  • Marth The Dragonslayerpp 
    • Description: Marth: "I, King Marth, shall take on three dragons at once with my sacred sword!"
    • Mode: Smash (1 stock)
    • Players: Marth
    • Enemies: Bowser, Charizard, Corrin
    • Stage: Coliseum (Normal)
    • Music:
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)

  • Pikachu and...Pikachupp 
    • Description: Pikachu's little buddy may be gone but it looks like he's managed to make make some new friends. Regrettably, they're still not your friends...
    • Mode: Smash
    • Players: Choose
    • Enemies: 3 Pikachus
    • Stage: N64 Dream Land (Normal)
    • Music:
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)

  • Roy vs. Roypp 
    • Description: Roy: "Ah, my next foe. What's this? Another Roy?! I was a fighter here first. Everyone knows I am the true Roy!" (Fun fact: Roy Koopa was created first.)
    • Mode: Smash (1 stock)
    • Players: Roy Koopa
    • Enemies: Roy
    • Stage: Castle Siege (Normal)
    • Music:
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)

  • PAC-LAND Adventurepp 
    • Description: PAC-MAN decides to take a journey and some friends join along as well! But are they truly your friends? Survive as long as you can!
    • Mode: Special Smash (Stamina)
    • Players: PAC-MAN
    • Enemies: 3 PAC-MAN's
    • Stage: PAC-LAND (Normal)
    • Music:
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)

  • For My Father!pp 
    • Description: Lucina has some unfinished business to settle with a certain bounty hunter.
    • Mode: Special Smash (Both 150 HP)
    • Players: Lucina
    • Enemies: Captain Falcon
    • Stage: Coliseum (Normal)
    • Music:
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)

  • Animal Junglepp 
    • Description: The mayor of the town quickly learns that recruiting any kind of talking animal doesn't always mean that they will be peaceful residents.
    • Mode: Smash (1 stock)
    • Players: Villager
    • Enemies: Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Fox, Falco, Sonic, King Dedede
    • Stage: Town and City (Normal)
    • Music:
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)

  • The Critical Hit!pp 
    • Description: Your sword has become dull and worn from the heat of battle and now your attacks are useless! You must finish your opponent with the devastating Critical Hit!
    • Mode: Special Smash (Both 150 HP)
    • Players: Roy
    • Enemies: Marth
    • Stage: Castle Siege (Omega)
    • Music:
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)
    • Notes: Only Smash Balls on. Your attacks are weakened and you can only finish the battle with a Final Smash! (Critical Hit)

  • Full Metal Mariopp 
    • Description: The notorious Metal Mario strikes again! This time, you've got a metal form of your own, however it puts a bigger strain on your body than it does to his.
    • Objective: Defeat Metal Mario!
    • Mode: Special Smash (Metal)
    • Players: Choose (Easy 0%, Normal 50%, Hard 100%)
    • Enemies: Mario
    • Stage: Kalos Pokemon League (Omega)
    • Music: Meta Crystal
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)

  • Divine Interventionpp 
    • Description: Bayonetta: "Back off, goddess! Those angels are as good as mine!"
    • Mode: Smash (1 stock)
    • Players: Bayonetta
    • Enemies: Palutena, Pit, Dark Pit
    • Stage: Skyworld (Normal)
    • Music: Boss Battle 1 (Kid Icarus Uprising)
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)

  • Legendary Pokémon Onslaughtpp 
    • Description: Whoa! What's going on?? I can't see anybody! Well, one way to defeat your opponents is to grab those Master Balls before they do!
    • Mode: Special Smash (Clear/Invisible) (3 stock)
    • Players: Choose
    • Enemies: 3 Jigglypuffs
    • Stage: Final Destination
    • Music: Poké Floats
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)
    • Notes: Only leave Master Balls on

  • Female Emblempp 
    • Description: The female warriors of Fire Emblem have assembled to challenge you!
    • Mode: Smash
    • Players: Choose
    • Enemies: Lucina, Robin (female), Corrin (female)
    • Stage: Castle Siege (Normal)
    • Music: Road Taken (Roar)
    • Example: Video

  • Galaxy Invaderspp 
    • Description: Rosalina: "Visitors from the depths of space! Time to give them all a warm welcome, Lumas! ...or not...?"
    • Mode: Smash
    • Players: Rosalina
    • Enemies: Captain Falcon, Fox, Samus
    • Stage: Mario Galaxy (Normal)
    • Music: Rosalina in the Observatory 3
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)

  • Mage Meets Warlockpp 
    • Description: Robin: "I'm sensing very powerful evil energy...this man must be using dark magic! I must stop him at once!"
    • Mode: Stamina
    • Players: Robin (male) (150 HP)
    • Enemies: Ganondorf (200 HP)
    • Stage: Bridge of Eldin (Normal)
    • Music: Ganondorf Battle (Wind Waker)
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)

  • Stray Muttspp 
    • Description: A pack of stray dogs are wandering around the town and they duke it out to decide the leader of the pack.
    • Mode: Stamina (All 150 HP)
    • Players: Duck Hunt
    • Enemies: 3 Duck Hunts (any colors)
    • Stage: PAC-LAND (Normal)
    • Music: Pac-Village
    • Example: Video

  • Final Legend of Fantasypp 
    • Description: The Hero of Time meets the legendary swordsman Cloud Strife! The true interdimensional battle begins!
    • Mode: Stamina (Both 300 HP)
    • Players: Link
    • Enemies: Cloud
    • Stage: Midgar (Normal)
    • Music: J-E-N-O-V-A
    • Example: Video
    • Notes: You can also do a 3 stock match.

  • Meta-Knightmare 4 Wii Upp 

  • Checking Off The Bucket Listpp 
    • Description: Mario, Peach, and Yoshi have a score to settle with Wario after a certain blinding bucket incident.
    • Mode: Smash (1 stock)
    • Players: Wario
    • Enemies: Mario, Peach, Yoshi
    • Stage: Mushroom Kingdom U (Normal)
    • Music:
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)

  • Mission Gone Wrongpp 
    • Description: Cloud: "Uhh guys, when I said 'bombing mission', I didn't mean, 'throw explosives all around the place!'"
    • Mode: Smash (3 stock)
    • Players: Cloud
    • Enemies: Samus (Dark), ROB (red), ROB (green)
    • Stage: Midgar (Normal)
    • Music: The Bombing Mission
    • Example: Video

  • Witch Huntpp 
    • Description: Pit: "Oh hey, Pittoo! You've come to help me out, great! ...Hey, wait, I was here first!"
    • Mode: Smash (1 stock)
    • Players: Pit
    • Enemies: Bayonetta, Dark Pit
    • Stage: Umbra Clock Tower (Normal)
    • Music:
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)
    • Notes: You only need to take down Bayonetta.

  • Clash of the Giantspp 
    • Description: Bowser wants to prove that he is the biggest and baddest around!
    • Mode: Special Smash (Giant) (3 stock)
    • Players: Bowser
    • Enemies: Donkey Kong, Ganondorf, Charizard
    • Stage: Temple (Normal)
    • Music: Porky's Theme
    • Example: Video

  • Gentleman's Strifepp 
    • Description: Cloud: "Wait a second, you're a princess! I can't just hit you! But perhaps there may be a way to win without actually touching her?"
    • Mode: Stamina (Both 150 HP)
    • Players: Cloud
    • Enemies: Peach
    • Stage: Coliseum (Normal)
    • Music:
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)
    • Notes: Try not to directly attack her, use items and projectiles (beetles).

  • 3-D-D-D Triple De-De-Deluxepp 
    • Description: Kirby is seeing double! No, triple! Or would that be triple of triple? Three Dedede's with three times the lives!
    • Mode: Smash (3 stock)
    • Players: Kirby
    • Enemies: 3 King Dededes
    • Stage: Halberd (Normal)
    • Music:
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)

  • Final Form, Schminal Formpp 
    • Description: Cloud: "Giga...Bowser"?? Well, let me tell ya, you're certainly no "one winged angel".
    • Mode: Smash (1 stock)
    • Players: Cloud
    • Enemies: Bowser
    • Stage: Midgar (Omega)
    • Music: Birth of a God / One Winged Angel
    • Example: Video
    • Notes: Take down Bowser when he is in his Giga Bowser form and then finish him off with Omnislash! If you Bowser dies pre-transformation, you failed! You can also ramp up Bowser's HP for added difficulty.

  • In The Finalepp 
    • Description: Bowser: "Bwa ha ha! You say that everything'll vanish? Everything in YOU will, ripoff! SHOWTIME!"
    • Mode: Special Smash (Stamina) (Both 300 HP)
    • Players: Bowser
    • Enemies: Bowser (8th color)
    • Stage: Mario Galaxy (Omega)
    • Music: The Grand Finale
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)
    • Notes: No items whatsoever.

Group Events

  • Flashback Battle #2pp 
    • Description: After a trip through space, Kirby and Fox meet up and decide to land in the Mushroom Kingdom for a short break. Unfortunately, the castle guardians aren't very welcoming towards perceived threats.
    • Mode: Smash (1 stock)
    • Players: Kirby and Fox
    • Enemies: Mario and Luigi (Mario Bros.)
    • Stage: N64 Peach's Castle (Normal)
    • Music: N64 Peach's Castle
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)

  • Evil Twinspp 
    • Description: Link and Toon Link meet the shadow of their true selves.
    • Mode: Special Smash (Stamina)
    • Players: Link and Toon Link (Both 150 HP)
    • Enemies: Link (6th) and Toon Link (6th) (Both 150 HP)
    • Stage: Bridge of Eldin (Normal)
    • Music: Boss - Moldarach/Koloktos (Skyward Sword)
    • Example: Video

  • Fire Emblem Reunionpp 
    • Description: Roy: "Gee, Marth, there sure are a lot more warriors since the last time we were here, huh?"
    • Mode: 8-Player Smash (Teams)
    • Players: Marth and Roy (Same team)
    • Enemies: Ike, Robin (male), Robin (female), Lucina, Corrin (male), Corrin (female) (All same team)
    • Stage: Castle Siege (Normal)
    • Music: Fire Emblem Theme
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)

  • Specter Deflectorspp 
    • Description: Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde have taken over the mansion! It's time to call in the best two for the job! Finish them off with a Final Smash!
    • Mode: 8-Player Smash (6 players) (1 stock)
    • Players: Luigi and PAC-MAN
    • Enemies: 4 Kirbys (Red, Pink, Blue, and Orange)
    • Stage: Luigi's Mansion (Normal)
    • Music:
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)
    • Notes: Smash Balls only. Finish them with either Final Smash.

  • An Awakening of Fatespp 
    • Description: The avatars of Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates engage in an intense duel!
    • Mode: Smash (1 stock)
    • Players: Robin (male) and Robin (female)
    • Enemies: Corrin (male) and Corrin (female)
    • Stage: Coliseum (Normal)
    • Music:
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)

  • Thicker Than Waterpp 
    • Description: It's brothers vs. father/son vs. uncle/nephew vs. father/great-great-great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter!
    • Mode: Smash (1 stock)
    • Players: Mario and Luigi [Team 1]
    • Enemies: Bowser and Bowser Jr. [Team 2], Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong [Team 3], Marth and Lucina [Team 4]
    • Stage: Big Battlefield (Normal)
    • Music: Battlefield
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)

  • The Masked Menpp 
    • Description: Lucas is taking his dog for a stroll when he is suddenly ambushed by mysterious masked swordsmen! This seems all too familiar...
    • Mode: Special Smash (Both 150 HP)
    • Players: Lucas and Duck Hunt (Brown)
    • Enemies: Meta Knight, Lucina
    • Stage: Onett (Omega)
    • Music:
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)

  • Reptilian Menacepp 
    • Description: Oh great, haven't the Kongs had enough of reptiles trying to steal their banana hoard? Send them packing with a good old DK Punch!
    • Mode: Smash (1 stock)
    • Players: Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong
    • Enemies: Bowser and Charizard
    • Stage: Kongo Jungle 64 (Normal)
    • Music: Gangplank Galleon
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)

  • The Sacred Tiespp 
    • Description: The royal sibling duo Ephraim and Eirika accomplished many battles by working in tandem. Can Marth and Lucina learn to cooperate and emulate this legend??
    • Mode: Stamina
    • Players: Marth and Lucina (Both 150 HP)
    • Enemies: Bowser and Ganondorf (Easy 150 HP, Normal 200 HP, Hard 250 HP)
    • Stage: Skyloft (Omega)
    • Music: Preparing to Advance
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)

  • Man vs. Metalpp 
    • Description: Metal Mario and Metal Sonic are looking for worthy challengers. Time to bring the fight to them!
    • Mode: Special Smash (Metal) (1 stock)
    • Players: Choose
    • Enemies: Mario, Sonic
    • Stage: Battlefield
    • Music:
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)

  • Pit, Pittoo, Pitthree??pp 
    • Description: Pit: "Um, Lady Palutena, were there always this many Pittoo's?"
    • Mode: Smash (1 stock)
    • Players: Pit and Palutena
    • Enemies: 6 Dark Pits
    • Stage: Palutena's Temple (Omega)
    • Music:
    • Example: (video coming soon or you can upload one in the meantime)

    Character Reveal Trailers 
Post your ideas for character reveal trailers here! First, explain your ideas for a trailer and then add a snappy phrase for their character reveal shot!

Example: A lone bystander is seen standing alone and suddenly pulls out a lampshade... TROPER HANGS THE LAMPSHADE!

A building with a crowd surrounding it where paparazzis snap photos while a long red carpet leads into the building. A limousine pulls in and a mysterious figure steps out. Only the person's legs are seen, the crowd goes wild screaming and snapping pictures while the person steps inside. Then a huge crowd in a theater awaits this person to come on stage. The person steps up to center stage and suddenly a spotlight is shined down. The person is a beautiful young woman with fashionable clothes and does a twirl and poses to the crowd.


Final Smash: Fabulous Makeover

A giant curtain appears around her and anyone who gets caught is trapped in a "drassing room" where underneath the curtain, they will be given a change of clothes to something more fashionable. Many characters will have fun references and Shout Outs to outfits they previously wore. When they are done with the makeover the curtain lifts and several fans go crazy and chase after the poor victims. The paparazzi charges towards them and many boys and girls will fawn over them, regardless of gender. They are then bowled over by the large crowd, sending them out of their new outfits and off the stage to a KO.

Here is a list of possible outfits: (Go ahead and add to the list and have fun) :)

A beautiful grassland is seen where spherical frogs and pigs are waddling and singing. Suddenly, a pink round creature appears out of nowhere. It's Kirby! And he is shown in a 2D perspective running around and eating the enemies, resembling one of his games. Suddenly, Kirby hears music in the distance and stops. He begins tapping his foot and grooving to the music as it gets louder and catchier. Just as the music reaches it's climax, Kirby is then startled from being whacked by a staff that instantly sends him flying miles into the sky. He twinkles away as a star and then the staff is revealed to be a strange rainbow-colored staff shaped like a musical note. A little boy with brown hair and a red tunic then spins the staff around as a little rabbit catches up to him.


During the trailer, a scene of him hanging out with the Pokémon will be shown, as well as taunting alongside Pikachu. (As they're both made by Game Freak.)

(Not sure if he gets a trailer because he's a veteran but...)


A new Final Smash is revealed, Star Wolf Backup! He calls upon his crew, saying "Get your tails over here!", "All right chumps, it's show time!", etc.

Wolf jumps in his fighter jet and his crew arrives to help out. The screen has a crosshairs like Zero Suit Samus and instead the shots are blue and less powerful but you can shoot faster. If you time it right you can blast your foes and combo them. You can launch them sideways and the Star Wolf team will fly in and shoot them from the sides. You can pinball your opponent multiple times! Time it right and foes will pinball back and forth going upwards until they get blasted off sideways or upwards off the stage.

(Same with this guy...)


(Or he could be revealed alongside...)

Charizard and Greninja are ready to do battle. Fire vs. Water, so Charizard is at a disadvantage and he is struggling to win. Just as Greninja is about to land the last blow, a vine suddenly appears and negates Greninja's attack! More vines appear whipping at Greninja but he dodges them. Suddenly, razor sharp leaves are flung at Greninja and he is hit. To even the playing field, a sudden light gets brighter as it is blasted towards Greninja. While Greninja is getting up, both him a Charizard are puzzled by whoever did this. Suddenly, something leaps in the air and lands while making a loud booming sound upon impact. The camera pans upward...


Bowser Jr. has Peach over his shoulder. She cries out for Mario who gives chase, but Bowser Jr. has too much of a lead. They reach the bridge to Peach's castle and Bowser Jr. scurries across it. Mario only gets a few steps onto the bridge when Bowser's shadow appears in the sky above him. Bowser ground pounds the end of the bridge causing it to crumble, and forcing Mario to scramble back to land across the moat from the castle. Bowser nods smugly at his work and tromps into the castle, giving Bowser Jr. a few precious moments to mock Mario from a distance. The two glare at each other over the impasse when suddenly they hear a surprised roar from Bowser. The King crashes upwards through the roof of the castle and disappears into the sky. Bowser Jr. turns his back to Mario to see an uncharacteristically serious Princess Daisy step out of the castle. "Hi," she sneers, "I'm Daisy." Aside from Bowser Jr. dropping Peach on her butt, nobody knows how to react.







He would get his respective Up-B recovery while the Villagers get a new recovery (since it was broken for them...), now the Villagers can use the Lloid Rocket to launch upwards as well to recover. Now the Rocket will work similarly to the glide mechanic from Brawl.



The trailer starts with a pan around a small workshop/hangar on a cliff in the Mystic Ruins, where the original Tornado biplane and several other assorted inventions can be seen. A large monitor with footage from the various Super Smash Bros titles on it is focussed on, and then on an opened letter (with the Smash symbol on it) lying on a nearby workbench as the distant sound of a plane taking off can be heard.

It then cuts to Windy Hill Zone, where Sonic can be seen — despite putting up a fight — being ganged up on and knocked around by Mario, Mega Man and Pac-Man, much like Ness was in Lucas's reveal trailer. As Sonic gets knocked back toward the edge, the other fighters begin to approach him, but look up as a small aeroplane flies overhead. A white-gloved hand can be seen pressing a button on the plane's dashboard, causing it to transform into a two-legged mech — now revealed to be the Cyclone — that drops down in front of Sonic, knocking the other mascots backward.

This theme begins to play as the camera pans up and around to reveal the pilot of the machine — a young two-tailed fox, who gives the exhausted Sonic a thumbs-up as he quips — "Don't worry, Sonic! Leave this to me!"


After Tails' reveal, it shows in-game footage of him fighting opponents on-foot, with both his own abilities and his various inventions from some of his previous appearances, and interacting a lot with Sonic and Luigi, the latter in reference to their Death Battle appearance together. All the while, a pleasantly-surprised Sonic asks what Tails will bring to Smash, and Tails briefly discusses some of his inventions (including the Magic Hand, Chu-2 Bombs, Remote Robot, and Energy Ball) as he uses each one. The trailer ultimately ends with Tails summoning and leaping into the Cyclone mecha again for his Final Smash, using it to cause havoc across the stage and send multiple opponents flying out.


In the shadows someone is seeing the world of Smash through a floating round projection.

"Now, where does that boy keep running off to?"

Suddenly, the projection focuses on Cloud, who is running and jumping while attacking opponents in various stages.

"He likes to play silly little games and he doesn't invite me? For shame..."

A glimpse of white hair can be seen as the figure pulls out a very long sword.

"Then, we'll just have to fix that...", as he teleports away.

A dark mysterious figure suddenly appears on the Mario Galaxy stage where Cloud suddenly stops dashing and stares intensely.

"Greetings mortals, behold for your end has arrived!"


An urban playground and basketball court is next to a brick wall. Suddenly streaks of orange can be seen on the ground. It looks like orange paint on the ground. Something sloshing rightwards through the ground is leaving a trail of orange behind it. Meanwhile, a pair of rollerblades are seen heading left where a can of blue spray paint can be seen in their hand. The orange trail is revealed to be left by an orange squid and the person on roller skates is wearing a yellow shirt. They both approach a brick wall where the orange squid stops and suddenly transforms into a girl with orange hair. While the roller skater is revealed to have brown hair, headphones, and strange zigzagged goggles.

The girl on the left paints the wall with a red paint gun while the boy on the right spray paints the wall with a blue spray can. The girl paints the "Nintendo" logo while the boy paints the "SEGA" logo.

They smirk at each other while a splashing and skating sound can be heard in the distance. Suddenly, a blue squid appears with the orange girl on the left while a rollerskater girl appears with the brown boy on the right. The blue squid turns into a boy with blue hair and the skater girl has a white and green dress with blonde hair. The blue boy pulls out a white paint gun and the blonde girl pulls out white spray paint and they both paint on the logos. The blue boy paints the white border inside the Nintendo logo while the blonde girl spray paints the white border around the SEGA logo. An "X" suddenly appears between both logos and both duos grin at each other and the camera.


Splatoon X Jet Set Radio



(We would get awesome tracks like this and this!)

(It also helps that the composer for JSR fully endorses this crossover.)

The trailer reveals four costumes for Beat and Gum, where Beat gets Tab, Yo Yo, and his JSRF outfit and Gum gets Mew, Piranha, and her JSRF outfit.

They also have a cel-shaded appearance true to their games. Their moveset and attacks are based on rollerblading tricks. A unique property they have is that since they are on rollerblades, they are one of the fastest characters and have high mobility. However, because they are on rollerblades, standing on an incline will cause them to slide down automatically. This will cause them to slowly move up an incline. But, this means that they can pick up speed while speeding down an incline. The more speed you pick up, the greater and stronger your dash attacks will be. They also have a hard time stopping where they can continue to slide in place. Be careful not to pick up too much speed because it will be difficult to stop. New Stage: Tokyo-to

In the Battlefield Stage — Link, Marth and Meta Knight can be seen battling each other in a three-way sword battle in the daytime. Whilst this is going on, it's interspersed with indirect shots of a silhouetted figure flying through the sky on a rocket pack, sword in hand. As the battle goes on, the sound of the rocket pack gets gradually louder and louder whilst the interspersing shots focus on the figure's sword, which is now charging up with energy and slightly illuminating them.

Then, as the trio are about to go in for their final attacks, the figure flies by and crosses over the Sun in slow-motion, causing them to look up just as the figure swings their sword to fire a powerful beam at the trio, sending Marth and Link flying off the stage and knocking Meta Knight backwards towards the edge, just about managing to stop himself from falling as well with his wings.

As a surprised Meta Knight looks over at the mysterious fighter and adapts a combat stance, the figure drops down from in front of the Sun and lands on the stage — revealing himself to be an opossum with tall hair, clad in blue knight-like armour, a jetpack, and wielding a large energy sword. As he takes a few steps forward, he removes his goggles, slings his sword over his shoulder, and smiles cheekily at the camera as he performs his signature "LET'S GO!" whistle.


Set to a triumphant-sounding remix of the first level theme from his appearance on the Super NES, the next part of Sparkster's trailer involves him demonstrating his abilities against various opponents (most notably, the other sword-wielders), including his flight and sword-based fighting moves. Towards the end, Sparkster gets into a long battle with Meta Knight, which ends in a stalemate that carries over into the next CG cutscene that is now set at night, ending with the two wordlessly acknowledging each other as worthy opponents and fellow flying knights, and shaking hands.

However, the music suddenly cuts off as two more mysterious figures drop down from the other end of the stage, causing Sparkster to comically squeal in shock (as in his own games) and Meta Knight to angrily glare at them. The camera switches over to the side of the stage, revealing Axel Gear standing alongside Dark Meta Knight (both of whom appear as full alternate costumes for their respective counterparts, ala the Koopalings) as he venomously sneers at them and dares the two heroic knights to challenge them. With that, Meta Knight and Sparkster nod at each other with confident smiles, and the four fighters leap into battle.

One more set of in-game footage occurs to a rock-based remix of the boss theme from the original Rocket Knight Adventures, showing the four knights battling each other in separate teams (Sparkster and Meta Knight versus Axel Gear and Dark Meta Knight) and demonstrating the Axel Gear and Dark Meta Knight costumes. The footage ends with a reveal of Sparkster's Final Smash, involving him transforming into Golden Sparkster from Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2, and then the trailer properly finishes.

The trailer initially begins with an establishing shot of a large castle on a faraway planet (Castle Dedede), before cutting to the inside. It's mostly quiet, but inside the throne room, a small red creature with a pale face, orange feet and a blue bandanna can be seen sat on the throne, drinking a Pep Brew through a straw (in a manner referencing this bit from the tie-in anime) and watching a nearby TV screen. There, Kirby, King Dedede and Meta Knight can be seen battling each other in The Great Cave Offensive stage— and although the creature enjoys the spectacle at first, it starts to get somewhat forlorn at the sight, ending with it looking down and quietly sighing in longing.

At that moment, another small red creature— this one with one large eye— (Waddle Doo) bursts in and startles it, waving a letter with the Smash symbol on it, and hands it to the one on the throne. The creature with the bandanna reads the letter— causing their face to suddenly light up, them to leap off the throne, and joyfully dance around with the confused one-eyed creature. With that, they then run out of the throne room, followed by a few quick establishing shots of it tying its bandanna tighter and grabbing what appears at first glance to be a wooden pole.

Kirby, King Dedede and Meta Knight can then be seen battling amongst themselves in a rocky canyon (much like in Mega Man and Bowser Junior's reveal trailers), but are interrupted by the "CHALLENGER APPROACHING" siren. They stop fighting, and after catching sight of a small silhouetted figure on top of a nearby cliff who takes out a long spear with a ribbon tied around it, the figure leaps down in front of them— revealing itself to be the small bandanna-clad creature from earlier. They perform a few quick spear swings and spinning kicks to introduce themselves, before saluting.


Then, as a heavy metal-based version of the boss mode theme from Kirby Super Star begins to play, gameplay footage of Bandanna Waddle Dee fighting in-game is shown, demonstrating its various skills with its spear and interacting a lot in particular with Kirby and King Dedede. It's shown performing its Final Smash towards the end— the Megaton Punch from Kirby Super Star, which it uses to smash the floor and cause a humongous shockwave/explosion. Then just after that finishes, it's shown performing an Ass Kicking Pose alongside Kirby, King Dedede and Meta Knight (referencing their alliance in Kirby's Return to Dream Land) as the trailer ends.

The trailer begins inside the abandoned halls of a dark moonlit castle, interspersed with shots of three shadowy figures making their way up it. The first of the trio is revealed to be Link, closely followed by Luigi and Pac-Man (the two who are most often associated with ghosts). The trio are exploring the castle, apparently searching for something— and the first few moments are dedicated to how the three react to it. Link is seen pressing on ahead bravely with a lantern in-hand, Luigi is terrified, and Pac-Man can be seen looking hungry, comically eating a medusa-like ghost at one point.

Suddenly, Death lunges out of the shadows to attack them, and Luigi, Link and Pac-Man come together to fight it. In between shots of the three heroes fighting bravely but ultimately starting to lose over time, another shadowy figure can be seen running up the stairs and fighting off zombies and other creatures along the way. Then, just as Death knocks the trio down and raises his scythe to finish then, a vial of Holy Water is thrown from off-screen and shatters onto Death, setting him on fire and causing him to yell in pain. Death is then immediately cut off by having a huge metallic whip quickly extend toward and smash his skull, causing him to dissipate.

Link, Luigi and Pac-Man get up and look over at the figure who saved them, who steps out of the shadows and into a patch of moonlight through a window— revealing him to be a long-haired and leather armour-clad vampire hunter, who steps towards them with closed eyes as he coolly retracts his whip (now revealed to be the legendary Vampire Killer) and simply states— "What a horrible night to join the battle." as he opens his eyes and sternly looks straight at the camera.


Then, as a rock-based remix of a popular theme from his own series starts up, Simon can be seen both battling an assortment of foes using weapons from his own series (including the Vampire Killer, longsword, throwing axes, and Holy Water), and in several different situations referencing events in his own series. In particular, several additional costumes for him are shown (including Leon, Richter, Juste and Trevor Belmont, Alucard, Nathan Graves, Soma Cruz, Jonathan Morris, and Captain N Simon), as well as a new stage (Castle Dracula) and Mii Swordfighter costume (Grant Danasty).

The trailer concludes with a reveal of Simon's Final Smash— an enhanced Smash-based remake of his Finisher from Castlevania Judgement, complete with him quipping "THAT IS THE POWER OF A BELMONT!" as the trailer ends. After the main trailer finishes however, a brief clip is shown back at the castle. As Simon, Link, Luigi and Pac-Man leave together, Death can be seen reforming himself and retrieving his scythe, hinting at his status as the Stage Boss for Castle Dracula.

The trailer begins in a ruined city, bathed in a red sunset. On an abandoned highway near a pile of ruined cars, we see Bayonetta battling Bowser, Ganondorf and Mewtwo simultaneously (in a reference to Melee's final Event Match), making use of her techniques to effectively fight the villainous trio. Just as they all begin to leap into the fray simultaneously, the four fighters are cut off mid-attack by the sound of a motorbike approaching. As they turn around, a few brief close-up shots of the bike can be seen rushing along the ruined highway at speed— its driver obscured in silhouette (but with the shape of a giant sword on their back and a long coat visible)— before Bayonetta can be seen glaring intensely toward the source of the noise as it gets louder.

Suddenly, the scene cuts to the pile of ruined cars as the motorbike drives up and over them like a ramp, flying over the four fighters. With that, the still-obscured driver flips out of the motorbike saddle, swings the entire bike round in mid-air and hurls it straight at them (in reference to a part from Devil May Cry 3)— Bayonetta, Mewtwo and Ganondorf getting out the way in time, but Bowser being hit full-force by it, knocking him back before being launched off the highway by it exploding. Then as they begin to fall, the figure can be seen twisting round and summoning a series of spiked blades (Lucifer) from their back and launching them at the remaining three— Mewtwo teleporting to a different spot and Bayonetta neatly dodging around them, making use of the distraction to leap behind Ganondorf and kick him into a cluster of the blades embedded in the ground in slow-motion, which then explode and cause that section of the highway to crumble, launching Ganondorf away.

Finally, the figure lands, and as they spot Mewtwo landing from its teleport, they pull out the long sword on their back ( now revealed to be Rebellion) and rush towards it, striking them with a fast combo that ends with the figure hurling the blade straight at Mewtwo as it's kicked into the air (in a similar manner to Ike's Aether), launching it as well as Bayonetta leaps in to counterattack with her Witch Time— slowing the action down enough to reveal a young-looking man with white hair and a red trenchcoat firing at her with two large black-and-white handguns (Ebony and Ivory) with a cocky grin on his face, as she shoots at him with her own Love Is Blue guns in a split-screen moment.

Neither of the two manage to hit each other, but as time returns to normal, the man lands from the jump, and with his back facing the camera, holds his arm out— nonchalantly catching his giant sword as it falls toward him and sheathing it on his back. With that, Bayonetta looks over at him and in anticipation of their coming battle, comments with a pleasantly-surprised tone— "Hm. So you made it here as well, demon."

To this, the man nonchalantly comments— "Heh...least I can do, sister." with a smirk, as he turns around and steps forward. His theme song begins to start up as takes out his twin handguns again, spins them round in his hands, and points them toward her sideways with a quip of— "LET'S ROCK!".


As the man's theme song begins to intensify, Dante is shown battling a wide variety of foes, and in particular engaging in several close one-on-one battles with Bayonetta, as a nod to their respective origins, fighting styles, and their Death Battle appearance together. All the while, he is shown using various demonic weapons (his Devil Arms) as part of his fighting style (much like Mega Man) and in situations referencing things in his own series— including going after food items based on Pizza and Strawberry Sundaes, and in recolors/costumes based on Vergil, Nero, his DmC reboot self, and his shirtless outfit from DMC3, among others. As the trailer ends, he's shown using his Final Smash to transform into his Devil Trigger form.

The trailer begins with a shot of a rotating heart. Slowly, the screen fades to grayscale, giving the heart a rather sinister looking black feel. Zooming in on the heart, the screen fades to Mario, Link and Donkey Kong having a typical fight, until suddenly it goes dark and a purple glow surrounds the battlefield. Mario temporarily stops, confused and looks up. His jaw drops at the sight. Link is about to attack him, but finding Mario's state to be odd, also gets confused. Link quickly joins Mario by looking at the sky, jaw dropped, followed by Donkey Kong. The trailer cuts to the sky, as a ominous purple hole has somehow ripped into the sky itself. The hole swirls. It get's faster and faster until it becomes a blur. Suddenly, darkness again. We are then treated to a red face slowly emerging as we hear an all too familiar laugh. "Bleh-heh-heh-heh-heh-bleck!!!". This is followed by a white gloved hand tiping the hat of this character. The character turns around and lets his cape flow in the wind, finally illuminating the stage and revealing the mystery man.


Thus, we're given the typical "showing off the character" montage, including Bleck using his dark powers to corrupt Ness and Lucas and passing by Rosalina and Luma and taunting to tip his hat. It seems as if the trailer would end, but as we see the Smash logo show up, it starts to glitch. After a small amount of glitching out, the screen cuts to static and then cuts back to Bleck, in his castle, looking at a photo of Lady Timpani. He gives a smile, but turns around seeing the audience. He acts as if we just caught him doing something embarassing, before the camera pans to the side to show yet another familiar figure. Hidden by shadows, we can't see much, similar to Bleck earlier. But, zooming in on the figure, we hear a small giggle before she is illuminated.


And yet another short smash montage. And thus, the trailer ends. For real this time.

The trailer begins with Cloud battling Dark Pit, Dark Link, and Dark Samus in a town set in twilight. Cloud reaches Limit Break and prepares to use Cross-slash to finish off the antagonists, but Dark Samus uses her Grapple Beam to reel Cloud in. Before the villains can decimate Cloud, we see something spin towards them. It pierces the ground, scattering them.

The flash of light then spirals back up. Cloud looks up at the sky and sees a figure descend from the heavens. As the figure catches the beam of light (now revealed to be a Keyblade), Cloud glances at them and scoffs, "Huh. I never thought you'd show up here, too."

The figure stands up, still in shadow, and smirks, saying, "It's a pleasure." He then steps out of the shadow, finally revealing himself.


As "Darkness of the Unknown" plays in the background, Sora showcases his moves, each a reference to his moves from his home games. The trailer eventually ends with him exclaiming, "Riku!" and showcasing his Final Smash, Session, as the two Keyblade wielders trap Dark Link in a barrage.

The trailer stars with Pikachu, Charizard, Greninja, Lucario, Jigglypuff, and Mewtwo fighting. They then hear a HEE HO. It cuts to a silhouette of snowman with a hat. He then says "Now that I'm in this hee ho game, I can be more hee famous ho!"


The trailer begins with a battle among Link, Mega Man, and Pit in a futuristic city. After some time, the three begin to charge at each other to finish each other off, but before they can hit each other, someone from the shadows hurls a bomb at the three, and it explodes. When they recover, they see a silhouette in the moon, who leaps into the fray. We then hear the figure say, " Cheers, love! The cavalry's 'ere!"


The trailer starts with the character select screen, the player about to play Classic mode. It then pans down to the players, revealing that player 1 isn't there. Instead, all that's there is a player 3, and it has no portrait despite having already selected a character. The player then starts the mode at intensity 9.0, and then we see the usual opponents, but no player. A laugh is then heard, as the player character finally swoops in, as this theme plays in the background.


The trailer begins at Suzaku Castle during a battle between the team-up of Ryu & Mega Man against a lone Pac-Man. Pac-Man seems outmatched, desperately trying to fight back. We then zoom out to find a single figure looking down on the three fighters with his arms folded, looking quite disgusted at the display before him. We only get a glimpse of his hair as he jumps down on the stage, making himself known. Mega Man and Pac-Man are quite shocked at this new challenger but Ryu on the other hand just clenches his fist and simply says "You." as the camera zooms out to reveal this mystery fighter.


We see a montage of Heihachi fighting not only Ryu, but also Donkey Kong, Little Mac, Lucario and Mario before we get a shot of him in his home stage Mishima Building in which the mechanical arms serve as stage hazards. We also see him facing his Mii Fighter counterpart before cutting back to Suzaku Castle. Mega Man and Pac-Man lie utterly defeated while Heihachi carries Ryu's unconscious body in his arms before he drops him off the stage and the trailer ends with the camera lingering on his smug face.

We begin with a Mexican Standoff between Mario holding a Ray Gun and Diddy Kong with his Peanut Pop Guns. The two of them are ready to fire at each other at any moment. Diddy Kong prepares to fire his popguns and knock Mario off the stage before he's shot from behind by an unknown character. Getting up, Diddy gapes at his assailant, specifically the straw on his head.


A montage of Cuphead showcasing his moves set to Clip Joint Calamity followed by the reveal of his stage Inkwell Isle then plays. We cut back to Cuphead facing off against Mario and Diddy before a hand belonging to Mugman touches his shoulder and we get another montage showing Mugman as an alternate skin. We end it with the brothers facing off against their opponents before the camera zooms out to show the Devil and King Dice watching from King Dice's casino.

    Just For Fun 
Even the Just for Fun page needs a bit of silliness

—-> Samus Aran

  • "I'll settle down when I'm dead."
—> Samus Aran

  • "The only kiss I've ever given is the kiss of death."
—> Samus Aran

  • (the below by beorc)

  • "..."
—> Samus Aran

  • Palutena and Rosalina have tea: by Nintendork64, Grounder, Nes Classic, Enlong, Ogodei, and ultimatepheer
    • ultimatepheer: “Aaaand now I have the image in my head of Rosalina and Palutena sitting around somewhere, having tea, and just discussing whatever trivial things Goddesses like them discuss. And Rosalina Gloating that Lumas are way cuter than anyone Palutena has.”
    • "Hey Palutena, whatcha thinkin' about?"
    • "Oh, I dunno... Goddess stuff, I guess"
    • "thinkin' of life *teardrop*"
    • "Well, Centurions come back to life."
    • "So do Lumas. And I don't have to bring them back myself, either."
    • "Showoff..."
    • "I've got Pit."
    • "I've got Mario."
    • "Only when he's going into space on his own terms. And Pit remembers who I am." *sip*
    • "Yes, well. I doubt you ever had to reset the universe because an Obese Turtle decided to fall into a sun with enough force to collapse it into a black hole." *Smirk* *Sip*
    • "Oh, I can top that. Have you ever been infected by a living manifestation of chaos?"
    • "I really don't believe that is something to be proud of..."
    • ultimatepheer: "Are we interpreting these two as being Tsundere... for each other?"

  • A discussion of how to overcome "The Voiceless"
    • EvillPaladin: For the speech-less story: Just do something like in the Mario&Luigi series; have them talk in gibberish while characters capable of proper English/Japanese/what have you answer them, which gives you an idea of what they are saying.

    • Anomalocaris20: Mario: Adotledato!

    • Link: Skraaa!

    • EvillPaladin: Pit: Uh... Any progress on the Universal Translator, Lady Palutena?

    • Anomalocaris20: Mario: Ehpaponescremepatacomaboatequesadorapagrato!

    • Luigi: Potonotunitanatunesenatonacanarlosemananasaratone- nepetanatiniti!

    • Mr. Game & Watch: Beep.

  • History of Mr. Game and Watch, by Gary CX Jk

    • Mr. Game & Watch has been in a game before.

    • A game of death.

    • I mean, just look at him, stare at his eyes, a dark, black, empty void. If you stare long enough you might find the truth about your God. It speaks to you, in terrible ways possible, speaking to you in different tongues, trying to distract you. Look closer and you'll be driven insane, but if you survive all that, there's only nothing. There is no God.

    • As your soul is floating around in this big empty void, you begin to feel yourself disappear, slowly driving you mad until you suddenly stop existing. There is no life after death for you, no way for your soul to be re-used in the fabric of time and space, to give birth to a newborn.

    • Somewhere on this planet, a child will be still-born, all because you descended too deep.

    • Also, there's the Game & Watch collection, so technically he's there.

  • Lady Madonna Parody, by The Space Jawa and Tropers/{{0dd1}}
    • Lady Rosalina,
    • Lumas at your feet
    • Listening to stories of
    • the foes you've gone and beat
    • Lady Rosalina,
    • Lumas float above
    • For all your starry children
    • where do you find the love?

    • SEEEEE MARIO RUUUUUN oh damn this awkward pagetopper

  • Particle Man parody, by {{Tropers/0dd1}}
    • Starfy, man, Starfy, man
    • Hit on the head with Peach's frying pan
    • Lives his life on a trophy stand
    • Starfy, man
    • Is he all wet?
    • Or is he a mess?
    • Are his moves totally worthless?
    • Who came up with Starfy, man?
    • Degraded man, Starfy, man. *accordion*

  • Captain Falcon/Pit convo (non-codec) by Sterok
    • "It's an honor to meet you Captain. Lady Palutena always spoke highly of you. Something about those nice fiery muscles."
    • "Show me your moves!"
    • "Well, I can shoot lots of magic arrows. And I can fly. Isn't that awesome!"
    • "Yes!"
    • "I always wondered, what's in the Blue Falcon? Do you have snacks in there? Lady Palutena tells me I eat too much floor ice cream and that I need to start dieting. But all food restores my health equally, so I don't see the problem. Man, I'm hungry."
    • "Come on!"
    • "Wow, your car's cool. I don't have anything nearly as good as this. Either I have to abandon it after a few minutes or it blows up. By the way, I've noticed you've got a weapon holstered. Why don't you ever use it?"
    • "...Now I understand. Please remind me never to anger you."

  • Komayto v Metroid debate (Samus talking to Pit) by Enlong
    • "No, see, they look similar, and feed in the same way, but Metroids have a different nucleus and can only be stopped with extremely low temperatures. Komaytos can be removed with blunt force trauma. That's why Metroids are a bigger threat. Look. Just... where's Kirby? He gets this."

  • So...the Duck Hunt Dog is in the new Smash Bros...What manner of punishment shall we mete against it for enduring it's taunting laughter all these years?

  • A conversation right after Pit called her Elsa as a joke.
    • Rosalina: For the last time, I'M NOT ELSA! She is the queen of a land based off Norway and has ice powers. I am the protector of the cosmos and mother to the lumas. Why is this so hard for people to understand?
    • Pit: I can Only guys that it's because of how you both have light blue dresses and light hair.
    • Rosalina: If you can tell the difference than why did you call me that?
    • Pit: Lady Palutena told me to.
    • Pit: ...Wait, oh for Skyworld's sake, really Lady Palutena?

This is stupid, but whatever.