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Spider Buddha: You seriously think I'm a cop, dressed in flowing red and blue robes?

Made by the film department of Barfel Comics, Spider-Buddha is a moderately well received superhero film trilogy beginning in 2005. The films center around timid prince (and future religious figure) Siddhartha Gautama (played by Jesse Eisenberg), who after being bitten by an enlightened spider, acquires bizarre new powers; web-slinging and discovering the Middle Way to name a few.

The first film, Spider-Buddha, was released in 2005, and chronicled the origins of Spider-Buddha, as well as the rise and death of his arch enemy, Mara, A.K.A, the Pink Pixie . The film was praised for its unique take on the Superhero film, but received criticism for the casting of Tom Hanks as the Pink Pixie, many claiming he looked "too old" for the role. Complaints from parents were also rife after some of the Pixie's antics (such as using exploding cupcakes as weapons), were copied in schoolyards world wide, as well as his gruesome death scene, nearly leading to the film being pulled out of cinemas early.

The second film, the imaginatively titled Spider-Buddha Two, was released in 2008, and is widely considered to be the best in the series. Beginning to think that reaching Nirvana isn't really worth it, Siddhartha begins to question if he really wants to be Spider-Buddha, or just live an ordinary life in his former riches. However, research theologist Doctor Septimus Calamari (played by Chris Barrie), has a terrible accident after an encounter with Spider-Buddha, leaving him with thin robotic tentacles permanently fused to his shoulders. Renaming himself Doctor Cuttler, Calamari procedes to terrorize the city out of sheer revenge, and once again, Siddhartha takes up the mantle of Spider-Buddha to defend the Middle Way.

Spider-Buddha Two recieved near unanimous critical praise, mainly concentrating on the highly polished CGI and practical effects, as well as Chris Barrie's heartrending final scenes as Doctor Cuttler.

Spider-Buddha Three, therefore, had a lot of expectation to live up to. When it was belatedly released in 2013, people flocked to cinemas in droves to see how the final installment would go down. The film centres around Spider-Buddha fighting three villains in quick succession. Firstly, Wilson Mara (played by Wil Wheaton), A.K.A, the New Pixie, trying to avenge his fathers death in the first movie. Secondly, Mudball (played by Jeff Goldblum), a man caught up in a laboratory accident that made him a mud-themed shapeshifter, who is forced to commit petty crime to support himself. Lastly, Devadatta (played by Arthur Darvill), A.K.A, Contaminant, a rival and bully of Siddhartha's, who bonded with an ancient energy to dispose of Spider-Buddha.

Whilst critical reviews proved mildly positive, fan reaction to the third film proved it to be more of a polarizing affair, with most fans taking issue with Arthur Darvill's casting, mirroring the critical reaction to Tom Hanks in the first film.

Although still fresh in many peoples minds, Barfel plans to do a Continuity Reboot, starting in 2016 with the planned The Unbelievable Spider-Buddha.

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