Just For Fun / Our Gangsta Crib Yall

Our Gangsta Crib Y'all is the current home to a large community of writers on Fanfiction.net. The community started out as a single Super Mario Bros. forum, but has since grown to include various authors from all corners of the site.

The Crib is essentially a bunch of teenagers (named by themselves as "Criblings") who post on a Fan Fiction forum and discuss video games, movies, and other forms of entertainment. Sound simple, no? Not really. Due to being teenagers, drama erupts from time to time, snarky arguments occur, and other general misfortune ensues.

And, of course, there are a lot of tropes, which due to various members of the forum being not only Genre Savvy, but also ridiculously sarcastic, are quickly identified and lampshaded.

Here is where some of the members will attempt to record the multitude of tropes that ensue on a daily basis. (Note: As you can see, this page is Just for Fun. This should not be taken seriously, and should only really be read by members of the forum. So, um, if you're not a member, bugger off.)

Our Gangsta Crib Y'all provides examples of: