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This page is intended to allow our various tropers to single out lines, edits, and entries made by other tropers that they feel are excellent examples of how to do the job. Be sure to mention what page you found the quotes on.

If what you wish to give a win to is easily quotable, go ahead and copy/paste it here for posterity. This is a wiki, and even the most hilarious pages can change at any time: for instance, while Natter can be hilarious and win-worthy, an editor may be entirely justified in deleting it from the page. However, editors who use the compliments on this page to specifically seek out things to delete, do so at the explicit risk of looking like a kill-joy.

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Koveras: A MOW to Vios for splitting up the godzilla that was the old Baldur's Gate article.
Weirdguy149: To whoever gave the intro to Horned Humanoid the Added Alliterative Appeal treatment.
Earriorwatcher: To the person whose name is lost to history for this exchange in Trash Talk, especially the last two lines:
  • Pick any online game with any form of free communication between players. Most of this communication will be either people gloating and telling you that you suck because they beat you, or people accusing you of cheating or using cheap tactics because you beat them.
    • The rule of thumb for trash talk is that, if anyone is better than you, they have no life. If anyone is worse than you, they are a noob.
    • It can actually work pretty well with text based chat. If they're busy typing they probably won't notice the column of tanks you're about to shove up their ass.

Medinoc: To whomever made the brope list in the Broforce page.

Robin Zimm: Checking the page history, it looks like Erylia Starheart.
System Cellar: "In desperation, mankind begged, pleaded, prayed for this one species of life besides themselves to save them. It couldn't. It was just a cactus. Mankind despaired." I am not entirely certain why these lines from the Touhou Crossovers made me laugh so hard, but made of win they are. I believe Tropers/Andyzero wrote them before the page move.
Continued in Made Of Win Archive 2013 And 2014.
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