->''"'''In'''flammable means flammable?! What a country!"''
-->-- '''Dr. Nick''', ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons''

Some of the trope names can be a bit [[WordSaladTitle arbitrary]], or [[TropeNamers named after certain series]], or JustForPun. Here's a list to make the titles more clear. Obviously, while this list ''can'' be very helpful, it's mostly JustForFun.

A [[SisterTrope Sister Page]] to JustForFun/IThoughtThatWas (confusing work titles), JustForFun/IReadThatAs (confusing what titles read as), CanonicalListOfSubtleTropeDistinctions (telling similar tropes apart), ThisIndexIsNotAnExample (trope namers that don't use the trope).

Compare SquarePegRoundTrope, YouKeepUsingThatWord, TheBigListOfBooboosAndBlunders, JustForFun/LousyAlternateTitles (what names could come from definitions).

Contrast ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin. See NonIndicativeName when this applies to works.
!!Terms to clear up, then:

* IThoughtItMeant/AToC
* IThoughtItMeant/DToF
* IThoughtItMeant/GToI
* IThoughtItMeant/JToL
* IThoughtItMeant/MToN
* IThoughtItMeant/OToR
* IThoughtItMeant/SToT
* IThoughtItMeant/UToW
* IThoughtItMeant/XToZ