Just For Fun / Fix-It Felix Jr.

In 1981, Donkey Kong was released, becoming a massive hit. During its success, a video game company called Tobikomi, known already for its successful space shooters and racing games decided to make a more adult game in Donkey Kong's style. The game was called Fix-it Felix and while it was a modest hit it got many complaints for being too difficult and having unnecessary adult elements thrown in. To deal with this: Tobikomi altered the game with a more family friendly tone and more easy difficulty.

This resulted in Fix it Felix Jr. known today as a classic 1980s arcade game, made in 8-bit graphics. The story itself is rather simple:

A brief prologue introduces Wreck-It Ralph, the game's antagonist. He lives more or less happily in a stump in the middle of a forest, until said stump is moved to a dumpster and his home forest is torn down by bulldozers. Why? To clear the way for a luxurious apartment building that provides a home for a group of people called the Nicelanders.

Naturally, when Ralph finds out about the destruction of his home, he is...less than pleased. He then proceeds to take his anger out on the apartment building by wrecking it. This requires the eponymous Fix-It Felix Jr. to step in and fix the damage Ralph causes with his magic hammer (inherited from his father).

The game was a success when it was first released, being popular at the many arcades it ended up in. Perhaps the most well-known version is the one at Litwak's Family Fun Center.

This game provides examples of: