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Just For Fun: Exquisite Corpse
Exquisite dead guy
Rotating in his display case
Exquisite dead guy
Swear I saw his mouth move
They Might Be Giants, "Exquisite Dead Guy"

This is not an article for the trope (already covered in Round Robin); this page is for actually writing one. An exquisite corpse is a work in which multiple authors take turns contributing to it (a more comprehensive definition of "exquisite corpse" is provided on the Other Wiki). Here are the rules:

  1. We will start with Chapter One. Each chapter has to be written by a different troper than the one before. No troper may add multiple chapters in a row.
  2. If a troper does not like the way the story is going, he can create an Alternate Branch of the story, but it has to follow all rules which apply to the exquisite corpse.
  3. Illustrations can be provided by those who can draw.
  4. Some semblance of continuity, please.
  5. No complaining.
  6. A chapter can only be tweaked by the person that wrote it, and only until the next chapter is created.
  7. New rules can be added at any time.

Exquisite Corpse: Small Worlds
The theft of his revolver drags Vaniah, a gunslinger on the run from his past, into an adventure of unknown proportions and uncertain fates.

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    Chapters One through Ten 

     Chapters Eleven through Twenty 

     Chapters Twenty-One through Thirty 

     Chapters Thirty-One through Forty 

Exquisite Corpse: Trope'd

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alternative title(s): Exquisite Corpse
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