Cute Bruiser-tan is the younger sister of JustForFun/TropeTan, and the AnthropomorphicPersonification of the CuteBruiser trope.

Cute Bruiser-Tan features:
* A gloating laugh, escalated to an AnnoyingLaugh.
* A DumbMuscle for the most part
** Mostly BookDumb
* Aspires to become a BoobsOfSteel girl.
* Outfitted in a white and yellow Taekwondo jacket, and a [[MagicSkirt short, white skirt]].
* Has a pet [[HairRaisingHare rabbit]].
* Her [[RedEyesTakeWarning red eyes are considered a warning signal]].
* Cute Bruiser-tan could be considered a RavenHairIvorySkin.
* She has the [[BraidsofAction braid of action]].
* Aged anywhere between [[VagueAge 0 and]] [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld 10000]]
* [[CarryABigStick Carries a big stick]].
* Currently on TrainingFromHell, until she gets SuperMode.