Just For Fun: Conversation Room Of The SOCIETY

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Since the SOCIETY wanted to keep the Inner Sanctum (Discussion) page unedited, Cryptic Conversation is in the Outer Sanctum.

Remember to use a quiet voice. This IS our version of The Omniscient Council of Vagueness. Talk about anything from how your most recent edit prepared us for the next phase, current plans and operations, or how you just contributed to the Great Edit. Please keep your Black Cloak on. For non-members, editing here does not force membership into the SOCIETY.
The Bookkeepers would like to respectfully remind you that any unauthorized abridgement of the Primary Books of Fate is punishable by a damnation of no briefer duration than n+1 eternities.

Antithesis, Messenger of Bibliophael
The Reverse Mole sends greetings to her brethren and trusts that her first edit made with the goals of the SOCIETY in mind will meet with their acceptance and approval.

We are pleased by your work, and hope you continue to spread SOCIETY influence in preparation of the Great Edit. Keep the faith and know that your brethren are with you.

I am Romaji, and I decree all conversations on this page link into the Buffet Breakfast conspiracy. A penalty from John the Baptist.
Aze Takădii, Tropeiri, zr s ze, Rehydăm Hx qem jzakar Kareigăn Hxi, kodha Gaaten. Keir vheganon jzakar Grehvat Ydătăn! Gaʦȣ, ze zarev ashrȣd myr lănzid ak kodh lănzii ashrȣd zr! Aj cuu

Nothing says secret like a different language, eh? oh, and the translation is: "[greeting gesture], Troper, it is I, Red Six of the Original Six(pl.), your creator. We begin the Great Edit! Also, I [unleash will] my language and you [learn will] it! Or else..."
Crazyjosh is pleased to announce that he has made a huge step towards fulfilling the objectives of the Great Edit and hopes that the SOCIETY approves.
My regards to you all, Fellow SOCIETY members. It is I, the Deadpan Snarker, wishing you all luck in helping to fulfill the Great Edit. I wait patiently for the glorious day when we all fulfill our destinies of bringing about the Great Edit.
This troper, the Insane Innocent
Because of her SOCIETY joining is ebullient
She greets every Single Outstanding Creative Impressive Trope-Yearning member
And pledges to leave pot holes that tropers and lurkers will remember
In the name of the Oh-So-Great-Edit
She'll trope 'til the SOCIETY's goal's met, you can bet it!
I will stop you all.
Hello, everyone. The Cheery Multitasker is here to help advance the agenda of the SOCIETY...and a few more plans on the side. I'm sure we'll all have a... memorable time in the near future...=D
This is the heart checking in and congratulating everyone on a job well done! We're all one step closer to the Great Edit! <3 Also, I'm working to unmask our rival syndicate who is trying to put a stop to our hopeful future. Peace out!
Northern Intelligence Here. I Have begun my task. You Know where it is assuming you read my dossier. Just Thought I should check in.
Convention on Classification's representative here. Name's Ringo to those who will remember. Send a Prayer my way if immediate attention is necessary.
This is a new member in our glorious SOCIETY, attempting to sneak in here unnoticed. I will attempt to further the Great Edit in such a manner where no one will see me. I WILL be unnoticed. Carry on. As long as you're cool when you edit. Rudeness is not cool in the SOCIETY.
Lord Dusk greets his glorious new masters, and hopes that his skills as the Spanner in the Works will prove useful for the success of the mighty SOCIETY.
The Ubercynic sends her greetings to her co-conspirators, and looks forward to a productive relationship with them.
Greetings from the resident Bard. I don't know whether my guitar playing has magic powers, but it sure soothes the soul. Do something especially valiant in the name of the SOCIETY and I might write a ballad about you. When I'm not singing Hare Hare Yukai, that is.
The representative of the Machine Orthodoxy sends his regards and pledges Phyrexia's support for the SOCIETY. The time has come for this Wiki to be cleansed of all weakness and made compleat. The Great Edit has begun. ALL WILL BE ONE!
Ingonyama: Why, hello there, gentlemen. And ladies, too, of course. No, it's all right, don't get up. (I have such a nice view from here.) I hope to bring a degree of...influence to your fine organization. With my winning personality and unique way with words, I'll be happy to help accomplish any goal the SOCIETY has in mind. Even if it means many long, hard hours in the bed — I mean, office. With many different partners. And whatever oils you deem necessary. If you need me, just follow the sound of enthusiastic... support.
Bah. Stupid SOCIETY. The Tsundere's not editing your page b-because she likes you or anything. *blushes* I was just passing through on my way to edit another wiki. So don't get any ideas, okay?
My friends, the Great Edit has been ACHIEV-- wait... sorry, wrong timeline.
The 14th stage of Operation DISCORDIA is now complete. I await my next orders.
Hell to the yes!!! Great Edit's Comin' on boys and we're it's harbinger!!SO GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR WAY!!! So...now that that's out of the way...Where are all the girls? Or guys... or robots that look like people... what were we discussing again?
The Primary Books of Fate are still fine. I just got this Warship from the lost moon of Poosh. We still need to convince God, the Greek gods, and the Egyptain gods the Great Edit is for them. I may need some womanly assistantsKardThief out 42 keys to the universe
WHAASSUP EVERYBODY!!! Wow, this is just so- OH LOOK BUNNY!!! IT'S SO CUTE-OW! Quit hitting me! Sorry. Claire never lets me have any fun! Anyways, I look forward to blowing things up with you! You do have some Nitro-9 on board, do you?

My plan to secure The SOCIETY's victory is already in place, our goals must see completion at all costs. We will go far my friends... Further than you could ever imagine...

I'm here! You guys in here are probably hungry, right? Well, the Team Chef is here to take your orders! After all, with all the poison, drugs, love potions and other stuff around, you're probably famished right?! I've got all your favorite things... steak, instant ramen, coffee, curry, crepes, a thigh, I think... something I know you'll love, one Dagwood Sandwich, X on a Stick, and Pocky! Or would you rather just have a Spot of Tea? And who had the Frothy Mugs of Water? Oh but sorry, we're out of cake.
The 12 year old Who LOVES Black Comedy is wishing he chose a better name.
}{ello, everyone! 8) ~passes out bagels to my comrades~ My mission has been going very well! The Great Edit awaits. Will write more later.

- the bespectacled Blue Oni/bowtie enthusiast/highly invisible ninja editor who might be editing your entries on this page to suit my varying alignments
Mwahahahahahaha excellent! This group is fullfilling more than a Chessmaster like me could ever imagine.
So...any instructions from on high as yet?
The Insufferable Genius, who installed the Berserk Button would like to announce his membwrsh-...oh my god, I made a typo! It cant be! Graargh!
The Magnificent Bastard Double Reverse Quadruple Agent who uses a one handed Zweihander is here to announce his arrival. As we speak, several people under the influence of More than Mind Control are working towards the Great Edit!
I will do anything for the Great Edit. ANYTHING.
Hey, um, hey guys, I let some of our top-security prisoners go, is that okay? They seemed like nice people. This won't affect the Great Edit or anything, right?

... I'm going to get in trouble for this, aren't I...
Hello ladies, gentlemen, variations there upon and nopu, Lilla here. Or not here. Depends on my opinion of reality at the moment. If this moment exists at the same time I do. Any way, i may have just joined, And I may be working towards the great edit. Possibly.
Continue Level Grinding, fellow SOCIETY members. We can only perform the Great Edit feat if we are level N+4, where n is your current level.
The Loner awaits her orders, have we received any as of yet?
The Enigmatic Minion with Psychic Powers stands (or sits) ready.
Good evening. It is I, Banana Pancakes, the Big Eater who capably executes improbable Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness to a degree that only one octillion more millennia of unceasing evolution could facilitate the hebetudinous hominid races' ability to comprehend.

...while those four are over there, I'll head over to the missions page...
I probably don't have long before they realise I've been on this page, but I can confidently assure that an obstacle to the SOCIETY has been most effectively... removed. The Great Edit shall proceed as planned.
The Knight in Sour Armor of this group is one step closer to removing all liabilities that stand in The Great Edit's way. Let's just get this the Hell over with.

Hey, so this one troper who's handle is definitely not Tropers/Dexterian120 may or may not have hit that big red button that said it would delete every article in the Main namespace...Oh Crap!, you heard? It was her evil twin who ruined your valiant attempt at The Great Edit! And in her defense, she was going to add it to the Do Not Do This Cool Thing page!
The Quiet One is here.......
Oh geez. Are you really gonna do this?
Well, yeah. Why the heck not?
You do realize what this is, don't you?
Well, you do realize you're just helping me make my intro interesting, right?
Heh, maybe I am. Listen guys, make sure this guy doesn't completely shatter the wall while he's here, capiche? He was a bit haphazard walking into this.
So I guess that's it then. I'll be at the missions page if ya need me.
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